Weekend 6.3


Here4TheKids, that movement targeting gun violence is launching their campaign in Denver, CO on Monday. The plan is to ask Colorado Gov Jared Polis to sign this executive order banning the sale of guns in Colorado, and to buy them back. Here4TheKids had put a copy of the executive order up on their IG channel, and as I was scrolling by the other night, it caught my eye.

“I, Jared Polis, Governor of the State of Colorado, hereby issue this Executive Order declaring a state of disaster emergency due to the gun violence risk in Colorado…”

There was a split second, as I was reading that IG post, where I didn’t *quite* realize that this executive order hadn’t yet been signed. There was this brief moment where reading those words, “declaring a state of disaster emergency due to the gun violence risk..” where I felt such hope, like finally, FINALLY someone was DOING SOMETHING.

The relief I experienced in that brief moment was almost overwhelming. Tears sprung to my eyes, and I felt a lightness I haven’t felt in…years.

Of course, I eventually read the caption and came crashing back down to earth but…hope is a funny thing. Once it lodges itself somewhere, it has a tendency to grow. And so I find myself thinking about those words, imagining…what if? Can you imagine? Can you imagine if Governor Polis actually signs this executive order? It’s only for 30 days (unless extended, of course), but it would give Colorado a month reprieve of the carrying of guns, and a month to start a gun buy-back program.

There’s part of me that feels like maybe this executive order goes too far – banning all guns? Even law enforcement? But then I think about how long we’ve been stuck here, here in this place where children are routinely gunned down and everybody bows their heads but returns to business as usual and I think…I think something BIG has to change. And so I’m getting in line, metaphorically, and trusting in these organizers. Because it is time for bold words to shake the cobwebs that have formed around our old familiar patterns and it’s time for – like their mission statement says – unprecedented action.

If you are headed to Denver, I salute you. If you, like me, are unable to get there, there are still a few ways we can help. One is to simply donate to Here4TheKids, and another is to sign up for volunteer opportunities with their remote campaign. They plan on doing some phone banking, asking Colorado residents to call Governor Polis and urge him to sign the executive order. Furthermore, it looks like there will be an ongoing Monday call with one of the founders to keep the volunteer momentum going.

Fingers crossed, guys. Here’s to some fucking hope.

Merch. Here4TheKids has merch, too – and all proceeds go to the organization.

My top pick this week (for straight AND plus sizes). This Madewell dress has Reformation vibes (at half the cost), but with a print that looks straight-up designer. It’s also available in both plus & straight sizes, and is 100% linen. I mean…wow.

A perfect summer baseball hat. Adidas’ classic hat, but in ‘clay strata brown/white‘. I’d 100% wear it with that dress.

In case anyone is interested…this is my favorite underwear to wear under mini skirts & short little dresses. It’s silky enough that the fabric slides right over & doesn’t catch or bunch, yet is somehow…breathable? And comfortable. I keep trying to find something else, but always come back to these.

Fav SPF for eyes. My favorite day-time eye cream, Supergoop’s Bright Eyed Mineral Eye Cream was – finally!! – restocked. And it looks like it was reformulated since my last purchase and I’m freaking out in the best possible way. I’ve been a longtime fan, but this newish formula goes on even better, absorbs faster, and depuffs like crazy. It NEVER stings my eyes, either. Highly recommend.

Levi’s. The big winner from my Mem Day purchase was Levi’s Baggy Dad Jeans. I tried my true size (27), one size down (26), and one size up (28) and – annoyingly – they ALL worked. In the end, I think I’m keeping the 28’s because they hang off my hips in that gloriously 90’s way that feels exactly right for summer. The fabric is super soft and lightweight, too, making them the perfect summer jean. I have a whole video coming out on all the Levi’s I tried (including all sizes of those Dad jeans), but Levi’s happens to be 30% off sitewide right now, so consider this a little head’s up. The wash I have is ‘In The Middle’.

Two sexy tank tops. I’m eyeing up Everlane’s delicate halter-neck tank and their hemp cutaway tank. There’s something deeply sexy about each.

Hey, Sailor. For something different, I’ve been swapping my usual distressed denim cut-offs for FRAME’s denim sailor shorts. They are ridiculously comfortable and the best possible combination of flirty and chic. I love them. For a lower cost option, LOFT makes a pair that are similar, as does GAP (click over to ‘dark indigo’ to see the right pair of shorts – they’re cataloged very strange online). Anyway, I highly recommend if you’re looking for a little something different.

Pull the chute. I know three moms who rock the heck out of these UO Parachute pants and apparently the trick to is to size down. Too much fabric? This pair is also great, and slightly less overwhelming. Linz looks amazing in hers, but I need to exchange mine for petite sizes.

Instead of shorts, try this parachute drawstring skirt. I’d wear it with my fav little tank (there’s a not-cropped version, too) and flip-flops.

My outfit inspiration for the week…Reader Melissa sent over a link to Abercrombie’s 2000’s Pant and clearly I’m not the only one on a parachute/cargo/whatever pant kick. Click the ‘navy’ to see the outfit I now plan on copying: cargo pants, flip-flops, and this tank (with the navy pants) or this tank (with the ‘light brown’ pants). Thanks, Melissa!

If I worked in an office…I’d snap up an oversized denim jacket. Not only would it work (with any outfit) when the A/C is kicking, but I’d also wear it completely buttoned-up, with trousers, almost like a modern-day blazer. But the jacket’s gotta be fairly roomy to really have the modern, fresh look I’m going for. GAP also has a good one.

For the guys. These summer sneakers from Everlane look seriously cool. In any color.




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