Weekend 7.8


Hey, gang! This weekend post will be short & sweet. We’ve been laser-focused on the NSale this week and I still have my True Gems article to finish. It’ll come out Sunday night (fingers crossed) and will have my, uh, usual strong opinions on the sale. 😉 This year’s sale is a weird one, so….more soon.

But I did want to hop on real quick and let you guys know what to expect from us this next week. I know many of you are all-in on the NSale and that’s great! But I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that there are some of you who choose not to play along. And we think about that – A LOT. Especially as the NSale has changed over the years. So let me lay out what’s happening over this next week or two so you know what to expect.

When the NSale opens (Tuesday), we start publishing our try-on articles. We’ll likely drop 1-2 per day throughout that first week. We’ll also have a few Prime Day articles coming out then, too. If you’re not an NSale fan, next week might be rough. That said, the try-ons themselves are solid fall outfit inspo, so…there’s that. Bottom line: One week. Then we’ll be back to more regular programming.

If you are an NSale shopper, we have some seriously fun things on the horizon. First up, we’re bringing back our (slightly unhinged, haha) NSale nightly newsletter. It comes out every night during that first week (usually pretty late) and contains all of the little nuggets of info we discovered that day. It could be anything from a cool tee that was somehow overlooked to a pair of shoes we *thought* we loved…but proved to be uncomfortable. We usually try to include some sort of behind-the-scenes view of TME headquarters because, quite frankly, it’s kinda funny. This job is weird at the best of times, and working until 3AM 4-5 days in a row is not the best of times. (Jeni just recently described this period as ‘summer camp’ and it’s not a bad descriptor.) Anyway, if you love the NSale (and like us even a little bit) subscribe to our special NSale newsletter. All of our content (including my personal shopping list, Monday night) hits the newsletter first.

Here’s some of the (hopefully helpful) NSale content we pulled together this week:

And now, I’m going back in there. Send snacks.

6 quick things (not NSale related), just for fun.

I’m currently wearing a re/done tee and I shouldn’t love them as much as I do but they’re, just, like perfectly fitting baby tees (a little slouchy, juuust long enough to tuck into high-rise jeans) and ridiculous enough to be endearing. Case in point (on sale, too).

Athleta is having a sale, and I’m getting this one-shoulder top & these sweatpants in…wait for it…soft persimmon. I already own both in black and find myself unreasonably enraged whenever they’re in the wash.

Oh, Halfdays. I finally tried Halfdays’ hiking gear and the windbreaker and pants are stupidly freaking cool. I filmed a video which will come out eventually, and in the video I was all, “ooo which color should I keep” like a total blogger to, ya know, build engagement or whatever but: green. I got the green. Sooooo good you guys.

Sidenote: what is with me and all of this color? Linzi is FREAKING OUT. We’ll see how long this phase lasts. MAYBE THIS IS JUST ME NOW, LINZI.

Speaking of Linz…after I stole her dress, she responded.

I’ve been thinking about your email, Kristy…One of our readers wrote in after a trip to Japan. “The fashion was fire,” she wrote. “Baggy pants, long skirts, paired with baggy tops, flowy tops, long tops. Parachute pants. Pants that could pass for skirts. Shirt dresses over loose fitting pants.” She asked if we would play around with these proportions. And frankly, I noticed this silhouette last summer in Istanbul, too. Hmmmm. I’m not nearly done thinking about this, but I came across this Free People outfit and thought that it had similarly modern proportions, but in an easy, approachable way. Also, reader Abby’s epic look is in that realm, too. Baby steps. But I’m definitely putting wide-leg Adidas pants on my list for fall (oh phew – I’m back to black).

The best salad I’ve ever had. My friend made this Tomato Salad w/ Cucumber & Ginger and I lack the words to express how good it is. That’s all.

Have a good weekend!




  1. Shana! What size are you in the Athleta sweatpants you love? Btw, Looking forward to all the Nordstrom goodness.
    Thanks! Lori

  2. I don’t necessarily follow the Nordstrom sale, partially because I am in Canada and Nordstrom is closing all their stores here (boo!); and even when they were here, the sale wasn’t remotely close to the one in the US. I do read the posts though because there’s often great ideas (I love all your ideas!!). The only posts I scroll past and Will Not Read are the Amazon posts. When their main mission is to drive other companies out of business, I just can’t offer support of any kind.

    • Totally fair. And my sister in law is pissed about the Nordstrom-Canada situation. It’s such a bummer, and I don’t quite know what happened there. IN ANY CASE…thanks for reading & commenting. Appreciate you!

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