Weekend 7.1


We’ve spent the last two weeks at the shore (Belmar, NJ), and I think we’ve found our favorite shore town. The surf beach is bananas good and – key point here – the lifeguards are both present and really freaking ON IT. Like so much so I didn’t feel like I had to be there every single second. Granted, Raines (15), is man-sized now but still: my baby. I even let Pax, 12, sometimes surf without me, as long as his brother was there. At one point, I moseyed down a bit late (like, 10AM – Raines likes an early start like a weirdo) and the lifeguard, whom I’d never previously spoken to, was all, “Good morning! Your oldest left his stuff right here, and your youngest just joined him a few minutes ago, but I didn’t see where he dropped his stuff.”

I mean. Like…what? That’s a really good lifeguard. But I shouldn’t be surprised – they seem to run a pretty tight ship.

But the real draw to Belmar, the real happenin’ place? OMG – it’s the freaking dog beach. I have never seen pure, unadulterated joy like that in my entire life. I thought little kids got excited? Holy SHIT. Toddler joy is nothing compared to wild, galumphing Nieve and her furry friends. She literally bolted around like she couldn’t decide where to start first. It was like the puppy zoomies, but completely untethered. She followed some big dogs into the ocean, and then seemed completely surprised when she got knocked over by a wave. Like she was so excited by the dogs that she…didn’t notice the ocean? IDK. The whole thing was wild.

The best part, tho? At one point – after watching Nieve floof around behind some serious running dog, trying in vain to keep up only to flop down (completely wet) and use her paws to basically bury herself in the sand, writhing around in absolute dog ecstasy – I looked up to see Mike and both boys with identical smitten looks on their faces. They all – all of them!! – looked like proud parents, watching Nieve.

I snuck up behind them. “That feeling you have?” I whispered in Raines’ ear. “That’s how Daddy & I feel about you & Pax, but times a billion.” He shot me a sheepish grin and put his arm around me – like a man. God, I love being a mom.

I sometimes worry that we, IDK, waited too long to get a dog. Like maybe the boys should’ve had one when they were younger. But this act of raising a puppy – together – has been a really good connection point for us, too.

Dogs. 10/10, highly recommend.

Um. Already? Sooo…the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preview freaking drops on Monday (at noon, EST). I got a glimpse of the catalog and – whoa – it looks good. I’m especially excited about some of the new brands – Cotopaxi, Parachute, Birkenstock and – I *think* – there might be a Dyson Airwrap in the sale. Nordstrom is being sneaky about the hints, but I swear that’s how I’m reading it. ANYWAY: our NSale content starts Monday. If you hate the NSale, don’t worry – we have plenty of regular stuff, too. But if you’re open to mayyyybe a little NSale shopping, then think about signing up for our special NSale newsletter. It basically comes out late night during that first week of the actual sale, and has sneak peeks of try-ons not yet published, as well as any hot tips we learned that day (like a shoe that’s pretty…but horribly uncomfortable). When we started this special newsletter last year, I had dreams of it being really designed and gorgeous, but it quickly devolved into something suuuper casual, and ended up including some pretty funny late-night pics from TME headquarters (some of which Aliya & Ang will never let me forget gahhhh sooo sorrryyyy). Anyway, it’s kinda fun. We also redesigned our Complete Guide To The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (which will obviously have more content once the preview drops) so…yeah. We’re ready.

Not just for sitting. I keep coming back to this seriously adorable bikini (top, bottom) by Beach Riot. I have their swimsuit in the same fabric and it’s bananas comfortable – thick & textured, but zero itchiness and with exactly the right amount of stretch (easy to get on, yet still supportive). It’s the most comfortable swimsuit fabric I’ve EVER worn. Gahhh there’s a matching one for littles, too.

Speaking of mom suits, my favorite modest swimsuit (that is actually realllllly sexy on for some inexplicable reason) is 40% off at Saks right now. The sexiness is, I think, thanks to the genius of Elin Kling, who designed this Toteme suit to dip way low in the back, while the front curves perfectly. It’s not cheeky at all! Just deeply chic and sexy.

Around $100, but make it Saks. Sak’s designer sale ends soon, and there’s five really fun pieces, all around $100, that I’m seriously considering: 1. Halston’s navy silk tank with grecian goddess vibes (if goddesses wore navy which 100% they should), 2. this swingy little tank from Etoile Isabel Marant, 3. The Westside’s romantic floral top, 4. This slinky jersey dress that – I suspect – might be absolutely devastating on, and 5. this all-cotton dress that needs to be worn with flip-flops or sneakers.

One recent late night rabbit hole was Adidas’ 30% off sale. Not everything is included, but man: they’re creative with their collabs. For example, this patchwork zip sweatshirt/jacket is probably my favorite thing on their site right now. It’s exactly what I wish I had at the shore to throw on with cut-offs at night. Gahh so cute. (Ooo…has matching wide-leg sweatpants, too.)

Outfit inspo of the week…I know longer shorts are a thing right now, but many of them (especially when paired with an open button-down) look exactly like what my mom wore in 1996. Like…this is the vibe? I can’t. That said, these extra-long barrel shorts are something I can do. They look much cooler than the usual long shorts, and I love them paired with chunky sandals and a little top (one that doesn’t have to be cropped). Here is the exact strapless top pictured, and here are the exact Birkenstocks. That said, this top has a similar look but isn’t cropped (I have it in a size 6, fyi).

Crop top loophole? I’ve been eyeing corset tops simply because they seem to dip down riiiiight where my middle is soft, and I’m wondering if that’s the key to a cropped top look? Especially with low-rise bottoms? I’m definitely intrigued. Especially by this corset top, which manages to skew very casual compared to most.

If I worked in an office…I’d snap up this under $100 blouse that looks like Staud. Would be perfect with black trousers (my favs, here) or – oooo! – these cool khakis. Don’t tuck the top. Obvi.

Plus size pick. This striped t-shirt dress in organic cotton. It’s under $50, yet the twist detailing makes it look seriously chic.

Fooled me. I legit thought this dress was Kate Spade. Shockingly, it’s under $100, yet still 100% cotton (no polyester in sight, even in the lining).

Beachy beauty. Natural beauty brand Saie Beauty is offering 20% off everything this weekend. My favorite products are their Slip Tint (the shade finder works great), and their liquid lip balm, a wildly unique lip product. It’s a balm in the prettiest shade of what I’ll call, “lips”, with zero shine or stickiness. I also really like their brow butter, which you get free if you spend $50.

For the surf kids. My boys (Raines especially) have been doing a ton of surfing. The first day he paddled out without greasing himself up with this genius anti-chafe product and came home with a rashy, red torso (even in a wetsuit). I just ordered several more.

Protect the freckles. No matter what I freaking do, Pax burns. Like…pretty bad. And when he’s surfing, it’s almost impossible to get him to come in for re-application – even if I did find something that was truly water-resistant. After many (many!!!) years of testing, this sunscreen is the best for surfers who burn easily, but won’t come out of the water. It has even out performed those colored tubes of zinc sunscreen, the ones meant to be glopped on and visible (we’ve found that they just get washed off pretty quickly). Does this sunscreen go on white? You bet. But it does rub in fairly nicely – the key is to gently rub it in, then wait 5-10 minutes. The white cast does dissipate (but the SPF protection stays).

Yum. While I’m not opposed to BBQ, I’m more of a sides girl, myself. I’m hoping to find some time to make this dill pickle potato salad (omggggg) and this vegan version of Mexican Street Corn Salad.

Happy weekend!



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