Weekend 4.22


Mike had to be in Chicago last week, and, true to form, a few hours after his plane left, Pax spiked a fever and the dog started puking – repeatedly.

Good times, good times.

Mike is back now, thankfully, the dog is fine, Pax is on the mend, and I? I am now sick. Not COVID sick (do you guys still feel the need to explain this? I always do) just regular old-fashioned, I-have-a-cold sick. So obviously I’d like to Take To My Bed, Dramatically, with cups of tea and mountains of cookbooks and junky TV but instead, INSTEAD, I am PACKING.

We’re heading back to Philly this weekend. There’s the usual mix of sadness and excitement (we’ll miss our Vermont friends, but excited to see our Philly crew) and as I sit here, surrounded by piles of unclean laundry that need to be washed before packing them away, it’s dawning on me that if I haven’t learned my lesson to Pack Well In Advance by 46 years of age…it’s too late for me.

Learn from my mistakes, kids.

Oh and fun fact: Tulips are poisonous to dogs.

OMG Naturalizer…is that YOU?? Guys, these sandals. Literally any (every?) color is perfect. I’ve been staring at delicate minimalist sandals for freaking months, but they all seem to have hard footbeds and a really high price tag (why is that??). Thankfully, Natualizer – with their cushy footbeds – gets it. YASSSS.

25% off at Saks. My favorite white jeans are part of the sale (rag&bone, and you can see me try them on, here), as are some really pretty dresses. I’ve been swooning over this gingham number for ages – it’s pricey, though. That said, there are two hidden gems – this romantic tea-length dress by En Saison (it’s 100% cotton, so I’d wear with sandals now and boots later) and this bright blue, 100% silk, Amanda Uprichard dress. It’s absolutely stunning, the cut is perfection and it’s on sale for basically $100. Good grief.

Boom blooms. Nobull just came out with a Floral Shop and there are some seriously jaw-dropping sneakers in it. I mean good grief if these don’t get me to run, nothing will. Although…this black floral pair is also calling to me. Not as Spring-y, but would probably look v. cool on. Either pairs will get compliments, for sure. (Also, can we just note that Nobull releases the same floral shoes for guys, too? Three cheers for unisex designs.)

So damn chic. My jaw almost dropped when I came across this J.Crew swimsuit. Simple, yes, but quite the impact.

Prob better in person. Joe’s Mia jeans are beloved by almost everyone in TME (from our shortest to tallest editors) and this exact pair is on sale ($80 off!!). The wash gives me pause, however, and I suspect that’s why they’re still in stock. But something about that photo is off…I suspect the wash is different in person. So I did a little internet sleuthing, and Bloomingdales has a real pic of them, on an actual person. Soooo much better, right?

Vintage vibes. This pretty gold locket is minimalist in design, yet still strikes me as sweetly nostalgic. It’s also sustainably made from 100% recycled gold and I can’t stop thinking about it.

Hi, I’m beige. I added three pairs of sneakers to my wishlist and know what they have in common? In my defense, there are multiple shades of beige – some are almost tan. Anyway, IDC because they’re a freaking perfect neutral sneaker for spring/summer. 1. New Balance (in ‘driftwood’ – it’s a platform, too), 2. Converse (in ‘oat milk’ hahahaha), Vejas (in ‘lunar matcha’). Now to decide…hmmmm.

My weekly outfit inspiration: Kule’s flirty little set in ‘poppy.’ I seriously can’t stop thinking about it – the comfy little shorts, the not-quite-matching oversized sweater-polo – gahhhh it’s haunting my dreams. That said, the set is also pricey. While I can use my powers to justify it in a hot sec (incredibly well-made, sustainable, classic enough to be timeless but quirky enough to not be boring)…I found four other options with a similar vibe:

If I worked in an office…I think I’d be jumping on the colorful suit train. I’ve been eyeing J.Crew but waited too long, so the pink suit I love has only a few sizes in the blazer left. However…Nordstrom’s in-house brand Open Edit has a linen-blend oversized blazer and matching trousers that look really high-end and modern (NOTE: Scotti tried them on – they run big). The reviews are good (check out reviewers’ photos) and the price point is shocking (each piece is under $100). Seems like the perfect way to test out a trend. I’d style this suit both very seriously – pumps, silk shell – but also with a graphic tee & platform sneakers. Both would work for the office. But if the linen-blend is turning you off, Banana Republic has this cool blazer and matching suit pants in a few fun colors.

Postpartum or Perimenopause? This ASOS swing dress looks much more expensive than it’s $55 retail price, and the lines are almost sophisticated – rare with this style of dress! The color is – haha – beige (sorry not sorry), but the whole package is really darn chic. It’s also available in a black/white gingham which somehow reads more cool than preppy.

Oooo…plus size. That same ASOS dress also comes in plus sizes in a really pretty gray-blue. Wow.

Hiking, but make it cute. Halfdays, the women-owned brand that makes all of my favorite ski gear just launched a spring line that includes the cutest fleece, windbreakers, hiking shorts & nylon cargo pants. My favorite outfit in this new line is an old favorite – Halfdays’ Nellie Packable Puffer – but in ‘dolomite’ which is gahhhhh (don’t say it, S)….OKFINE IT’S BEIGE. But it’s a really pretty beige you guys!! And the jacket and the pants don’t *quite* match (the pants are actually ‘lava rock’) so it’s more like…shades of beige. Whatever. I LOVE it.

Surprisingly useful. I love coffee to-go mugs, but most are actually annoying to walk around with – they’re too big, too heavy, ugh. I just picked up this surprisingly small Hydroflask mug (only 6 oz) and it’s freaking amazing. Perfect for dog walks. 🙂

Dog stuff. I can’t thank you guys enough for the advice on puppy biting & crate training last week – it was so freaking helpful. And it’s wild how much better she’s gotten already (they grow fast). Anyway, we’ve noticed that when she’s bored…it’s trouble. One toy that’s been helping to keep her busy is the Bob-A-Lot. It’s also hysterical to watch – jumping, growling, batting with paws – there is some barking, too. But all in all, it’s been working really well.

Enjoy your weekend, Gang.




  1. Um, how have I never heard for these NoBull shoes?! They are so freaking cute and OMG the colors and patterns! I want them all.

    I think one of the floral patterns will work for a wedding I have coming up. I plan to wear a Norma Kamali Diana dress in lemon yellow, and I think these sneaks just might save my feet. BUT will a cocktail dress and sneakers look too GenZ? I have no interest in trying to look younger. I want to look fabulously chic and comfortable. Thoughts?

    Dress https://www.saksfifthavenue.com/product/norma-kamali-diana-ruched-one-shoulder-gown-16918037.html?famobileapp=1&adobe_mc=TS%3D1682252721%7CMCMID%3D05404103708707851209166609417439028672%7CMCORGID%3D5B7B123F5245ADFC0A490D45%40AdobeOrg

    Shoes https://www.nobullproject.com/products/bouquet-canvas-trainer-womens

    • I think it would be adorable!! And let’s not let GenZ take credit for another trend we’ve been wearing for years. 🙂 Sneakers with dresses has been my go-to for at least a decade now. (Maybe longer, but let’s not count, haha.) xo

  2. None of my business, I am aware….but curious as to how school works for your boys? I love that you seem to have found flexibility that works!

  3. OK I’m totally curious, how do you manage school for the kids splitting the year between two locations. Seems fabulous, but logistically confusing!

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