Weekend 5.27


For the first time in years, we don’t have any Memorial Day weekend plans. This typically makes Mike very nervous (I’m known for losing my mind if we’re inside the house for too long) but I’m actually feeling pretty good about it. It’s been a whirlwind since we got back from Vermont, and we’re both physically and emotionally exhausted.

As I type this, Pax is napping(!!) in our bed, Mike is happily putzing around with laundry (slightly terrifying – he is completely unable to tell the difference between my clothes, Raines’ clothes, and Pax’s clothes but whatever), and Raines is off with friends. Mike and I had breakfast at our favorite cafe this morning, and I’m feeling pleasantly full and…content.

I’m feeling content.

I’m not usually good at doing nothing (and technically I guess I am working right now, haha) but I’ll admit there’s a certain mental unburdening when there’s nowhere we have to be – even if that ‘somewhere’ is for something fun.

Linzi has been blathering on for years about JOMO (the *joy* of missing out which is obviously bullshit I mean what even is that???) but my mind is feeling more clear than it has in weeks, so maybe…I’ll give her this one.

“JOMO.” #snort

And realistically, we’re merely hours into 3-day weekend, so we’ll see how long my new zen state actually lasts. There’s a decent chance that by Monday I’ll be rage-packing us for a spontaneous day trip to the shore.

I hope you guys are feeling a little content, too, wherever you may be.

It’s a major sale weekend, and I honestly don’t remember the sales being this good last year – it’s been a pleasant surprise! All week I’ve been working on our Memorial Day Sales Cheat Sheet, so if you want to see the full breath of sales, go check it out. I have been painstakingly choosing a top pick from each.and.every.freaking.retailer so I sincerely hope it’s helpful! And once again, if there’s any feedback on the format of that cheat sheet, I’m all ears.

For this article, here’s a slightly tighter edit, based on the categories of things I’m personally looking for (as well as the two sales I’ve already shopped).

Top two sales taking all my money….

I cannot overstate this enough: Athleta. I have a post coming out soon (and by “soon” I mean once I schedule the shoot, meet with Marisa, get the photos back, blah blah blah) so let me just cut to the chase: these pants. In any freaking color. They look especially good with my favorite workout top, the Aurora ribbed tank OR the new one-shoulder version of that same top (both on sale). There’s something about the ribbing that is so freaking flattering (and the one-shoulder stays put). I wear a size medium in the tops, and a 4p in the pants. These pants are magical pants that can either be dressed up with fancy slides or worn with actual hiking boots. I seriously love them, and the waistband is wildly flattering, even on my softer stomach. I have black in everything.

Trust fall (still Athleta): While you’re there, pick up these shorts (in black). They allllmost have the look of vintage, pin-up girl hot pants (especially if you flip the hem up once). They’re so freaking cool and yet are technical enough for hiking, etc.

One more (yup, Athleta): If you’re petite, these Athleta sweatpants are wildly chic – even better than those wide-leg Nike sweatpants – and more comfortable, too. I was about to send them back because, summer, but instead I’ve been wearing them every day (and may snap up another color). They do run short, tho, so size up accordingly (I have the regular inseam and it’s perfect).

Thank you for coming to my Athleta Ted Talk.

Let’s try this again, Jenni. The last time I put in a giant Jenni Kayne order, almost everything went back. Turns out that I’m too short for her oversized sweaters, and even her cool-girl cardigans won’t turn me into a cardigan girl. And yet: This dress looks like something very special. And while I’m deeply skeptical about sandals these days (it’s been one disappointment after another), I’ve gotta try this pair in the name of research. Lastly, Linzi & I have both been on the hunt for a cropped, boxy, summer sweater to layer over dresses and gahhh this one looks PERFECT. When Jenni’s good, she good. Fingers crossed.

Other Memorial Day Sales….

Tank tops. I was too slow ordering Emerson Frye’s boxy linen tank (gahhh!!) but this Madewell one looks realllllly similar (also at Nordstrom). I also like the vintage vibes of this high-neck tank (also at Madewell), and Everlane’s ribbed halter has really graceful lines.

Shoes & Sandals. These Dolce Vita wedges remind me of Veronica Beard (I like the ‘luggage’ color), these bright Sam Edelman slides would be a fun change-up with all of my denim shorts + white tanks (I’d do the ‘yellow/fuschia’), my beloved Everlane ballet flats are on sale in a reallllly pretty blue, and I keep *trying* to make flip-flops work, but the only pair I can stand to have between my toes are still my Reef Gingers. They’re on sale, and I bought three pairs: navy, black, and brown. (Clearly I’ve been waiting for flip-flops to come back, haha). Lastly, if you’re looking for a basic heel to wear all summer, Scotti swears by these Dolce Vitas (in ‘cafe’).

Dresses. If I had to narrow it down to the best dresses on sale (besides the Jenni Kayne mentioned above), I’d probably go with:

Swimsuits. Boden’s sale suits are shockingly cute, especially this cap-sleeve swimsuit (I like the floral), and this bow detail halter suit (in multi geo trance). J.Crew’s cut-out suit in aqua blooms is so fun, and this white, textured suit from Andie Swim would look amazing with cut-offs.

Matching sets. J.Crew’s 100% linen midi & matching tank are seriously cute (‘black floral’ for me), but I keep eyeing the campy button-down in ‘dark evening’ and matching mini skirt. Of course, the lemon yellow gingham set at Maisonette (the one I’d wear with checkered Vans for a skate-mama look) is now around $40 for the whole set. (With a matching one for littles.)

Pajamas. Our ‘XO’ Printfresh Collab PJs are on sale (extra 20% off the already-marked-down price)…and check out Printfresh’s new ‘taxi’ print – quirky and cute. Also, Nordstrom has a set of 100% silk PJs that are stunning (I like the blue). Speaking of silk PJs…Lunya’s classic shorts & tank set (100% silk) is also on sale. Lastly, if you’re more of a nightgown girl – or, frankly, even if you’re not – this linen maxi slip is…wow.

Random cozy things. This sweatshirt (the color!!) for wearing to the beach with cut-offs, this sweater (would it slide off-shoulder? hope so) for layering over silky tanks and dresses, this shrug (so much better than a cardigan), this button-down (the menswear cuffs, unexpected color) that I can’t stop thinking about, and this breezy white top (with shorts).

For the boys. In addition to the J.Crew “party” shirts (here’s little Pax’s size range), I always grab a pair of fresh Adidas Stan Smiths for dress-up. These sneakers work with everything from suits to seersucker, and I never have to fight them over uncomfortable shoes. Cool sandals for boys, however, are tough to find (other than flip-flops or slides), but I’m kinda curious to see if these will fly. We’ll see.

If you hate mosquitos as much as I do…this read from the Washington Post is fascinating. In addition to stocking up on my usual mosquito lanterns (they work REALLY well when I’m just sitting outside), I’m going to try that Native Coconut & Vanilla body wash, too. And maybe even the lotion & deodorant.

Cheers to the start of summer, Gang.




    • Hahaha – thanks for asking! Saturday night was rough. The regular routines were great, but the partnering segment with Mike we, uh, COMPLETELY messed up. Like at one point I was just dancing around him, making stuff up to cover. We *almost* got back on track but then lost it again, and ended up just cracking up at the end. Oh, well. He completely redeemed himself on Sunday night, however – totally nailed it. But overall it was…a lot. 🙂

  1. These are such important moments in life! I love the intense, low stakes risk – especially when paired with joy and movement. Thank you for sharing!

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