Weekend 11.27


We spent our Thanksgiving driving up to Killington, VT. We’re here to watch the World Cup opener, and my kids are over-the-moon that we might actually spot Mikaela Shiffrin (one of the most exciting skiers…ever). I credit one of her old Visa commercials (where she’s completely immersed in an ice bath) for why little Pax — gritting his teeth the whole time — was willing to to stick his feet into an ice bath during a bout with Sever’s Disease.

We arrived in Killington late, tired and hungry, and immediately stuck our Whole Foods Thanksgiving dinner into the oven to heat up. Mike poured champagne (that he had had the foresight to pick up, thank goodness), the kids found hot chocolate packets in the kitchen, I put on holiday music and…we had a fabulous time.

It’s amazing how much more fun can be had when our expectations are low.

Over dinner, Pax talked about the real history of Thanksgiving. He’s been learning American history in school, and his teacher is big on facts, not myths. The actual history is, predictably, pretty heartbreaking and awful. At one point, Pax said, his class was asking WHY we even celebrate Thanksgiving, and his teacher had a pretty great answer. “He said,” Pax began, looking around to make sure we were paying attention, “that Thanksgiving is about family, friends and being thankful for what we have, but to understand how we got here.”

Well said, Mr. G.

ps. If you are interested in learning more about that first Thanksgiving, this Washington Post article about the Wampanoags, the Native tribe who were there, is fascinating. It’s also presents some pretty compelling reasons for reframing this holiday, or (at the very least) unlearning our myths surrounding it. I’m going to be donating to the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, who are still struggling to be recognized as a tribal nation by the US. Donations help support their culture, services and programming.

What I Bought This Black Friday

We always get this question, so I thought I’d list out the random assortment of things I’ve picked up over the last few days. This week’s weekly sales report also includes what the contributors actually bought this year, so give that a read, if interested. We also made a ridiculous video of our top Black Friday picks (it’s fun and short).

Blueland – I’ve become obsessed with reducing our single use plastic consumption, and LOVE Blueland’s entire line. That said, if I had to list my favorites, it’s their laundry collection and their dishwashing duo. Both are great (and 20% off).

Charlotte Tilbury – She has pretty epic Black Friday sales directly on her website, but it looks like Nordstrom is price-matching AND offering a free gift with purchase. Pillow Talk is literally the only lipstick I wear anymore, and I also love the liner and matching blush. Flawless Filter makes my skin look flawless (but feels like nothing), and The Sophisticate eye palette is the one I wear everyday.

Anastasia Brow Wiz – It’s a whopping 30% off at Nordstrom. I’ve never seen it priced that low.

Wool Socks & Cozy Blankets – I picked up more wool socks (these), and another Rumpl blanket. We use ours ALL of the time. I also picked up another Rumpl stash mat. It’s not only suuuuper cute for photos, but it’s the best picnic blanket I’ve found for wet ground, the beach, whatever.

Fuzzy footwear – I bought these Sorels…and then came across these fuzzy retro sneakers which are RIDICULOUS. But they might also be amazing. Not yet sure if I’m keeping either.

Obviously this. (haha, no) But I AM going to try J.Crew’s cream-colored overalls. I’m picturing them with a black turtleneck, black heeled boots, and a maxi coat.

A few more splurges – this cashmere dress, AG Mari straight-leg jeans in this darker wash (my replacement for skinny jeans), and this 100% silk dress. It’s the kind that can be layered in the winter, but would also be so sweet in the summer.

Molkule Air Filter – I have terrible allergies, and Molkule’s air filters make such a HUGE difference, we now have one on every floor of our house (and one extra in our bedroom where I sleep). After waking up in Vermont all sneezy and puffy-eyed this morning…I’m seriously considering the small travel one.

Parachute – While we love their linen bedding, we’re pretty well-stocked (even in the kids’ rooms — Parachute sheets are incredibly durable). That said, all of my washcloths have completely disappeared. I’d blame the kids, but I swear I saw Mike wiping up a coffee spill with one a while back, so.(Sidenote: we upgraded to this bathmat a few months ago, and it is SO luxurious.)

Lastly, My Entire Skincare Regimen Is On Sale

I rarely change things up (I’m a results-driven kind of girl), so I basically stock up on everything twice a year.

My morning routine:

For night routine:

Once a month, I’ll use Biossance’s Lactic Acid Serum at night for a solid week, or for any random night I need a little extra glow, as well as Elemis’ eye mask.

I’ve found that using this PMD microderm once a month makes a marked difference, as does a nightly (3-4 times per week) LED mask treatment. My LED mask isn’t on sale, but Scotti’s does have a free gift with purchase.

Enjoy your long weekend, friends. Hope you are surrounded by love.




  1. I love Mr. G’s description of Thanksgiving. That is truly what it’s about in my house. And thank you so much for so many useful links! I’ve been searching for my Pillow Talk lipstick and liner, but have been too lazy to go out and get it. Just ordered them both and replenished my Colleen Rothschild supply, too! I’m so efficient today and I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet! Enjoy your weekend!

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