Weekend 6.4


Mike thinks he’s going to outlive me. At least, that’s what he said, the other night. His exact words were, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ll outlive you.”

I was deeply confused. I mean, except for my, uh, little run-in with breast cancer, I’m one of the healthiest people I know! And I’m definitely healthier than Mike. I’m younger, rarely injured, have never smoked, and don’t have some weird allergy to beer that should stop me from drinking but instead makes me sneeze uncontrollably after beer #2. Nor do I have a borderline-unhealthy competitive streak that only comes out on the Peloton.

Mike outlive me? Please.

But, for some reason, he says he’s always pictured himself living longer. Which, now that he has said it out loud (something that’s 110% against the rules, MIKE), feels like a sign.

Which, fine. I don’t actually believe in signs or horoscopes or karma or any of that shit (except for when Mercury is in Retrograde because facts are facts), but it’s almost like Mike is manifesting my demise.

If I believed in manifesting.

Which I don’t. Because, science.


Science and math.

But if there were some sort of Universal *waves hands* karmic/cosmic situation, it seems like there would be an obvious rule that you don’t just go putting things out there like that. What is he, a Gemini?

I realize I am glaring at him, as he chuckles over his Negroni. Ohhh…Mike is not drinking beer tonight, which explains his sudden conviction that he is some paragon of health.

“This sounds,” I say, slowly, knowing these are fighting words, “like a sign. Am I now going to die young, Mike? Have you cursed me?”

He smirks back, completely at ease. “There’s no signs, Babe. Unless, of course,” here he gestures in my general direction, “you count this huffing and puffing as a sign. A sign of anxiety.”

Dammit. The man knows me.

And he IS such a Gemini.

More…Tandals? While I’ve already mentioned my top choice of flat, tan sandals this summer, the 2nd place pair were these Clarks. They have a similar vibe, but a different strap configuration, and a few other colors choices, if interested. Both pairs are wildly walkable and comfortable. (And a shout out to Em for coining the term, “Tandal” in this week’s Weekly Sales Report, haha.)

One gorgeous dress. If you need one impossibly beautiful and versatile dress for many different kinds of events…my top pick is Reformation’s 100% silk Marguerite Dress. I bought mine (in now sold-out leopard print) last year for Gwen’s rehearsal dinner, and have worn it to almost every event since: winter parties (over a turtleneck), a gallery party with artsy types, several school events this spring, and even dressed it down with sneakers for a last-minute date night with Mike. It’s the kind of dress that can be fancy, if needed, or just a little festive.

Unless, of course, you need a gown. I was lucky enough to attend a v. fancy event with Mike recently, and the dress I wore (featured in the above photos) was this gorgeous thing. It was easily the most comfortable (and most flattering) dress I’ve ever worn.

Favorite white V-neck tee? UpWest has the best v-neck tee I’ve ever tried (see it on me, here), and not only did they bring it back this year, but there are now five different color options in addition to white. It’s slouchy and great.

Cue the linen tops. It’s hot outside, so I’m back in my usual outfit of cut-offs + linen tops. In addition to the J.Crew linen top I wore in a recent reel, I’m working on a roundup of other good ones. Everlane’s apron-strap top is seriously cute and Eileen Fisher’s Boxy Linen Top shouldn’t be overlooked.

We vote no. Clare V., a brand that I’ve previously said can do no wrong, just re-issued my favorite Pot de Miel straw bag as a…strawberry. At first glance, I was excited, but upon a second look…I don’t like it. And neither does Linzi (another die-hard Clare V fan). (This b/w crochet, however — swoon.) Thoughts? You guys feeling the strawberry?

There’s something about Mary. I keep coming back to Frank & Eileen’s Mary shirtdress, especially the color ‘distressed vintage wash’. It’s also available at Nordstrom. If you’re feeling the vibe but not the price, this Amazon shirtdress is bananas cute on Laura.

Raines’ fanny pack. My oldest needed something to keep him from losing his phone, and this Cotopaxi sling bag is perfect. Can be worn crossbody or as a fanny pack, and is also big enough to throw in a bottle of water or sunscreen.

Best set for teenage skin? Biossance’s gentle cleanser + BHA toner. When Raines remembers to use it, this pair makes a big difference (without drying out his skin). He does have their Probiotic Gel Moisturizer, too, but almost never uses it. When he needs a skin reset, he’s also uses my Glycolic Acid Mask (also by Biossance) and was shocked that it actually got rid of blackheads. (Also, I had to completely teach him how to wash his face. His first several attempts were…bizarre.)

The next time you make rice….try blending the water (that you’d normally cook the rice in) with a whole onion and garlic. Then use that liquid to cook the rice. A buddy did this last weekend and WOW. The best rice I’ve ever had.

The biggest reason to eliminate single use plastic? Recycling doesn’t work. A reallllly good article in The Atlantic.

I guess I’m not surprised…but this set of charts in the Washington Post showing exactly which days we had a mass shooting somewhere in the US is really sobering. There were only five days in May that didn’t have a mass shooting somewhere. FIVE. And use this online tool to find a local group working for safer gun laws in your state.

Hope you guys are having a good weekend….


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