Weekend 4.1


We’re here in Colorado, for USASA’s Snowboard Nationals, and all I can think about is my own relief that my kids are not in school this week.

I sometimes don’t realize how much subconscious stress I’m carrying around, worrying about a school shooting, until there’s a break.

I’ve reached such a level of despair about the state of our country — the willful neglect of the Republicans and those who continue to vote for them — that I can’t even think straight. Republicans have made it clear that they, as a party, are institutionally opposed to gun control of any kind. They continue to make it clear that as long as they are in power, nothing will change. And more children (children!!) will be killed.

“I am done,” Sharon McMahon of @sharonsaysso writes, “with shoulder pats… People who are truly sorry change their behavior. They commit to change. They are transparent in how they will be accountable. People who are not actually sorry say the words and then keep acting in exactly the same way.”

Not only am I long beyond “thoughts and prayers,” but I’m beyond explanation. At this point, anyone claiming that it’s a mental health issue (it’s not), or bringing up any of the Republican talking points (hunting, 2nd Amendment, arming teachers, etc.), has made a commitment to remaining willfully ignorant. There are too many strong examples of common sense gun laws we can follow from countries around the world — countries with active hunting communities, countries with mental health issues, countries who do NOT have children being gunned down in schools — that I am done with explanations.

We need change. But how? Like…seriously, FUCKING HOW.

I suggest starting with A Cup of Jo’s post, 6 Ways To Help After The School Shooting in Nashville. She begins with, “don’t give up” and…well. Amen, sister. I needed that reminder.

Next, I’m going to call the congressmen/women for my state and tell them to co-sponsor the Office of Gun Violence Prevention Act and to make sure the Assault Weapons Ban becomes law. Here are two handy links to connect you with your reps & senators:

Contact your Congressperson

Contact your Senator

Also, since it’s helpful to know who you are dealing with, Open Secrets is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to making the political money flow more transparent. Its articles on guns, specifically this one, are illuminating.

Then, since the NRA is trying to put down attempts to ban guns even at state and local levels, one easy way to hit back is to go after a source of funding: banks. Here’s a scorecard to see if your bank is currently funding the gun lobby (and how deep they’re in). Mike and I have been meaning to change banks for years…I guess now’s the time.

If you can, donate to and/or get involved with Everytown and Moms Demand Action, two organizations that have been leading this fight for years.

Lastly…we need to vote out anyone who continues to use words instead of action. Commit to meaningful change, or get voted out. It’s gotta be that simple.

P.S. There have been rumblings about a nationwide, mom-led strike until gun control laws are passed. We walk out of jobs, schools, and stop all buying/participating in the economy until sensible gun laws exist. I’m definitely interested. You?

P.P.S. If you just need to…rage, this TikTok from a Gen Zer gives me hope for our future generations.

Feels like orthotics. If anyone else is feeling their feet, uh, agethese p448 Cancun sneakers. Not only do they have a slight platform, but the inserts have arch support and honestly feel like wearing orthotic inserts. I can’t believe how supportive they are – the Birkenstock of sneakers, perhaps?

PSA on the Theas. I’d actually gone into Nordstrom to replace my beloved Thea sneakers — p448’s other platform-sneaker style — but they didn’t have my size, and after walking around in the Cancuns, I was sold. THAT SAID: Theas are just as comfy (and ridiculously flattering on bare legs) but in a completely different way: less arch support than the Cancuns but more squish underfoot. Anyway, my point here is that, for the past couple of years, p448 has pissed me off in their seemingly relentless quest to compete with Golden Goose for the teenage market (case in point)…but they freaking FINALLY came out with a clean, white-and-gray colorway. They’re arguably the perfect sneakers.

A solid dupe? One of my favorite A.L.C. dresses of all time is this one. The brand has been reissuing it the past couple of years in different colors/patterns and with varying hemlines (mine was a midi, this year’s is a maxi dress). I cannot recommend this 100% cotton dress highly enough — it’s timeless and stunning (but size up). That said…Gap has come out with very similar dress, and the “brown floral” even looks vaguely like an A.L.C. print (this one, for example).

Good plus-size denim? Kat and I were recently discussing the lack of options for plus-size jeans (Good American and Abercrombie are really her only solid go-tos), but I just came across these sailor-inspired Colette jeans at Anthropologie. They’re available in plus, petite and tall sizes, and look seriously cute. Anthro’s Colette pants, in general, seem to be a *thing* — there are a ton of different fabrics, colors & patterns to choose from. Anyone tried them?

My outfit inspiration this week is…trench coats & hoodies, courtesy of Gap. My favorite trench is still my Burberry, but J.Crew makes a surprisingly good dupe (I did a video comparing them). I’ll prob re-create this look using my adidas hoodie (on sale) — ohh, here’s another with a smaller logo — and finish it with this tan Madewell baseball hat or this “Paris” one (in black).

If I worked in an office…I’d snap up this playful pair of those Colette trousers. Frankly, I’d wear it as shown, with a tan/camel sweater and black heels or ballet flats. I think these pants would also work with a black sweater (navy + black is a really chic combo, promise). And you could wear them on weekends with a cute graphic tee (I like this one, hahahaha) and flat, tan sandals (maybe these? I’m still looking.).

Suuuuper-soft leather. These Paige platform sandals came home with me, even though — admittedly — they’re too high for me to comfortably walk miles in (although shorter bursts will be fine). That said, they do have a padded footbed, a really sturdy platform, and the best part, ridiculously soft leather straps that gently hug my foot. Like…the upper is butter-soft. I’ve honestly never found anything like it. And I love the slight asymmetrical lay of the straps — it’s incredibly flattering on the foot.

Might as well give the full report. I also tried on these gold Paige wedges, and they’re also soft, but with a lower heel. The gold is stunning, and the asymmetric design of the straps struck me as both unique AND minimalist. Lastly, these Paige sandals are pretty, but pulled when I walked and left imprints on the top of my foot. Boo. I’d avoid.

Thanks, Chels. Gwen and I have had a crush on Chelsee, the mom we featured in our latest style & life interview, for…years. She’s literally the coolest. So, true to form, she mentions Kule in her interview, and now the entire team is obsessed. I just found my beach bag, and do I need a matching ’70s sweatshirt? No, but I WANNIT.

Looks like the beginning of a really great packing list. There’s something about this pretty romper and this mermaid-y swimsuit (only $35!!) that’s calling my name. They’re both begging to be taken…somewhere, together.

HOLD UP. I’ve been wearing my mini UGGs practically nonstop, and nope — they’re still not fully stocked. THAT SAID…Quince does have an UGG Ultra mini look-alike pair that looks so similar to the real thing…I think I’d be completely fooled! They even have an UGG Tasman slipper look-alike too. Hmmmm.

Don’t play games with me, Gap. Has anyone else noticed that Gap models — when modeling tops — are always wearing some sort of perfectly broken-in, slouchy jeans? Jeans that — and this is what drives me nuts — don’t seem to exist on Gap’s website?? Examples here (orange shirt), here (black or white shirt), and here (green shirt). The closest I can find is this pair or the barrel jeans (which, admittedly, are great but decidedly NOT the same). Is Gap putting its models in men’s jeans (maybe this one)? Or are the good Gap jeans selling out that quickly? In any case…annoying.

Ang was right. The Ursa Major line is freaking AMAZING. I’ve been using the Vitamin C serum (almost sold out, more here) followed by the Golden Hour Recovery Cream and wow. Suuuuper-glowy, deeply moisturized (bouncy?) skin. Like, we’re talking so much hydration, I wonder if it’ll be too thick for summer. But right now? It’s exceeding all my expectations.

Turns out, I only drink water through a straw. Knowing this, I packed these collabsible travel cups (with straws), and they’ve been just the thing in dry Colorado. I may keep one in my purse for daily life too.

A really good read. I throughly enjoyed “The Candid Life of Meena Dave” by Namrata Patel — witty, thoughtful and heartfelt — so I was thrilled to see that the author has a new book available for preorder, “Scent of a Garden: A Novel.” Ordered.

Comforting, Vegan and Spring…ish. I made Food52’s interpretation of Olive-Oil-Braised Chickpeas from Joy The Baker and WOW. I can’t believe this dish is, fundamentally, just a few cans of chickpeas. The boys gobbled it up too. I doubled the recipe (and cooked it in regular 9X13 pan), used green olives instead of capers, added broccoli, and finished with a ton of freshly squeezed lemon & these vegan feta crumbles (I can barely taste the difference). We scooped it up with crusty bread, and omgggg, it’s a new family favorite.

OK — gotta run. It’s the official registration day, and Pax is SO excited, he’s behaving like a demented leprechaun. Gahhhhh.




  1. Thank you for speaking out about gun control on your platform. I feel the same outrage and fear for my two boys. I hope everyone who reads this follows your lead.

    On a much lighter note…I’m looking for ideas for “evening casual” in Ireland in June. I need a packing list! 😄

  2. Yes, I’m in for a strike/walk out/whatever!!! I live in Tennessee, and I hate it. Banning drag shows to protect children, but saying there’s nothing we can do about school shootings? Pure insanity!! My first instinct is to run (i.e., move), but we aren’t in a position to do that. I donate, and I vote, but I want to take action.

  3. Hey Girl, I love you. Love this site and what it’s become. I’ve followed you for a lot of years…10 maybe? And while I don’t always agree with you on things, I respect our different opinions because I know your beliefs, like mine, come from a good place. And I believe we as a society need to be careful with our blanket statements or it will drive bigger wedges between us. How about instead of being mad at all republicans and everyone who votes that way, we be mad at a system that makes us pick a side when both sides are flawed? Because while gun control, women’s rights,
    LGBTQ rights ect seems like a no brainer (because they’re the loving choice) there are things that “democrats” vote for that personally hurt my family and take away my personal rights and often times I feel bad when having to pick a side to vote for the lesser of two evils, and hearing people make blanket statements like that just adds to my mom guilt and you know we all have enough of that. 😉

  4. Thank you for kicking off your most excellent post with thoughts on just that the hell Is wrong with our relationship with guns. You’re so right, when you’re truly sorry, you make efforts to change your behavior. Infuriated and sickened doesn’t begin to describe our feelings but giving a To Do list is a good way to catch a bit of hope. Getting busy right now. And oh, good catch on the Gap – where in the world are those cute perfect jeans?

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