Weekend 9.24


I had a week. I mean, my week pales in comparison to what has been going on in the world, and it’s not like we had COVID or anything (gahhh, Laura, you poor thing) but still, it was one of those weeks where I kept asking, “is something in retrograde??”

And even Mike, the horoscope-denier, was all “yeah, probably.”

But Mike is a gemini, so. [SIDE EYE]

It was all stupid stuff, really. But as things currently stand, we have no working fridge, there are still holes in our 3rd floor ceiling (which seems to have stopped the condensation-related dripping…for now?), and I have recently learned that going to the ER for a kid’s hurt foot – even at 6AM – will not be “quick,” it will be an 5 actual hours long visit.

I have also learned that when your husband, the aforementioned Gemini, starts donning a suit again for work, it means ya on ya own, baby.

But whatever. Raines’ foot isn’t broken, only sprained, Pax continues to be a delight, and cool fall weather just rolled into Philly. I even convinced two of my introvert friends to grab drinks with me last night, so…I’m calling this week even.

Turns out, pity is a sufficient motivator for introverts.

I can work with that.

Calling all lovers of destroyed denim: I’ve been waiting for Levi’s to come out with a pair of destroyed 501s as good as my old ‘Athens destroyed’ wash. Aaaaand…they did, in a slightly darker wash called ‘Athens ranks’. I LOVE it.

Worth the wait. This Farm Rio day dress has 70’s office vibes (picture it with tall, tan boots) yet could easily be dressed up, too. I’ve been searching for fall dresses, and this one stands out as a find. Not shipping until October, but I ordered it anyway.

Florals for Fall. Athleta just dropped a new print, ‘iris floral gray‘ that’s making my heart beat fast. I think it’s the slight Alice-in-Wonderland vibes. I’m a fan.

Just quirky enough. My latest Etsy find is a handmade bag designer, Qisabags, and I can’t stop thinking about this crossbody/belt bag (the tiny flower appliques are perfect without being over-the-top), or this beautiful leather sling/backpack.

Restocked! My Free People puffer poncho scarf (wait, just go with me here) was finally restocked. This piece is genius for layering over oversized sweaters & sweatshirts that don’t fit under jackets.

What is even this??? Backcountry is selling a pair of fleece overalls. Not fleece-lined, mind you just…completely fuzzy & fleecey and I…don’t hate them? They’re not not cute and I keep coming back to stare. What, exactly, is their draw? Oh WAIT, YES: Apres ski! Popping them on over skiing baselayers would make one seriously fun apres ski look. Maybe even over this ‘apres’ sweater if you like to be literal like that. (And I do.)

Something for Mike. Everlane’s Heavyweight Overshirt is freaking awesome. Comfy, but cool enough for date night. Mike has the blue.

Currently wearing. Vuori dropped a new hoodie + boyfriend jogger combo, and the ‘laurel’ is an unexpectedly fresh neutral. In person it has the same vibe as wearing a gray sweatsuit, but is just way…prettier. Annoyingly, Vuori hoodies tend to sell out. The hoodie fits TTS, but the sweatpants run a smidge big. I debated between XS & S, but went with my usual size (small) because…sweatpants.

Biossance sale. There’s a fall stock-up sale going on at Biossance right now. I know I sound like a broken record with these products, but, well…find me something better. I’ll wait. Until then, I’m grabbing more Rose Oil, Lactic Acid serum, BHA acid toner, and body cream. Both Raines (teenager) and I use the Lactic Acid serum & BHA toner, but FYI that body cream…makes the skin above my knees look nice. The cream is wayyyyy thinner than pictured (and kind of a disaster in that particular dispenser) but the wrinkles above my knees are smoother so I don’t even care.

Oh, good. If you’ve been searching for a way to winterize the shorts known as denim underwear, these – and I quote – “layered elastic-waist jeans” just went on sale. For, uh, $671.

His Excellency, The Duke of Fall. Every first day of fall, a buddy of mine always re-shares this article about Mr. Autumn Man. Never gets old.

Enjoy your weekend, Gang.


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  1. I tried a Free People puffer poncho jacket scarf thing from Martha Stewart on Amazon and it was… not great. It’s going back. The one you have listed looks super cute. I’m not sure it’ll work for me, but I wish it would.

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