Weekend 5.13


Hiiiiiiii. This week was brutal, I’m a mess, and while I’ve got soooo much to say about soooo many things…at the moment I’ve got, like, nuthin in me.


Thankfully, you guys tend to be a supportive bunch, so let’s just consider this NothingBurger of an Intro a Mother’s Day gift to myself and get on with things.

Besides, all I really want for Mother’s Day is an end to gun violence. Am seriously trying to figure out how to get to Denver on June 5th to join @here4thekidsaction (their official website is here). I don’t yet know if I can swing the trip, but that organization is literally the only thing giving me hope right now. They look like a total bunch of badasses that I would be honored to join. Check them out.

Lastly, we got the most amazing Happy Mother’s Day comment from Bern that I’ve gotta re-post here:

Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful mamas, those with children and those who treat other’s children with kindness, grace and respect.

My kind of everyday dress. This silk slip dress from Cami NYC is 40% off at Saks. It’s the kind of piece that easily gets lost among the bright pink dress confections (like this one oooo)…but the more I look at it, the more I realize that it has all of the hallmarks of a dress that goes the distance. It’s the most foolproof length (midi – just enough coverage, works with all shoes, can sit down easily), a pattern that doesn’t strike me as dressy or casual (could be either, I suppose), and a color scheme that hides staines. Furthermore, it’s 100% silk, so I’d machine wash it and hang to dry. Washing silk gets rid of that shiny quality, leaving a soft, matte finish. This is a pattern that might actually look even better matte. I’m deeply suspicious of sale buys (I often like to sleep on it first)…but this looks like a really solid one.

Words I almost never say: I love this cardigan. It’s 100% cotton, and the color, ‘bunny,’ is perfect. More sizes here.

FINALLY. That cut-out Staud dress I’ve been coveting is 30% off, so Happy Mother’s Day to me. I tried on Linzi’s (see it on her, here) and it’s even more gorgeous in person. A PERFECT dress to pack on a summer vacation to Europe. (I sized down one size.)

Weekly outfit inspiration…goes to this monochromatic, playfully boyish outfit. Granted, this photo has some Sad Model issues going on, but if you look past the slightly slumped shoulders, this outfit is seriously cool. I’d recreate by swapping the designer cargos for this pair from Madewell (available in petite & tall sizes, too), and adding my p448s (pricey, but they have so much arch support they honestly feel like orthotics). The cropped trench featured is fantastic, but there are a few more affordable options featured in this post.

Oh! Speaking of cropped trench coats…Laura just found two stellar options that I missed – this cropped trench from Ann Taylor is under $200 and has serious designer vibes, and this one from The Rack is under $70 and is especially good for shorter torsos.

If I worked in an office…I’d swap my usual button-down for one of Everlane’s linen popover shirts. Personally I’d go with either the striped linen in bone/caramel, or the button-front version in gray stripe.

Softer stomach? I’ve found, recently, that pants with a paperbag waist are key to pulling off cropped(ish) tops. Athleta’s Trekkie Parachute pants are freaking ahhhhhmazing – I have them in orange, and was planning to exchange them for the black, but these darn pants are so good I ripped the tags off and have been wearing them nonstop. So now I might keep both colors (I have the 2P, btw, so they seem to run big). I’m now eyeing J.Crew’s ruffle shorts as a swim cover-up, simply because they have that same flattering waist.

Speaking of cover-ups, Printfresh has branched out from PJs and are now making dresses! And this caftan, in particular, would make a gorgeous swim cover-up. So fun.

Post-partum or perimenopause? Either way, this easy tank has been one of my long-time favorites with high-rise everything. Personally, I’d layer the white tank over this bralette and pair with these shorty chino shorts. If you prefer a longer short, this Madewell pair would also be really cute.

Travel glam. While my Paravel suitcase isn’t my favorite (I did a whole video comparison here), it is, without a doubt, the most gorgeous luggage I own. And I have been doing a bit of traveling with it lately, and am starting to like it better than I originally did (or maybe am just loving the rich-girl vibe these suitcases give). ANYWAY, if you’ve been eyeing up Paravel, they happen to be 25% off with code SUNSHINE. (ps. My absolute favorite suitcase is also on sale, but only in pink.)

Let’s call it a Mother’s Day gift. I was just chatting with Linz about this, but I’ve been drooling over Our Place’s ovenware set for TOO LONG. It’s 25% off, and I finally ordered the lavender because so pretty.

We need to talk HAIR. I just got my hair done and Shannon, my longtime stylist, had a ton of product changes for me. Things have been changing in the world of haircare, and I needed to be caught up! I’m doing a whole post on all of her recommendations, but the one product that completely blew my mind was K-18. It’s a styling creme that repairs your hair (and has more than 3,000 5-star reviews) The process, tho, is truly wild: wash your hair but DO NOT USE CONDITIONER. Get out of the shower with your hair all ratty and conditioner-free, towel it off best you can, and then pump some of the K-18 into your hands. Rub it between your palms until it turns white, then apply it ends-to-roots. That’s it! Do this the next 6 times you wash your hair and voila! Hair repaired. After the 6 washings, you can go back to your usual shampoo/conditioner, but continue to use K-18 in place of conditioner a few times a month. It’s pricy, tho, so here’s a smaller size if you just want to try it.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone. (And the happiest of birthdays to Scotti!)




  1. I’m right there with you on the brutal week. Sigh, thanks for posting anyway. It is always fun to read your weekend posts. Hugs!

  2. Postpartum or Perimenopause? Can someone explain why these two phases would be grouped together for an item of clothing? Postpartum seems obvious….breast feeding, waistline that is still adjusting….but how does this compare the same to perimenopause? I’m 51 and am in perimenopause and I don’t get it.

    • Oh haha – I guess it isn’t obvious!! Sorry for the confusion, we just get sooooo many reader questions that start, “I’m in perimenopause [or menopause] and my stomach is softer” or “I’m in peri-menopause and can no longer stand to have anything tight around my middle.” It’s like the post-partum stage all over again, I guess. (Also, Heather’s note about hot flashes is also spot-on.)

  3. Okay, I took the plunge and ordered K-18 as soon as I finished the article. It arrived this afternoon and I used it after my shower. Fingers crossed it improves the look of the front of my hair, because I have been contemplating a major cut. 💇🏻‍♀️

    • Shannon said it takes 6 washes to completely “fix” your hair. And after the first use, the only thing I noticed was general surprise that my hair seemed OK without conditioner. After the second wash, however…my hair looks healthier and is softer than before. It’s wild.

  4. Shana, I am with you and Amy on the brutal week last week. And I am 1000% with you on “simply” wanting an end to the gun violence. Thank you for sharing the info on Here 4 the Kids. Following.

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