Weekend 11.19


Hey, gang! Pax’s 12th birthday was on Friday, and it’s bizarre to think that my youngest is almost a teenager, so instead…I’m just going to gloss right over that. Thankfully, he’s still — kinda — a squishy little guy, so I’ve gotta run and love him up a bit.

But the big thing to note? It’s freaking Black Friday. And no, I didn’t misread the calendar. Based on the number of sales and the level of discounts…this is it. It’s here. It’s now.

Frankly, I love that Black Friday sales now hit before Thanksgiving — hopefully this is a trend that continues. I have my fingers crossed for a relaxing weekend next weekend.

In the meantime, I’ve spent, uh….almost every waking minute working on our Black Friday cheat sheet. As sales have come online, the team and I have been perusing through them to see which ones are worth mentioning. And then — then!! — I’m painstakingly going through pages and pages of inventory to try to identify my top picks. Many are based on personal experience with the products, but some picks were exciting or just oh-so-pretty. The intention is to create a really well-edited, thoughtful list of the best Black Friday sales. Hopefully you find the cheat sheet to be helpful.

If not, don’t tell me. It’s basically my life’s work at this point.

In addition to the cheat sheet, we’ve already gone through Nordstrom’s Black Friday sale (which is also already happening!) and picked some of our must-haves.

Anyway, I thought I’d round up a few of the Black Friday sales I found particularly noteworthy. Here’s my quick list:

Hot coffee. Ember mug! Scotti has the metallic Ember mug in copper, and it’s much more luxe (in both look and feel) than my old — now stained — white one.

Saks is taking all my money. I picked up these jeans (they’re GREAT), this bag and this bag (we’ll see), and my GANNI BOOTS are now on sale! I bought the green ones last year, and they were just the thing all winter — even in the cold and mud in Vermont. Seriously cool and seriously useful. They look especially good with leggings too (see them on me here).

A hot brush? Yup. My fave hair-tools company, ghd, has this volumizing hot brush on sale at Nordstrom. The reviews are mixed, but the people who like it rave about the difference it makes. Hoping I can use it to perk up slept-on hair and reduce the amount of time I spend washing (and drying, ugh) my hair.

These jeans are perfect. Free People’s Black Friday sale started: Take up to 25% off everything, depending on how much you spend. My top pick is easily these barrel jeans (size 26, they run a little big). I keep getting compliments on them — these jeans are unexpected and really good. This top is another easy win, and I keep coming back to this incredible set. Whoa.

Naked Cashmere’s little surprise: 50% off everything! While I’ve already covered my favorite Naked Cashmere sweaters, I exchanged the turtleneck bodysuit for this henley bodysuit and picked up this beautiful (sexy?) knit sweater in ivory. We will SEE.

Danner boots on sale? Yup — and Backcountry’s sale even includes my much-loved, often-used Danner Mountain light hikers (the leather hiking boots with the red laces). I’ve had these boots for years and get compliments whenever I wear them. They would make a really exciting holiday gift. I did a full review of these boots, if interested. I’ve never seen them on sale before.

Speaking of gifts… Printfresh is 25% off sitewide right now (use code PEACE)! These gorgeous, printed pajamas are designed by a local Philadelphia mom (gahhh, Amy V., I’m so proud of you) and make amazing gifts. I need the new flannel set in Twinkling Trees Indigo.

Raines + pants. Longtime readers mayyyyy remember how annoying Raines has always been with pants. Anyway, his favorites are currently these adidas Tiro track pants, and they’re currently on sale for $32, so off I go. (There’s also a fancy pair with cargo pockets I’m tempted to have him try.) And yes — if you’re wondering, adidas’ Black Friday sale is freaking fantastic and does include my Superstars.

Blueland: We needed more hand-soap dispensers, and I like the clear and black. I also bought refills of the laundry powder, oxi booster and dishwasher detergent. (P.S. I don’t love Blueland’s dish soap).

Skin stuff. I needed more cleansing balm from Colleen Rothschild, my latest fave eye cream is 20% off at Dermstore with code JOY, and I grabbed two squalane oils at Biossance — one for my kids’ bathroom, one for ours.

All is possible. I looooove Maisonette for all things littles and was browsing its BF sale section for gifts when I came across this kids’ sweatshirt that reads, Tout Est Possible (“all is possible”). That’s basically my life motto right there, and OMG, IT COMES IN ADULT SIZES.

Happy weekend, gang! Off to celebrate little (or not-so-little, sob) Pax!


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    • Well…it doesn’t restore the eyes of my youth, which is what I’m looking for, haha. I think that’s why I keep trying new eye and face cream – because I still seem to be aging. 🙂 That said, this eye cream seems to reduce crepiness, depuffs a bit and…maybe reduces fine lines? Idk – they’re back in force when I smile, so. I do notice that I look less tired, more toned when I use this product.

  1. So. Here’s a thing. A PSA kind of thing. Not advice, just info with which to do as one sees fit. I know Naked Cashmere is taking all the money this season. BUT. Jenni Kayne just cropped the cashmere cocoon. And it hits just at the top of midrise jeans. And that 25% off thing is about to happen again. And if you thought the big full length cocoon was perfection (and it is)….this may be a perfection plus. Just sayin’…..

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