Weekend 7.2


Are you guys actually celebrating the 4th of July this year? I think we’re sitting this one out.

I’d love for one week to feel like I’m not living in some alternate reality, one where the Supreme Court doesn’t bulldoze things that have become basic norms, basic rights. Forced births, forced open carry laws, erosion of the separation of public schools & religion, and making it harder to ensure we all breath clean air…this is their legacy. And they’ve only been at it for a few months (weeks?).My head is spinning.

But don’t worry! Next up, Scotus plans to hear a case that (if passed) would allow state legislatures (not judges) to make rules for redistricting (because that’s not partisan #snort), as well as give state legislatures the power to then select the presidential electors in any disputed elections.

Happy birthday, USA.

I have a feeling things are going to get much worse before they get better.

But I feel a little silly, prepping for the Nordstrom sale, chatting with my kids about tennis camp, buying sunscreen…while these cataclysmic shifts of our democracy are happening. I keep donating to abortion rights groups, the ACLU, and the random democratic candidate whose text messages promise that they’re THIS CLOSE to securing a new seat!!

But I desperately want someone to come up with a plan. AOC’s recent IG post totally resonated with me — a call-to-action, asking for a plan. Anything else, the constant, “Give us $6 to win!” is, she adds, “demoralizing, losing, unfocused nonsense.”

Hear, hear.

I got nothing, gang. I’m going to spend the long weekend recharging with my guys. I guess it’s starting to dawn on me how long this fight is actually going to last.

If you, too, need a bit of a distraction, my own usual nonsense is below. xoxo

Cuuuuute. I picked up FRAME’s Striped Linen Tee at Saks…and I LOVE IT. It’s just the fresh twist on stripes I was looking for. It’s currently on sale at Saks, and I wonder if that’s because they have it mislabeled as 100% cotton? It is definitely linen (tag says ‘100% organic linen’, in fact) so maybe snap it up on sale before Saks figures it out. Here’s the same top at Nordstrom — more colors, but not on sale.

The name is confusing. I keep coming back to Athleta’s “Levitate Run Tank”…but with that ruffled neckline it’s decidedly NOT a running tank. The reviews are glowing, and the top is so cute. Apparently it’s perfect for work, golf, yoga, dinners out…I’m intrigued.

This has never happened.  I keep checking, thinking it’s a joke…but my Danner hiking boots are currently 34% off at Backcountry! Actually, Backcountry’s 4th of July sale is so good we published a whole article on it

Someone report back. That Old Navy dress I included in my What To Wear to NYC In The Summer article is on sale for under $40, plus an additional 25% off. Is it as good as I think it should be? It’s 100% cotton and everything.

Big city problems. Philly gets…weird in the summer. Normally I walk everywhere and never worry about it, but there’s no doubt that crime rates do tend to go up in the summer. I think I might attach one of these (oddly cute) little personal safety alarms to my keychain.

Some ice? Oh, hi, here’s me just nonchalantly swinging out onto the porch with this straw ice bucket for my wine (don’t judge). On sale, too.

They are…very sticky. I’m trying to find a new strapless bra (spoiler: I hate everything so far), but Lively’s nipple stickers (also at Madewell) worked great. They were so comfortable I wore them all day in 90 degree heat, worked out in them, and then — because I forgot they were there — slept in them. However, peeling them off…was, uh, rougher than I expected. That said, they work like a charm.

Everyday smokey eye, but make it summer. I finally tried Supergoop’s SPF cream eyeshadow and LOVE it. I just went all-in and bought the darkest shade. I dot it on, then blend it with a brush. The result is a really natural-looking smokey eye, one that I’m even happy to wear on the beach.

That frozen fruit gets annoying. I had originally bought a refurbished Vitamix when Raines was a baby, and it was great. Fourteen years later, however, it no longer really fits on the base, wobbles like crazy, and the motor is bananas-loud. Still works, though! But I do live in fear that it’s about to go (and we use it almost daily). A friend has the E310 model, and while it feels lighter than mine (which may actually be 20 years old — who knows?), I tried it, and found that it works really, really well. The base is wider, so blending frozen fruit actually works better…I don’t always need to use that weird plunger thing. Anyway, this exact model is on sale at Nordstrom and/or Williams-Sonoma and/or Bloomingdale’s. I’m definitely snapping it up! 

NSale, edited. I updated my Best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Buys of All Time article to include similar picks in this year’s NSale, if interested.

Happy long weekend…



  1. “I have a feeling things are going to get much worse before they get better…” Shana, sadly I believe this to be true as well. I am with you on all of this. We are sitting out the 4th this year. In all honesty, that is partly because my kids are older and out with friends. And yet it is because how can I celebrate Independence Day when it feels as if none of us have that independence (well, except as my sons point out, certain older white males in Congress).

    I am actually infuriated with Democrats and Independents for not having a plan. My kids talked with me about the Federalist Society, and how it came to be, and how their plans have resulted in this particular Supreme Court. We need to organize for the long haul. But I am simply a woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister…and I have no idea how to do this. I too, will be hanging out with family, decompressing this weekend. And then try to find out how to truly make a difference.

  2. So glad you are a Vitamix fan! It really is a great machine. I work for Vitamix in their Corporate Wellness & Affiliate programs and teach our lunch & Learns. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  3. We had Canada Day up here on July 1st.
    It felt weird to celebrate. We have our own history of colonisation to contend with – the discovery of unmarked graves in residential schools rocked the country into facing the racist reality of how Canada was built.
    Having said that, we did celebrate and it felt….hopeful. Our neighbourhood came together and it really felt like we were part of this small community that is part of a joyful whole.

    Up here I am watching what is going on in your country with a mixture of shock and fear. There are a lot of smug reports from here claiming that the removal of rights could never happen in Canada. Even our Prime Minister put out a statement to that effect. Wrong. There is a definite right-wing movement trying desperately to take hold. I sincerely hope our political parties on the left are watching how your right-wing parties have strategically set out to remove rights and attack democratic norms. Perhaps if they study it, they can hijack that strategy to protect democracy and rights. It is scary times indeed.

    Thank you Shana for the thoughts, and for the lightness as well. It’s complicated and messy to try and think big, while acknowledging that taking care of self and thinking frivolously is also part of life and balance. I so appreciate your blog and tune in almost every day.

    • I totally get this. A few years ago, we were having discussions with our Canadian relatives, and most asserted that “race issues” were uniquely American. And then more information started to come out. Do you follow @shinanova on IG? She’s Inuk, was recently on the cover of Elle Canada, and she & her mom are ADORABLE. Love her account: https://www.instagram.com/shinanova/

  4. It’s hard to live in a democracy when things don’t go the way we want them to. But I am ever grateful to be an American and will celebrate with my family tomorrow!

  5. Sitting out Independence Day, too, for lack of independence. There’s a movement afoot to wear black and avoid buying anything July 3-5. Please join in if you can.

  6. I agree with you J. It is complicated and messy, but I am thankful for this country and all of the millions of different people with different beliefs. So I will celebrate that, even if I don’t agree with what is happening in different areas. It is a good reminder that we will never have a country that rules the way all of us want it to, it is physically impossible. Instead, I will be grateful for those who allow for differences and instead of trying to force everyone to have the same beliefs, leaves room for love and grace and the desire to be better humans as our driving force.

  7. Thanks for naming my twitchiness about “Independence Day,” Shana. Sadness and hopeless feelings don’t lend themselves to celebration.

    I did indeed purchase the Old Navy version of your “summer city dress” and am bringing it to Barcelona in a few weeks. It’s not perfect—need to change the buttons to black and the fabric is a bit of a weird puckery cotton/seersucker vibe—but it fits the budget and many of the advantages you listed in your article, so I’m pleased with it. I did go for tall as I wanted it every bit as flows as your version and it was a good call, even though I’m only 5’6”. Thanks for the article and recommendation! (PS—I did NOT like it in white. Fabric shortcomings were too obvious to me.)

    Thanks in advance for all the work on the Nordstrom sale; I follow all of you religiously for all the info!!)

    • I had tailored a 100% cotton dress from Target (years ago), and it ended up being a total win. Also, black hides a bunch of fabric sins – it’s often the only color I’ll go for in budget-friendly items. Have so much fun in Barca!!!! One of our favorite places to visit. xoxoxoxo

  8. I ordered that smocked Old Navy dress – it was okay, but it feels like a $30 dress quality-wise. The cotton is really thin and wrinkles easily. The smocked stitching was kind of rough on my skin. I ended up returning it, although if I really needed a black casual sundress and had a limited budget I might have kept it.

  9. Pretty disappointed that you’re making your fashion blog a place to pontificate about politics, believing we’ll all agree. I am really happy about the recent SCOTUS decisions, but that is neither here nor there, because this is a FASHION blog.

    So sad you can’t celebrate the USA. How incredibly ignorant and short sighted of you.

  10. How sad that you are sitting this one out. No country is perfect. We have so many freedoms here that most countries do not. It’s easy to just focus on the things that fire you up at the moment but don’t take for granted the freedoms you have. Where would you move that would allow everything you want?

  11. Obviously you didn’t post my last comment …so you’re censoring now too? Very interesting…

    Not going to waste any further time debating… but how terribly sad…

    And for the record… I’ve lived all over Europe, and in the UK for three years as a child… we’ve got it pretty good over here… I am a teacher with my master’s degree in administration…. not your definition of some ignorant white woman huh? I live in a metro area.

    We are a federalist country, and the power is finally back in the states…sorry you missed that lesson in history class.

    Will you be posting this one? Just curious…if you can dish it, you should be able to accept the feedback.

    • Good grief, Liz. It’s 9AM the day after a holiday weekend. Give a girl a break. And yes: we ALWAYS censor. It’s the only way I can ensure that this corner of the internet is human-rights friendly. Which means that sometimes that I put the emotional well-being of others AHEAD of someone’s “right” to comment.

      And please with the “power back in the states” nonsense. The recent ruling on guns was exactly the opposite.

  12. The Supreme Court simply decides what’s constitutional and what is not. Abortion never was in our constitution so it was given back to the individual states to decide. The ruling on guns-the right to carry in public for self-defense-IS in our constitution. EPA does not have the authority to mandate emissions-only congress does. Similarly, the CDC did not have the authority to put a moratorium on evictions during covid nor did they have authority to force vaccines and masks. BTW, I’m only in agreement with one of the recent SC decisions but am a firm believer in our constitution. It protects us from government overreach (which is clearly happening in Canada). I am grateful to live in a country founded on freedom with a constitution in place to protect our freedoms. I celebrate our wonderful country and will always be a proud American.

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