Weekend 12.4


We had a pretty great time in Killington over Thanksgiving, but this week has been rough. I must be getting to that stage of life where Real Problems start occurring (with increasing frequency) to the people I love and…yeah. Not the best week.

When I’m thrown this off balance, I tend to make a mess. As in a physical one. And OK: my creative process is always messy, but when I’m not at my best it’s even…moreso (which, BTW, should be a word). For example, I’m currently working on an article about boots, so now all of my boots are strewn about my room, along with seven pairs of jeans and every coat I own. This miiiight be normal, but my living room is also filled with empty boxes intended for my returns. The returnees themselves are either draped all over the living room furniture (can’t quite remember why I thought that was the move), or upstairs on the floor, buried by said mountain of coats, jeans and boots. 

My intention was to process the returns, but I couldn’t find the packing tape. Don’t worry, guys, I made apple crisp instead!  

Mike, picking his way carefully through the debris in the living room, reaches the kitchen and eyes the explosion of apple cores, oats, and dirty dishes, his face set to “concerned.” 

Him: “Ummm…Babe?”

Me, crazy-eyed, pulling something out of the oven that looks like it’s covered in loose — yet lightly toasted — oatmeal flakes because health > butter:  “HI BABY! I MADE CRISP!!”

Narrator: She never did find that packing tape. And the boxes piled up and up and up until no one could escape and folks say she’s still in there, baking her terrible no-butter, low-sugar, vegan desserts. The end.

Some good shit. Have you heard of Sh*tIKnit? It’s a small, woman-owned company who’s started selling seriously cute, hand-knit hats from sustainably sourced merino wool. As the company grew, they outsourced the hand-knitting to a team of women in Peru, many of them working moms who are now able to make a fair wage. The hats are, and I don’t say this lightly, the warmest hats I’ve EVER worn. If that wasn’t enough…through the founder’s persistence (yasss)…the US Olympic committee choose STIK to make official Team USA beanies for the 2022 Olympics! Other than the team hats (which I LOVE), my favorite style in general is the Rutherford Beanie, which oooo…is also available at Nordstrom. Any of these hats would make a pretty epic gift.

Snoods > Scarves. While in Killington, I also discovered another small, women-owned business, Over Easy. They make faux-fur hoods (snoods?) that can be popped on instead of a scarf. The hoods are a generous size (the ‘mountain hoodie‘ is actually helmet-compatible so can be worn with ski gear) and the whole idea is cute, warm and feels refreshingly modern. Article coming soon, but wanted to do a quick highlight because these would also make really great gifts.

I like these better than Lunya. While there’s no doubt that Lunya’s 100% silk pajamas are higher quality with better details and prettier colors…I’ve found that Lunya’s waistbands run so annoyingly tight that I NEVER wear them to bed (Amy and Em don’t have a problem, though, so this is just personal preference). Quince, however, makes a 100% silk pajama set that’s a fraction of the cost, and doesn’t have the annoying waistband issue. I’m wearing mine as I type this, and highly recommend. Would make such a luxe-feeling gift…for under $100.

A perfect pair. Sustainable ABLE is having a sale this weekend (20% off everything), and their Tiger graphic tee (that I have and love) paired with this simple ring would make a really lovely (and under $100) gift. (If you don’t know the ring size, these earrings instead.)

Cutest things I’ve ever worn on my feet. Nordstrom recently restocked these fuzzy Birkenstocks. I’ve been wearing them every darn day for the last month, and can’t recommend them highly enough. Slightly ridiculous, but they’re the kind of thing I never knew I needed…aka a really good gift idea.

Tiny shorts. Many of you had asked for short-short alternatives after my fav bike shorts, Beyond Yoga’s 3″ bike shorts sold out. Well, they’ve just been restocked, and layer really well under these sweatpants and this sweatshirt. (I’m probably the only person in the world who hates Beyond Yoga’s skinny strap tank…but their square neck tank — more flattering on me, anyway — is on sale.)

Keep the bubbles bubbly. I’ve been trying to find a way to keep champagne bubbly for longer…and I think this cork is it.

Practically ageless. This Stocking Stuffer box from Maisonette contains exactly the things that my guys would be totally enchanted by…and it would probably work for Scotti’s littler kids, too. There’s a crystal-growing tree, magic snow, poppers (which…why do my boys still like those??), one of those chocolate spoon hot chocolate things, and a sweet little box of colored pencils. Would be a perfect gift to open at a grandparent’s house. Also, I want this wreath. GAHHHHH so fun.

Finally tried it. I’ve been recommending Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘The Rebel’ eye palette for years…but mine looks dramatically different (emerald greens & teals) than the picture online (khaki green and gold). It turns out that the company completely changed the colors, but kept the name the same. Annoying. That said, I did order the new one. And…it’s good, dang it. The khaki greens and golds blend together effortlessly, and manage to read very neutral, yet so pretty on. The result is, as the reviewers say, much more wearable than the original colors. It’s been a fun little change-up for the holidays, yet one I don’t mind wearing for day.

So proud. I was blown away by Jeni’s article, Doing The Work: 11 Social Justice Organizations Making a Difference. Jeni started with us an an intern, and was later hired because she’s amazing. We’ve been part of Drexel’s internship program for years, and it’s such a joy to work with these young women and then (if we’re lucky) hire them and watch them go.

New fav weekday breakfast: Brownie Baked Oatmeal from Calla’s Clean Eats. If I can manage to sneak down 10-15 minutes earlier, I’ve been baking these oatmeal brownie bowls for the boys. It seriously blows their minds, and is actually pretty healthy (just oats, banana, egg, cocoa powder and chocolate chips). A total win.

Happy weekend!




  1. Omg yes the Lunya waistband is so freaking tight – I kept mine but only sleep in the top! Also a trick fir keepong anything fizzy – insert a silver spoon into the top of the bottle. Don’t remember why it works, but I seear it is like freaking magic.

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