Weekend 8.12


We are deep in the throes of jet lag. As I type this, Mike is literally helping Pax walk to the table – think WW2, fallen comrade’s arms-over-shoulder-style – and Pax is moaning, like the war hero he is. #snort

My children are old enough now to stay awake for an entire overnight flight…but not yet old enough to pull it off. Raines is fairing a little better, at least – Pax has now crawled back over to the couch and returned to the fetal position, so I’m not quite sure what our next move is here. It is basically 4PM, local time, and I’m betting Mike will try to lure him out with Coca-Cola (something he only gets “in different countries” – a random rule we made up years ago that both boys took to heart). Pax has always physically represented his emotions with his entire body, and I kinda love that he hasn’t quiiiite grown out of it.

My baby, still.

Before I get into the usual stuff here, I just wanted to drop a link to the Maui Strong Fund. Please consider donating to help families directly affected by the tragic wildfires in Maui.

Packing lists = problem solving. I’m reminded of this fact every time I start to pack for a trip. Any sort of existing wardrobe issue – an outfit formula that doesn’t quiiiite work, a missing piece, the wrong bra/underwear/whatever – seems to blow up twice as big when I’m about to go on a trip. And as I pulled together the latest packing lists for both myself and my mom (she’s coming with us to France), there were three pieces I found especially useful:

  1. Silk tanks – the best ones are machine washable (or in-sink washable), and can be worn with everything from sweatpants to fancy skirts. They’re not skintight, and look good even if you need to ditch your outer layer. I’ve been wearing CamiNYC’s silk racerback camis for years for these exact reasons (I literally own 3 black ones so I can wear them on repeat), but my mom hates skinny little straps – she wants to wear a real bra. For her, Eileen Fisher’s short, boxy silk shell is worth its weight in gold. For a more affordable version, Quince has a silk shell for under $50, but it won’t be nearly as lux (and I recommend hemming it to the desired length – don’t skip that step). There’s also this EF silk, bubble-hem tee (on sale at Saks) that would also be a solid choice.
  2. Cropped, cotton sweaters – There’s nothing I hate more than freezing in that cute little summer dress I packed…except maybe ruining the outfit with a sad cardigan. The big winners for both mom & I – especially over little summer dresses – are 100% cotton, cropped sweaters. Specifically this Ref sweater-polo, and La Ligne’s mini marina sweater. For an under $100 option, Quince’s Cotton Boyfriend Crew would likely work on someone tall, but was little too long on us (I’m 5’3″, mom is shorter). Oooo! Quince just dropped this cropped sweater-polo that’s super similar to my Ref one.
  3. Oversized jackets – My usual denim jackets are making my outfits feel really tired. Instead, Topshop’s oversized bomber jacket looks amazing over both mini dresses and this Ref silk maxi dress currently in my suitcase. The Topshop bomber is also available in a stone-colored cotton that looks seriously cool, too. Highly recommend.

Speaking of Ref…good grief: this oversized, yellow cashmere sweater is giving me LIFE. That whole outfit is what I want all of my fall outfits to look like.

About that tired denim jacket…I swapped mine for this cropped, boxy, denim shirt-jacket and can’t believe the difference. I can wear it with everything I wore with my old denim jacket (and it looks even better with little dresses than the old one). Madewell’s latest collab came out with a pretty solid dupe, too, and it’s available in both plus and regular sizes.

Plus size pick: Speaking of that new Madewell collab, these cargo jeans look absolutely amazing on that plus-size model. I’m obsessed.

If I worked in an office…I’d think about snapping up this dress (more sizes here). Not only is it on sale, but it’s the kind of thing I’d wear now, on its own, and later in fall/winter layered over a black turtleneck and tall boots. I also think it could be really cool styled open, as a vest. Think: a vest/trench coat hybrid. I’d layer it, open, over sweater dresses to give them more office-y vibes, or maybe even make boring sweaters & trouser outfits cool. For a similar vibe under $100, try GAP’s utility dress.

If a fanny pack and a cargo skirt had a baby…it would be this really cool belt. I can’t stop thinking about it – could be SO GOOD, right???

Found: Makeup for over 40. After being influenced by an IG ad (is IG the new HSN?) I bought a tube of Fiera’s concealer and OMFG this is a whoooole different animal. I’ve tried so many different foundations (powder, cream, oils, whatever) but this is the first one that blew me away. The idea is that you use just a teeny tiny bit, and only where you need it (I put it under my eyes, down around my nose, and the tiniest bit on my chin & forehead) and the result was soooo natural and pretty, and it never creased or caked or did anything but make me pretty after hours of use. I’m sold. (I did get the brush, too.)

Never too old. Sooo Agua Bendita dresses are on major sale at Saks right now – take an additional 20% off the already-marked down price. If you’ve never heard of Agua Bendita before, they’re based in Colombia, and their dresses are flirty and playful alllllmost to the point where I pause and think: am I too old for this? Case in point here and here….but Gang: They are so incredibly well-made – they seriously feel bespoke – that the net result is a fabulous dress for any age. I’m taking this one to France with me (almost sold out), but the one I can’t stop thinking about (those DETAILS OMG) is this moody dark midi dress (look at the lines and button details – especially on the back). If you love a good midi as much as I do, than this one is also dark and flirty, or this bright one is just really, really pretty.

Not packing: Sunscreen. I’m actually really excited to get my hands on some sunscreen overseas – everyone knows it’s the best stuff. But I didn’t realize quite how far behind the US was until I happened to see this IG with AOC (and a dermatologist) talk about the differences due to our FDA regulations – which we can change! (And yes – clearly my phone was listening to me talk which is all kinds of creepy.)

I’m starving…which might be why I can’t stop thinking about Minimalist Baker’s vegan peanut butter pudding. I do realize that it’s August and I should be focusing on summer’s bounty, but OMG DID YOU SEE THE PIC WITH THE CHOCOLATE GANACHE AND SALTED PEANUTS?

Happy weekend, everyone.




  1. Ugh! I want to try the Fiera Concealer but it’s so difficult to choose a skin tone colour online. What did you go with?

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