Weekend 9.17


I’m trying to do something different this September. Typically, by the third week of this month I’ve worked myself into a wool-induced rage, brought about by the combination of new fall sweaters and second summer. Where are my changing leaves? The hot cider and doughnuts? That grab-your-jacket crisp air?

Not in Philly, that’s for sure. Instead, we’re looking at a humid 85 degree week…AGAIN.

Okokok – I’m getting mad just typing this out. My whole point was that I’m trying something different to stave off the rage. So.


I am embracing second summer! I will show off my tan by wearing shorts! Sweat, I love you, so I’ll just bask in your, uh, glow as I walk down the scorching sidewalk. That’s not weird at all for September. I will revel in the farmer’s market on Saturday and pick up healthy, seasonal produce like…well, tomatoes are ending now but maybe acorn squash? Which I will then happily bring home and roast for 40 minutes in a 400 degree oven! Perfect! Yay, second summer!

I mean.

But in all seriousness, I am trying to lower my expectations of what fall means these days. Falling expectations? Ha.

But the one thing that has been bringing me some legit, second-summer-joy is watching the boys surf on the weekends. There’s many reasons to love Philadelphia, but the ocean being so close is definitely one of them. They’re older now, so I’m much more comfortable with them out there on their own without an instructor. We often head down to Ocean City, but have occasionally hit Brigantine because it’s so darn close. I personally think Brigantine is one of the most under-rated shore towns on the East Coast. And surfing at sunset, with Atlantic City in the background??


It’s one of those special little things about Philly that make me feel really lucky to live here.

Really useful boots. I’m still very into my taupe Loeffler Randall boots – they’re both chic and understated, and I find they’re perfect with every denim outfit (see them here). They’re also this taupe-tan color that pairs well with all manner of browns, tans, grays, black, etc. I like them so much I’ve thought about petitioning the brand to bring them back…but until that happens, I just found two dupes under $200. Marc Fisher’s Pointed Toe booties are the most similar in color & shape, but the ‘praline’ color of Sam Edelman’s Square-Toe Booties would also do the trick.

Lex was right. Every year, Lex (our SEO trends queen) wants us to start talking coats in September, but WHO WANTS TO TALK COATS IN THE MIDST OF SECOND SUMMER?? Anyway, I peeked at coats. And all of those gorgeous wool dusters that are all sold out by the end of October are fully stocked. My favorite is still this Reiss coat, but I’ve also been eyeing Banana Republic’s midi length coat (historically BR wool coats are great) and there’s no way Uniqlo’s gorgeous wool wrap coat will stay stocked long with a price like that.

More coats…If you are looking for investment coats, Saks is running a promotion (spend some, get a gift card) and it includes some serious stunners. If you’ve had your eye on Burberry trench coats…try this one (tailoring is impeccable) or this one (water-resistant). For that price point, though, I keep coming back to this water-repellant trench by Akris Punto. They’re showing it over jeans, but it looks soft enough to really shine over a silky slip dress, too.

Last one. I’ll shut up about coats in a sec (gahhhh Lex was SO RIGHT) but Saks is also including a my fav North Face puffer in the promo. Remember my pink one? Still the happiest coat I own. Saks has that exact puffer in a really pretty pale yellow and a barely-tie-dyed blue that reminds me of clouds (Ooo…there’s a matching fleece). Lastly, Backcountry has the same puffer, but a printed version (30% off) that looks like some high-end collab. Nope, just North Face.

My jaw dropped. I ordered this hot pink silk maxi dress (I know I know – who am I?) and it’s bananas good. I don’t know if I’ve ever worn a more fun, flattering dress. Reformation just dropped a bunch of 100% silk dresses, actually – all sustainably made, with a timeless vibe. I’ve never once gotten rid of a Ref dress…except, uh, by growing out of it.

Spoiler. Scotti has an article coming out with GAP soon…and you’re gonna wanna buy one of their faux-leather pants. Might as well snap ’em up before she creates a rush. I think I’m going with the baby boot.

Fall nails? Instead my usual inky, dark oxblood…I’m considering a really pretty navy, specifically Chanel rhythm. At least as a pedicure – I may be too much a creature of habit to change up my gel manicure.

Well, GOOD MORNING EYES. I was running low on eye cream while traveling this summer, so I picked up this Dermologica under-eye serum at a Duty Free shop. It doesn’t seem to be a night cream, but oh my gosh it’s amazing for day! Feels more like a primer, fills in fine lines, depuffs, and somehow locks in moisture. I love it. If I’m going to be outside, it layers under my Supergoop SPF eye cream, if I’m doing a shoot, it layers nicely it under concealer, and if I’m going out at night…it’s all I need. Good stuff.

Pho-ish. I made this Weeknight Chicken Pho recipe this week and it was delicious. It came together in under an hour (I’ll bet I can do it in 35-40 min next time), and the depth of flavor was shocking. The technique of sauteeing the clove, ginger, and coriander (I just used dried instead of the seeds) was the key, I think. I doubled the recipe, removed the sugar, and added the juice of one lime at the end. We also piled on toppings: fresh cilantro, basil, mint, jalapeños, and more lime.

Little Mermaid joy. If there was ever any doubt about why representation matters….the videos that have been circulating on social media of Black & brown kids watching Ariel emerge in the new Little Mermaid trailer (ps. she’s Black) are treasures. Here are two that make my heart overflow: a little girl and a little boy (his side-eye is amazing). I love that Liz Plank is pointing out that little boys are affected, too.

AHHHH Laurel’s choreo finally dropped!! Laurel has come up with the sexiest, most playful routine – I can’t wait to learn it. This video is just the routine itself, her next one will break down all of the moves so we can learn it with her. She’s so freaking fun – it’s going to be a blast.

Happy weekend!


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