Weekend 7.15


After one really looooong week (hi NSale), Mike and I are headed up to Vermont to pick up our kids. They’ve been skiing at Whistler with their GMA crew all week – Pax would want me to clarify that he was snowboarding – but anyway:wild.

This was the first time Mike and I have ever been away from the kids longer than 2 nights (and even those were pretty rare). And while I’d love to say that we had this amazing, romantic week, it was NSale week so I basically worked around the clock. But still! Not having to get up and make anyone breakfast or find anyone’s shoes…it was a revelation. Having a tiny bit of space to exist, on my own, as my own person felt like a gift.

Know what else feels like a gift? Getting to work with the incredibly talented people that make up the behind-the-scenes-team here at TME. They are…ridiculously amazing. I seriously cannot get enough of their particular brand of ride-or-die, creative badassery, and we are sooooo much better for it. I mean…facing down 2AM (at least) three nights in a row with positive attitudes and energy and laughter is beyond my wildest dreams for this company. I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but we recently redid our Meet The Team page, so if you’re curious to see who the heck is making all of this happen, check it out.

As I mentioned, I’m typing this from the car (Nieve is being suuuuuper helpful as you can imagine), and I’d like to wrap this up before, uh, 2AM again. Looooong week. 🙂

What am I actually keeping from the NSale? Lots of things, frankly. But it takes me some time to really work through my fall uniforms, and this year I’m struggling more than usual. That said, there are four pieces I was like OKAAY WE HAVE A WINNER and immediately started wearing. Bizarrely, they’re all still in stock. I’m talking about these Rails jeans, these Vince pants, Topshop’s cord bomber, and these seriously cute Larroude sandals. Highly recommend.

Saks just came out to play. We’ve been hoping that other retailers would step up during the NSale, and Saks did not disappoint! In fact, I have a few fun NSale swaps: ONE – If you missed out on Veronica Beard’s Taylor Jeans (one of my favorite denim styles…ever), Saks has an epic light wash with a single, well-placed rip that I’m dying over. On sale. TWO – If your size is gone in those black, Veronica Beard Tie-Waist pants (that are so incredibly flattering), Saks has them on sale in either army green or the prettiest pale yellow (which would be amazing for summer). THREE – If you were disappointed by the handbags in the NSale (me, too), check out this tote with Clare V. vibes, this Altuzarra woven baguette, another woven Altuzarra in fall tones, and this seriously cool Ulla Johnson bag (all on sale).

Oh hey Net-a-Porter. It looks like Net-a-Porter is also have a giant designer sale right now – an extra 15% off already marked down pieces. This is one of those exciting/frustrating sales, however, because most pieces just have a size or two left, so filtering by size is probably key. That said, if you were hoping to score some really cool tops or sweaters in the NSale, these: ONEDoen’s Striped Alpaca-blend sweater (handknit in Peru, and they’re styling it to perfection with a denim skirt & cowboy boots), TWOAlex Mill’s Fair Isle Cardigan (I’d wear with light wash, distressed jeans), and THREEDoen’s Jane checkered blouse (the best update to a plaid shirt I’ve seen).

One more pair of jeans: Net-a-porter also has SLVRLAKE’s London jean on sale. This style has an almost cult-like following, and it’s because they’re unassuming and perfect. They’re 100% cotton, so have the look of a rigid jean, yet mine are super soft.

I do love an emerald green. I’ve been getting sick of Vuori’s pale, washed out colorways – as pretty as they are, unless it’s a shade of white, they don’t look good on my skin. Well. Vuori just dropped “grass”, which is a strange name for the truly gorgeous, dark, emerald green that it is. I just ordered the polo to wear with cut-offs, tan sandals, and a straw bag.

OMFG SAMBAS ARE IN STOCK. Literally stop everything and head over to Adidas, because Sambas have been restocked!! Even if you don’t want a pair, I promise your kid does. Ooo…it looks like Adidas has done a nice little refresh for us, too, because my Gazelle Bolds are also restocked in black, as well as – oh help – oxblood. SWOON. Aaaand finally: Yup – Gazelles are also fully in stock. What’s the differences? Sambas and Gazelles are low profile, but Sambas run more narrow. Gazelle Bolds are platform Gazelles, and the most cushioned of the three. All are great, and are basically the only sneakers I’ve been wearing.

Ok. The dog is demanding attention and Mike is demanding that I find the chips, so I’ve gotta run. Just, uh, four more hours to go!




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