Weekend 10.30


I’m running late to school pick-up, so I call Pax’s phone. He picks up. I hear chewing in the background.  

“Pax?” I say. “It’s Mum! I’m running late, but I’ll be there in 3 min!”

He’s still chewing, and I can hear him rustling around.

“Pax? Can you hear me?”

I hear his little, “hey-lo” so I launch back in. “Ok good…as I was saying, I’m running just a few minutes late, so go ahead and start playing, if you need something find one of the other mums, Ok? I think Linzi should be the—“

My phone cuts off with a BEEP.

Annoyed (and still walking) I call back. He answers, still chewing. “Pax, what are you eating? Did you hear what I said?”

More chewing. OMG. I make a mental note to go over phone etiquette with him. Clearly, these kids are only used to texting.

“Pax!” I say, trying to interrupt his chewing. “PAAAAX.” Finally, I hear him answer.

“Hey-lo,” he says.  

“Ok buddy, I’m running late but I’m ALMOST THERE. Go play.” I say, quickly.

I hear more chewing sounds (what is this kid even eating?) then a muffled “call me later”.

Excuse me? 

“Pax,” I say. “That is NOT how we hang up the phon—“

BEEP. The call ends.

Oh. OH.

I call back one more time to verify. This time, when he “answers” I say nothing. I hear (just like before) chewing sounds. This goes on for quite some time, and then I hear him say, “hey-lo,” followed by…more chewing. 

I wait, listening. He is still chewing. And chewing. And then — when I’m about to LOSE my MIND from what has turned out to be several minutes of chewing sounds — I hear his voice. 

“Call me later,” he says.  


Dammit. It’s his voicemail.

It’s been raining…and I’ve been wearing the heck out of that gorgeous Barbour raincoat I picked up at the Nordstrom Anni Sale. It’s so chic on, and I’ve been getting a ton of compliments. Happily, it’s fully stocked at Nordstrom Rack (exact green color and everything). Also available in plus sizes, too.

Fav jeans right now? AGOLDE Lana straight legs (on sale, too). More sizes available here.

Cuuuute. Small biz Social Threads is offering 20% off this weekend, and I have my eye on this entire outfit. Seems like a festive (but cool) go-to for most holiday functions. (Just add red lips.)

“Casual” is a nice way of putting it. Abby and I just filmed an Amazon Live on my Holiday Entertaining Essentials for the Casual Host. Mike and I entertain a ton (at least we did, pre-coronavirus), but our “style” is more last-minute spontaneous than Pinterest perfect. That said, there are a few products that make it easy to throw a party together. (But if you come over, you’re still gonna have to help.)

Dammit, Linzi. My Birkenstock mules just arrived. And now I want the fuzzier ones. Sigh.

Fav sunnies, new color. My beloved Le Spec sunglasses (that I’ve been wearing in black for years), just came out in tortoiseshell brown. Obviously, I bought them.

For the guys. While we were home visiting family this summer, I bought Mike this Kule jacket at a local boutique (oh hey Getz’s). It’s finally cold enough to wear, and it looks SO GOOD on (he can even layer over a sweater). Oooo…this jacket is also available in a lined version. Highly recommend either one.

What I’m wearing right now: Abercrombie’s classic sweatpants (aka the best classic sweats I’ve ever found), and matching turtleneck sweatshirt. If you’ve been a newsletter subscriber for a while, you may have seen this set featured (several months running) in our ‘this month’s most-worn item’ feature.

Just launched!!! Our Holiday Central is live, gang! It’ll be “officially” launched on Monday (I know most of you guys are busy with Halloween fun this weekend), but if you want an early look, I added it to our top navigation bar. Think: gift guides, holiday outfit ideas, and — yup — holiday sales info (including Black Friday).

Happy Halloween, everyone!!




  1. Shana, I was reading this while drinking my coffee this morning. My older son was up and asked why I was laughing so hard. I read it out loud to him and guess what? He started laughing too. And he smirked and said that at least Pax set up voicemail. My son is a senior in high school and has yet to do so. Thanks for the gift of laughter (and the heads up on the Kule jacket- going to look at one of them for my husband).

  2. Hey Shana, I’ve got an idea for a post. I have always loved monochromatic outfits so I was so excited to see they’re on trend this season. Do you have any ideas for keeping monochromatic outfits modern and fresh? Do you think there are any hard and fast “rules”? From what I can see you don’t have to have your colors exactly matching, just in the same family, and you should play with texture. Shoes are always a big question tho.
    I’m about to place a big order from Express to fill the monochromatic holes in my closet; I’ve found they have a wide selection of pieces in the same or similar colors, including lots of pants and coats in non neutral colors.
    Anyone else into this trend?

  3. I loved watching your Amazon entertaining tips- it gives me hope. Where can I find the products you highlighted? Under the video it says “shop” but there are only three items linked- peppermint candies, straws, and coffee pods. Is there another place to find links to the cutting boards, dishes, etc? Also, where do you store the big mama cutting board? 🙂

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