Weekend 5.14


Gang, I’ve been scattered this week. We were so incredibly busy, but I have very little to show for it – one of those weeks. It’s all dumb stuff – our car broke down, Raines sprained his ankle, Pax and I seemed to be late for everything, and we all have allergies now? IDK. And now that I take a breath, I realize that my sister’s birthday gift, ordered months ago in excitement, is in the corner of my room, unsent. Aaaaand today’s her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Scotti!!!

Now I’ve gotta run – Pax has a dance performance (he’s doing breakdancing, his favorite) and I’ve gotta feed the troupes. Troops? Hmmm…are we a circus or a squadron?

Yeah, I’m going with circus.

Just low enough. One of my favorite basic tanks for summer is Topshop’s U-shaped tank. It dips a little low in front, but that’s why I like it. 

Stunning. I have a post coming out soon, but this 100% cotton poplin dress by ALC is jaw-dropping. A close contender? Staud’s off-the-shoulder dress (also 100% cotton poplin). It’s the first off-the-shoulder dress I’ve tried that allows your arms full range of motion. Both are really special dresses, and a joy to wear.

Felt cute.  For Mother’s Day, I treated myself to this Beyond Yoga one-shoulder workout top, and gave it a test run at dance class on Friday.  While I was nervous about slippage, it actually held up much better than expected! So now I’m on a one-shoulder kick, and am currently eyeing up this Athleta bra.

Let’s traipse through Paris. A reader in the TME Insiders group asked if this Lunya silk slip dress could be worn as a dress for “traipsing through Paris”. Um. YES. That navy + black combo? Absofreakinglutely.

Shoes for traipsing. My favorite high heels for literally anything (like, if you were only to get ONE pair for summer), are heels that look similar to Weitzman’s Nudist sandals…but are much more comfortable. Naturalizer’s Violettes are the most similar to Naturalizer pair I own (from a few years ago), but I do appreciate that their Vera sandals have a wider range of skin tones and a walkable block heel.

With this necklace. This tiny, barely-there, Chan Luu necklace makes me swoon. A perfect summertime piece with silky dresses or white tank tops.

 In case you didn’t think the 90’s were back…GAP’s teen line hits it home with these jeans. Pretty sure Mike had that exact outfit back in the day.

I sense a try-on coming. Soooo….after browsing the women’s section, it looks like GAP’s latest thing is almost…elegant? I found beautiful neutrals, interesting design details, and pieces that I’d typically call impossibly chic. Specifically this double v tank top (in the most gorgeous shade of brown), white denim trousers with Hepburn vibes, a white-on-white set that could double as a swim cover-up (top, bottom), and – swoon – midi dresses. One with cool back cut-outs, and another with a one-shoulder silhouette that elevates the simple ribbed fabric.

The prettiest hiking backpack I’ve ever seen: Mountain 28L Pack by Topo designs. I like the white.

Instead of a pashmina...try a drapey silk tux jacket. I have one from Maje (bought eons ago), and it’s survived every closet clean-out because it looks good nonchalantly draped over a really fancy dress (and obvi works with jeans, too). A perfect topper when you just need a little something over your shoulders, or a bit of extra warmth.

Maybe I need a stencil. I was about to write about how Anastasia’s Brow Definer is much easier to use than her Brow Wiz pencil when I came across this kit: Anastasia’s Signature Brow Kit. It includes the Brow Wiz pencil, a gel, a powder (with brush) AND…stencils. It was the first review (with a photo!!) that did it for me. My brows never fully recovered from chemo (and, prolly, the late 90’s/early 00s) so I’m verrrrrry intrigued by this stenciling.

A camp chair for cuddles. Kelty’s Camping Loveseat is – finally – back in stock! It’s one of our favorites, and everyone always fights to sit in it. (If interested, I featured it in this old article.)

My next cookbook purchase: Weekday Vegetarians. The reviews are glowing, and this book sound exactly like the kind of practical, do-able recipes I need during the week.

What I’m cooking this week: For Mother’s Day, Mike and Pax picked out a ton of fancy little cakes from a local French bakery…and now all I want to eat is cake (I KNOW). Anyway, whatever, I think I’m going to try this vegan lemon cake to sate the beast. (Me. I’m the beast.)

Go see the blood moon. There’s a total lunar eclipse (where the moon will literally turn red) that starts Sunday night around 10:30PM. This article has all the deets.

Don’t worry, he’s friendly. Scientists were finally able to get a picture of the black hole residing in the center of our galaxy. These findings prop up Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and – hopefully – will give us a little more insight into the physics involved in black holes themselves. ps. That article I linked has sound, too. Because black holes make noise. WILD.

Have a good weekend!




  1. I’m sure I’m late to the trend, as we don’t go out much, but the restaurant we went to last night offered tiny desserts in a shot glass, only a bite or two. That’s all you need, right? That’s what I’m picturing Shana had for Mother’s Day, lots of tiny cakes. Yum!

  2. Shana, have you tried on the Buru blazer? I was *just* looking at it- in the black and the gold color. Wondering on sizing. I was wondering about wearability, but you just sold me that I will use it a lot.

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