Weekend 8.7


I came up with a tentative after-school schedule for the boys yesterday. This is notable only because school doesn’t start for a few more weeks, and my move is usually to wait until the last minute and then scramble. 

“Early August?? Look at you!” Linzi said. But I could hear the note of concern in her voice. Immediately, I’m annoyed. Both that she assumed the appearance of having my shit together was cause for concern AND that she was right.

Or maybe my grumpy voice tipped her off. I muttered something about the “stupid schedule” being “meaningless” while viscously thinking “shut it, Linzi.” A dark and mysterious woman I am not. 

It’s good to have friends who get you.  

Dutifully, Linzi coaxed out my feelings, using the tone of voice I recognized as her ‘soothing toddler’ voice. It dawns on me that I’ve heard her use this voice on her husband, too. I was — reluctantly — appeased.

I don’t actually know what my problem is. I can’t quit pinpoint it. But I have a list of very small, stupid complaints that seem ever smaller and more stupid against the backdrop of a COVID comeback, raging wildfires, and the random dude in Cleveland who just walked past me into Starbucks carrying a freaking gun

I mean…I know Ohio is an open-carry state but good grief. My pro-gun Colorado friends (another open-carry state) all swear that they are “very responsible gun owners,” and that it is “safer” for them to be armed (and for two of them named ‘Dave’, that might actually be true) but when it’s just some random dude on the street…I find the effect jarring. It feels threatening, to be honest.  You gonna get into an argument with some dude wearing a gun like a belt? Nope.  

Not that I go around arguing with strangers all day long, but there’s something about the complete shift of the public power dynamic that I don’t appreciate. Any random person visibly wearing a gun has something to prove. And people with something to prove…well. They’re usually dangerous. 

So yeah. It’s been a rough (and weird) week.

I did, however, find myself laughing out loud — in relief, perhaps, or solidarity — to Luvie Ajayi Jones’ article, “Hot Girl Summer? Nope. It’s Hot Covid Dystopia, an Y’all Still Won’t Mask Up.” I mean, this article shouldn’t be funny, not really, but it’s like she took some of the mess that has been swirling in my brain and articulated it in exactly the way I needed to hear it.

And Linz sent over this article about the COVID Delta variant and kids, without the usual hysteria. 

I’m not the only one feeling some kind of way. Many of our contributors, in this week’s Weekly Sales Report, mentioned that they, too, have been feeling off. (Laura doesn’t say that directly, but when all she wants to wear is loungewear, that’s a pretty sure sign.) On a happier note, I do love what our Weekly Sales Reports have evolved into. These little peeks into everyone’s lives and the sales picks are both great distractions.

Anyway, we’re currently en route to Michigan, heading to the U.P. to see my mom and sister. We all could use a few days of sitting by the lake. I suspect there will be cookies.

Doesn’t squeeze the stomach. Laura can keep her sweatpants, I’m currently into a little trend I like to call ‘shapeless dressing’. I just ordered this dress and am shocked/confused by how flattering it is (let’s be real, would prob keep it regardless, based on current mood) but just found this darkly floral number from small biz ShopBURU that is also speaking to me.

Think: the biggest-ever high pants. For an under $100 ‘shapeless dressing’ option, Everlane has a romper that is both hysterical and oddly satisfying to wear.

I’ll style them up…eventually. I’ve gotten multiple requests to style up those green Timberland boots from the NSale. I promise to do this once I get back from Michigan, when it’s not a million degrees outside and I can stomach hard pants again.

Love this on-going partnership. Family-owned Faherty brand (the ones behind my beloved sun hoodie) have been partnering with Doug Good Feather from the Standing Rock Lakota and Dakota Nation on a collaboration of goods. This partnership has enabled the Lakota Way Healing Center to purchase 100+ acres of land and to expand its healing mission. This beautiful, yellow, star blanket is one of the many pieces he’s designed and I’m obsessed.

Warning: everything is final sale. Sustainable brand NAADAM is having a huge end-of-summer sale. I recommend this striped cashmere sweater that looks juuust like my old La Ligne sweater (for reference, I’d order a size small), or this balloon-sleeve cardigan (which I styled up, here).

Madewell’s makin’ moves. Madewell just expanded its plus-size collection to include a wider range of sizes…AND launched a pre-loved section (in partnership with ThredUp) where you can buy gently worn Madewell jeans.

Challenge accepted. The Kitchn made a bold statement: this recipe is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe of all time. We will SEE.

Hope you guys had a good week…




  1. I always appreciate your links and insight regarding covid, etc. Thank you for making us feel like we’re not alone in being baffled (much less sad and mad) about all the things going on.

  2. Yes. All of this. You have completely identified my state of mind these days. It sucks. Sorry you’re feeling it, too. Hopefully, a visit with your sister and mom will help! Also, making the cookies Tuesday. Ordered the Naadam sweater just now. I’ll try anything to get out of this funk!

  3. Thank you for the article on Delta and children. As I am waiting for the health department to call and release my seven year old from isolation after contracting Covid from a vaccinated teacher at camp, I just don’t understand how people do not realize that the variants and mutations are going to continue and grew if we don’t get enough vaccinations out there. Thankfully she was asymptomatic, and my husband and I both tested negative (see, the vaccines protected us!), but I know how lucky we are, and we don’t know what the long term consequences will be.

  4. Thanks for sharing this article on delta and kids. Mine will be back in school after having been remote since March 2020. I know they need in-person school, badly, for social and emotional reasons, but every time I see another headline I fly into a second-guessing panic. Reading TME’s take on the whole thing has really helped me feel less alone over the last year. Thanks.

  5. I love your honesty and the “put yourself out there” way you have in your articles. Having read that so many of you felt off this past week it maybe me think twice about an article I read about the Lions Gate Portal (or 88 Portal) which culminated on August 8th. While I’m not normally into all the cosmic universe stuff, I found it interesting, but now even more interesting because of many of you feeling different lately. Google Lions Gate Portal, you may find it interesting as well! Xoxo

  6. That cookie recipe is very similar to the actual best chocolate chip cookie recipe from America’s Test Kitchen, but for the love of all things, DO brown the butter. Enjoy your last days of summer!!

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