Weekend 3.25


I often get a little sad this time of year. While I know it’s – technically – spring, the end of ski season always hits a little hard. I feel ridiculously lucky to have these winters in Vermont, and can’t say enough good things about the coaches at Green Mountain Academy. They are shaping my boys into these kind, hardworking, and fun-loving guys with the kind of resilience a parent dreams about. It’s a really special time for us.

Our season isn’t quite over, thankfully – Pax did get his invitation to Nationals. So we’re hopping on a plane, heading out to Copper for the big event. This year, he’s competing in, uh, everything – GS, Slalom, Bordercross, Slopestyle and Half-Pipe – so I will likely be an exhausted, stressed-out wreck by the end. Fun!

Our success rate getting out of the Burlington Airport hovers right around 50%, so we’re driving to Boston instead. Our plane leaves tomorrow morning and are we packed?



Summer vacation dresses. I’m a longtime fan of Faithful The Brand’s dresses – they were doing the Reformation thing before Reformation – and they’re perfect for summer travel. Now that they’re on sale at Saks, I’m seriously considering this one – it’s midi length, got a Grecian goddess vibe, but in a bright punch of color. True to form, it’s also 100% cotton. I’m also considering this black midi dress or this white one – both have strong Bridgerton vibes and might be just the thing when visiting really hot places.

Ooooo…beige. I love Birkenstocks, but it’s the “Arizona soft” style that gets me clicking add to cart. Happily, there’s a new color-way in town and its beige on beige with that extra soft cork footbed.

Best of Saks’ Sale. “Best of” might be too lofty a label, but there are two special pieces I wanted to mention (in addition to Faithful the Brand) that happen to be on sale: Rachel Comey’s 100% cotton Spina Dress is stunningly gorgeous (I just tried it on at Archery Close, in Stowe), and the print is designed in collaboration with the New York Review of Books. Second, there’s a decent selection of Lemlem pieces on sale (a Black-owned business we adore) and I’m currently debating between two black-and-white caftans: long or short?

PSA. It’s spring, so it’s time to remind you that my favorite 100% cotton sweater of all time is this Quince one. It’s under $40, and makes me as happy as those old J.Crew rollneck sweaters I’d wear over my seersucker string bikinis in high school.

Fun fact. Scotti, who is my little sister, once informed me (in 1994) that the string bikini mentioned above was “disgusting”. It was literally this one, guys. In seersucker, but otherwise looked exactly like that. She was 12, and clearly going through some sort of prude phase. #rollseyes

Better in plus. This denim top has really cool lines, but scroll down to see it on the plus-size model. WOW.

Lesson learned. It turns out that MARCH is the month to buy white jeans, and the two I’m keeping (from my try-on, here) are both on sale: GAP’s white distressed straight-leg jeans (tts), and rag&bone’s flares (runs big).

Make it a set. I keep wearing this adidas sweatshirt (almost sold out, but this one fits similar – plus sizes here), and now that there’s a 20% off full price item promo…I’m going to round out my sweatshirt with the matching wide-leg sweatpants (up to 2XL) and – heart beats fastthese sweat shorts (also up to 2XL). I have an old pair of Nike shorts that look similar…except the rise isn’t quite as high as I’d like. This adidas pair, however, looks PERFECT.

If I worked in an office…I’d layer this cropped, ladylike cardigan over black midi dresses to make them work-appropriate. (Or spoof the look with a slim, black tank and midi skirt.) Conversely, this piece could also be layered over a white tank and khaki trousers (like these).

If Marysia did t-shirt bras….My mother has this habit of pronouncing words SO PRECISELY that noT a single leTTer is misseD. Which is why I’ve never bought a Wacoal bra – her careful enunciation “WAH-coal” drives me nuts. But they just made a shockingly pretty t-shirt bra with Marysia swim vibes that makes me reconsider. (My mom swears by this brand, but ask about it at your own risk, haha. Love you, Mom.)

Speaking of Marysia…this bikini (top, bottom) is too cute. The SEASHELLS.

Or this. Not seashells, but Albion Fit’s ‘coquette’ swimsuit is also wildly adorable/sexy.

Nursing or Peri-menopause? This is your tank top. The button-front makes it perfect for nursing, and the sexy, swingy shape is easy (and comfortable) on soft stomaches in hot weather. Just wear with a pretty bra (nursing or no).

My spring outfit inspiration is ballet flats + slouchy chinos. Or ballet flats + baggy jeans. The idea is feminine shoes, oversized pants (which is actually very balletcore inspired – we’d all wear giant diaper-like things over our leotards and tights – it was a thing). Anyway, I have the shoes, I just need the pants. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…anyone find a good pair of khaki pants?? Do I just buy a classic pair from the GAP a size or two up? Hmmmm…maybe GAP’s parachute pants are what I’m looking for.

COLOR. My very favorite leggings, hands-down, are Vuori’s Everyday Leggings (the ones with the tie waist), and they just released some seriously pretty new colors for spring. Which brings me to my point: Basil or Beryl???

So cute for picnics. I picked up these to-go parfait containers for the boys’ lunches and they work really well (zero leaking). They’re going to be great for morning breakfasts on-the-go, too, and fun picnics (or even short hikes) this summer. Pretty and festive.

I Heart Libraries. I loved Lessons in Chemistry, so was thrilled to find Arlington Public Library’s suggested reading for similar books. I think Her Hidden Genius might be the one. (I also donated a small amount to the library as a thank-you. Donations can be made here, if you appreciate their booklist as much as I did.)




  1. Help! I’ve got nieces and nephews walking down the aisle this summer and I’m wondering how your mom dresses for weddings? I need style ideas for someone in the more mature mom/grandson/nana group. And I love seeing your mom with you and Scottie.

  2. I would recommend checking out Aritzia’s offerings for pants. I just ordered their supply pant and parachute pants to try as I also wanted to try cargo style too. They have short, regular and long length in most of their pants as well.

  3. First…congrats on the qualifier! Then….the Risen boyfriend Jean. The. Risen. Boyfriend. Jean. Best in show. (And this coming from a human who only wears dark or grey rinse no distressing jeans. Until…now.). And they seem to get better every time I put them on (although now they seem to come when I call them….) nice pick. Have a great day!

  4. Congrats, Pax!

    In case anyone is still looking at the comments – Perimenopause tank for the win. I got the rhubarb color. Size Down! I’m between sizes and the smaller size fits oversized as shown in the pic. I’m 5’9″ and long torso’d – the small is perfect, but hitting just below my belly button – for anyone taller to note.

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