Weekend 3.12


We were down in Philly last weekend, and then the boys and I flew back up to Vermont on our own. Mike had to stay back a bit longer for work. Flying alone with the boys felt a bit like déjà vu: it’s something I did allllll the time when they were little. Filled with nostalgia, I couldn’t help myself…I kept narrating the whole process.

“Pax, see these bins? I used to put one of these bins on the ground and put you right in it!” Or, “Raines, you would remove your shoes, put them on the security belt and then get in line with all of the businessmen and walk through by yourself as a toddler! I’d have to be all, ‘someone stop that kid’!!”

My stories barely register with either of them; they couldn’t care less. Instead, they were all, “whatever, Mom, we’re TSA PreCheck, right?”

Once on the plane, we were seated several rows apart. Pax is still so small that even standing up in my seat and twisting around, I couldn’t see him. So I tried shout-whispering: “Pax! PAX! Is your seatbelt fastened??? PAX!”

Raines, three rows behind me, looks up, grimacing. “MOM,” he says. “I know you haven’t flown in a while but trust me: Pax is fine. He knows to fasten his seatbelt. Sit. Down.”

I gape at him. “I know you haven’t flown in a while” — is he kidding me???? The audacity of the 14-year-old smirking at me makes me want to throw something at him.

Instead, I take some deep breathes. And sit.

There’s only one of us sitting in an upgraded seat, after all…and it isn’t that smirking 14-year-old.

Don’t be scared. These high-rise, bootcut jeans are keepers. I’ve already cut off the hems and everything.

High hopes. I’ve been searching for a really expensive-looking, light-colored pair of trousers for over a decade. I just ordered this pair from Everlane. WE WILL SEE.

Aaaand more pants. Since pants are all I’m taking about today, I’ll continue with Good American’s new cargo pants, which I just ordered. Anything that looks cute with white sneaks is going to be alright with me.

In case you want something pretty to look at…Farm Rio does NOT disappoint. Specifically this ‘spring bananas’ top and this sweet, button-front dress in a pattern that looks like a breath of fresh air.

Instead of Golden Goose…try these Marni X Veja high tops. Swoon. (Actually…should I do a post on all of the sneakers I’d buy instead of Golden Goose?)

For example: I’m kind of obsessed with the new Vans (in two-tone b/w). Throwing Air Jordan vibes, but with a slight skater sensibility (and a fraction of the cost).

Soft and pretty. After trying a sample, I just bought a full-size version of Tarte’s Sea Surfer Curl Volumizing Mascara. It seems clumpy, but goes on really well and makes my lashes look a zillion miles long…but still soft. I’d describe it as a “natural” finish except my lashes are, like, twice the length. And it comes off easily when I wash my face. It’s not waterproof (so I’ll have to find something different for the summer) but for now…it’s really good. Also at Amazon.

OH CRAP. St. Patrick’s Day is Thursday. If you care, green beanie (and ooo, matching sweater).Or…this green scuba half-zip from lululemon reminds me of my La Ligne sweater, otherwise, for a total steal, try Gap’s oversized green hoodie. Lastly…this nail polish in ‘take controller’. LOVE.

Our Amazon storefront! We just launched The Mom Edit Amazon storefront, and it’s filled with curated collections of everything spring: Spring dresses, pjs, sneakers, bags, as well as swimwear (both over and under $50) and some spring break essentials. Check it out.

Are you the defendant? I’m obsessed with @theluncheonlawyer’s account on TikTok, so I was thrilled to see that ABC News included her in an article about the racist stereotypes black lawyers face. A good read.

St. Patrick’s, but make it vegan. I’m planning to pop this Irish White Bean and Cabbage Stew into the Crockpot, and then make either vegan soda bread, or some sort of vegan potato salad. This recipe for smashed potatoes with kale sounds good, but I’m such a vinegar-loving girl that this classic, no-mayo potato salad (with pickles, obvi) might be what I end up doing.

Please help. Julieta’s recent piece on the humanitarian crisis behind Encanto is a really important read. Please consider sharing the story and donating, if you can.

Enjoy your weekend…




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