Weekend 9.9


I feel as though I have waited my whole life for this day. Today, when he woke up, Raines asked to go shopping. With me.

Longtime readers may recall that Raines, my oldest, was also the kid who would roll around on the floor crying whenever it was time to try on pants. Or heck – even wear pants. Which was always mystifying because Raines is typically so chill (and has almost unlimited patience with his, uh, fiesty younger brother), but the Wearing of Pants was one bridge too far: BOOM.

So you can imagine my excitement.

This wasn’t necessarily our first shopping trip – if ever we were in a store together, I’d nonchalantly suggest things (in a quiet voice, v. understated, no showing of excitement) and then walk away, trying to play it as cool as a mom with zero chill can possibly play it – but this was the first time he asked to go.

Our destination? This “cool store” he and his friends just discovered. I mean, apparently they prefer thrifting (he’s suddenly this person who shops with friends???) but there is one store he’s been intrigued by, and have I heard of it??

The store? Urban Outfitters.

Of course it is.

ps. We went, and the men’s section had nothing but oversized cargo pants, Weezer-esque striped tees, and was playing 90’s music so yeah: it was a good day, even though we got caught in the rain on the way home.

The easiest fall outfit swap. I was inspired by the cool girls in Biarritz to pull out my tailored wool shorts. Mine are old Alice + Olivia (maybe these?) but this pair from Susana Monaco would work, too. I’m amazed by how they instantly make my summer tees & tanks feel more fall appropriate, despite the hot temps – such a good styling trick. SPANX has a pair that’s exactly the vibe, or try Good American for a trouser-like fit (Nordstrom carries these shorts in plus sizes, too).

Best thing on sale at Nordstrom? This cute top for hot fall days. It’s linen, but more top than t-shirt, and would look amazing with high-rise anything (skirts, shorts, denim, trousers). Would also be cute layered over a slipdress, and the color is perfect for fall.

One more. Another cute top for hot fall days? This floral one from Free People It’s 100% cotton, and the floral print is actually a moody black & white so it’ll work long into fall. Love these easy cotton tops for when you need a break from t-shirts.

Beaut boots. I finally pulled the trigger on Reformation’s classic moto boots and GOOD GRIEF they are GORGEOUS. Like…I’m swooning. Really comfortable, walkable and badass (and climate neutral certified, too). How am I wearing them? No clue. But I vow to FIGURE IT OUT.

Someone needs to buy me this t-shirt. *cough*Mike*cough* It me.

Plus size!!! OMG this DRESS is what dreams are made of. In “blur”. It’s stunning.

Teens? Raines’ top pick at Urban was these pants. He’s right in between a S/M, and ended up with the M. The L was wayyyy too big (the M still looks oversized & baggy, just how he wanted it).

The best pre-owned selection…did you guys know Saks OFF has pre-owned clothing & accessories?? In addition to some designer stuff (Vuitton duffle, anyone? Gucci belt bag?), it looks like they’ve partnered with Rent The Runway and it’s SO GOOD. They have the usual special occasion dresses (like this velvet sequin mini for under $50), but they’ve also got some really practical everyday stuff, too, like this 100% silk dress or another all-silk top, both of which could be worn to work.

Oh haayyyyy. Since I was there, I did a little perusing around, and Saks OFF currently has my favorite plaid coat stocked. It’s BA&SH, a cocoon shape (which means that it fits over ALL the bulky sweaters) and I highly, highly recommend it.

Know Jungalow? Black-owned business Jungalow has a collab out with Target, but their own, in-house collection makes my heart beat fast. The throw pillows alone are incredible, and this wallpaper makes me want to re-do a room somewhere. I also love the idea of using this planter to hold wooden spoons, etc.

Reporting back in: I did get those GAP cargo sweatpants (in gray) in and whoa: Amy was right – they’re fantastic. I also ordered basically every possible GAP sweatshirt and this hoodie (in gray) not only matches perfectly, but it’s so freaking cute in a 90’s vintage kind of way. The fabric (on both pieces) is fleece, but only medium weight and is suuuuper soft & drapey. Also!! If you are someone who has trouble wearing gray [S raises hand] this particular gray is really pretty on. It’s more….yellowish?? IDK. But it’s working for me.

More of a ‘tits up’ girl myself. I don’t know what the heck we’ve been looking at on IG, but everyone on the team started getting Saks ads for – and I cannot make this stuff up – this “Butts Up” box.

This face serum, tho. I’ve slowly been switching to all Ursa Major products, and this face serum is basically magic. It’s lighter weight than the moisturizer (which I used all winter), so I’ve been using it alone during these hot sweaty days and…wow. It’s all I need. It makes my skin glowy and perfect. Wild.

Weeknight cooking. I’m going to try making this vegan pasta. It doesn’t require the oven, has plenty of veggies, and her suggestion of adding pickled jalepenos is great. I trust all of her “cheesy” vegan sauces, too – they’ve all been delicious.

Happy weekend!




  1. Omg a FB friend that I teach with posted the butts up box which showed up in her feed – there def some sort of butts up campaign going on rn!! 😄😅

  2. Just bought the same moto boots from reformation and need help with styling… so far can only think of skirts and dresses of various lengths…

  3. Belatedly and speaking of shopping with/for boys – I remember some years ago there being dressy pants that your boys would tolerate that were reasonably comfortable. Mine has hit the age of ‘needs dressy pants maybe 5x/yr’ but he bristles at the idea of actual suit pants or khakis. Do these magical unicorn pants still exist?

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