Weekend 1.21


Pax, I could tell, was dragging. He hauled his snowboard over to the car, and instead of handing it to me (as I’m precariously balancing on the backseat, trying to reach the clamshell storage thingy on the top of our car), he drops to the ground. He and the snowboard are both lying in the parking lot.

Thankfully, Raines is around, and since he’s basically man-sized and strong, he completely takes over The Loading of All The Ski Things. I help Pax up, cooing at him in that soothing way he likes (to keep him from detonating), and bundle him into the car.

As we’re driving home, I’m asking how practice went, and Pax is moaning his responses, slumped over in his seat. “Pax, remember when I told you that you needed to start getting into shape before ski season? This is exactly why….”

Pax shrugs in response, unconcerned. Then, with the complete and total confidence of a 12 year old, he remarks, “It’s OK, Mom. I’ll be in shape tomorrow.”

Gahhhh. He’s prob right.

Best time to buy a statement coat? Now. Designer winter coats (more fabulous than practical) often go on sale in late January — just in time for a mid-winter pick-me-up. I’m actually working on a huge round-up right now, but I just picked up this one by BA&SH and LOVE it. The cocoon shape fits over everything, even bulky sweaters. This Isabel Marant Etoile is the other statement coat that arrived and I’m still debating (cocoon also, but reallllly long on me), or this cool Maje coat is calling my name. If it wasn’t so darn cold up here I’d consider this vintage-looking one. Would be so cute with jeans & a turtleneck. (Oh! Also in black/white.)

Hunting for unique denim. I’ve been wearing the heck out of my patch-pocket Mother jeans up here. I think because it is the easiest way to make the only “real” outfit I wear in winter more interesting. (And by “real outfit” I mean jeans-and-a-sweater.) So I’ve been eyeing up workwear-inspired jeans like Etica’s cargo jeans or AMO’s welder jeans. Both pairs are v. cool.

This wash, tho. Every once in a while someone comes out with a pair of jeans that nails that perfectly broken-in, faded-blue-jean wash. These flares from rag&bone do exactly that. I suspect they’ll sell out fast. (Ordered.)

I get hot now. When we go out, I always layer a silk tank under a sweater (my latest: this tank, this sweater) but I’m getting a little sick of this uniform. I used to layer silk tanks over turtlenecks just to change things up, but I’m finding few things are worse than a hot flash in a turtleneck. Sooo…I’m going to try layering my silk tank over this mesh layering top (or maybe this one).

Splurge v. Save. I’ve been drooling over this Chloe collab with Moonboots ($700, yikes)…or Inuikii boots, which are similar, but still $400 a pop. Anyway, I was doing an UGG boot deep dive (spoiler: nothing is yet restocked) when I came across these Koolaburra Michon Minis which look juuuuust like the Inuikii boots but are only…drumroll, please….$65.

But what about those UGGs, S? Well…the classic mini platforms are not restocked, but this version with braid-detail is actually pretty cool…or check out these ‘maxi toggle’ UGGs. I love the protective (and removable) guard.

Random Spring Break find: This ALC linen romper. On sale for under $100, and reallllly cute on. I’ll throw something up on IG soon.

Foolproof. I’ve been looking for an everyday smokey eye palette, but in shimmery shades. I know, I know, but hear me out: shimmery eye shadow blends sooooo much easier (and faster) than the matte stuff, even if it can be too much for day time. Enter Tom Ford’s ‘nude dip’. It takes me only seconds for an effortlessly subtle look and just a few more for an intense one. It’s great.

Thermos, but make it a bowl. We’ve been packing hot lunches in this exact Thermos for years now (I have one for each of us), but I’ve been trying to find something that will perform just as well…yet feels more like eating from a bowl. These S’Well stainless steel insulated bowls are pretty big, but they do keep up nicely with the boys’ growing appetites, and Pax reported that his soup was still “boiling hot”.

Ski Trip Packing List. In our latest YouTube video, I talk – in detail – about the minimum set of stuff to pack on a ski trip. (And yup: the ‘minimum set’ still includes cute apres-ski looks.) I also identify a few pieces to throw into your suitcase if you need to extend the trip past a few days (or just want some additional options). It’s basically the culmination of everything I’ve learned in the last decade as a ski mom.

What we’re listening to right now. Mike discovered Noah Kahan’s Stick Season on one of Spotify’s New Music Fridays, and he’s hooked. He had it playing on repeat during our 12-hour surprise drive home during the holidays (canceled flights, long story) and anyway, now we’re all fans.

Hey Philly! If any of you guys are local, we’re actually headed home next week for a fundraiser. One of our dear friends was diagnosed with ALS during the pandemic, and so we’re throwing a big bash at the — get this — Concourse Dance Bar. Yup, the one with the ball pit. If you are free next Saturday (Jan 28th), from 6-10 PM, I’d love to see you there. Tickets can be purchased here (and drinks are included!!).

Happy weekend…



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