Weekend 9.10


“Mom, guess what?” Pax asked. He was supposed to be getting ready for bed, so this is often when he gets the most chatty. I was only half-listening. “Hmm?”

“I doubled my money! Well…at least for the solar company. Biden signed some climate thing and BAM! Solar is on the rise! I can’t believe how much it’s worth!”

It is almost 10PM, and I am wayyyy too tired for this conversation. Pax figured out, some months ago, that his Greenlight card had some sort of investment feature, and he carefully invested $20 of his own money. For a while, he was checking his “investments” every night, then eventually (thankfully?) stopped the nightly play-by-play.

“But I had to ditch Facebook,” Pax continued, furious. “I was hoping Oculus would come through – I mean who doesn’t love Oculus??? But no – I lost almost HALF!!! ALMOST. HALF.” His giant eyes are wide, an earnest expression on his face. “Poof! Half of my money….GONE!! Can you believe it???”

I can believe it. To be clear, he lost $3.

Maybe I’ll “gift” him that mason jar filled with pennies that, in my last clean-out-the-house-induced-rage, I’ve seriously considered just throwing away. There’s probably, like, $3.75 in there. He’ll be thrilled.

Oversized & covers bum. I just picked up this Free People sweatshirt (in “cloud burst” blue, of all things), and it’s GORGEOUS. I’m bananas excited about this piece. I’ve been wearing it with my usual cut-offs and this exact pair of On running shoes (soooo pretty), but it’s great to throw on over leggings, too. It’s a little sporty but decidedly un-precious, and seriously fun in the blue. Also comes in two reallllly chic neutrals.

Birkenstock Boston clogs, shearling-lined, ‘stone’. I finally snagged a pair, after weathering through a few sell-outs, and they’re amazing. I’m in love. If you’ve also been stalking this exact shoe (in ‘stone,’ my top pick), there’s still a few pairs left at Anthropologie, Zappos, LL Bean, and Backcountry (narrow only). Nordstrom has a ton of colors, but the ‘stone’ is sold out. Overall, the shearling-lined version runs a little small, but does stretch with use. That said, if you want to wear socks with them, maybe size up.

I hit checkout. My shopping cart at GOOP contained this LBD with mod, 60’s vibes, and, on impulse, I added this…um….special little device. 😉

Still wearing backpacks: Rag & Bone’s commuter backpack is really well-made (reminds me of my TUMI backpacks), and the faux-leather details are a seriously luxe touch. I especially appreciate how soft the straps are – I can wear it now with tank tops and the straps don’t irritate my skin. The black/brown combo is both versatile and chic, and the laptop compartment fits my larger MacBook Pro (it’s tight, but does fit). Highly recommend.

Damn pants, finally on sale. My slouchy FRAME cargo pants are FINALLY marked down. You can see them in action here, and the 5 ways I’ve been wearing them, here. Full disclosure: while I LOVE how they look with sneakers and sweaters (perfect for fall)…I haven’t loved them with boots. They *might* be too lightweight for winter outfits.

Cute outfit inspo. I was browsing Dick’s website – Raines doesn’t have to wear a school uniform for the first time ever, and between that and growing, he constantly need need clothes – and came across this page of outfit ideas for women. If you spend most of your days in, uh, sweatpants/leggings/etc. there are some seriously cute ideas here. For example, I had never heard of DSG (Dick’s internal label), but they paired this white set with checkered Vans and, well, that’s me.

Pax’s fanny pack. Whenever I post a photo of Pax, he’s almost always wearing his Cotopaxi across his chest, and we get a ton of questions. It’s really cute. Even better, each bag is 1-of-a-kind, since they’re all made with leftover fabric scraps. Anyway, they’ve been sold out for a while, but I did recently find them back in stock at Amazon. If you prefer something a little bigger or a *little* less colorful, Raines’ version has finally been restocked at Backcountry.

That striped turtleneck. GAP just restocked that oversized, striped turtleneck everyone’s going wild for. Which do you like better: navy with white stripes, or off-white with black? I think I’m leaning navy.

Moisture, extended. I’ve been mixing in The Necessaire’s Body Serum into my usual body lotion, and it’s a dramatic improvement. Not only does it reduce the amount of lotion I need, but it’s wildly moisturizing, and is definitely extending my summer tan. Highly recommend.

Recipe I’m trying this week: Jessica in the Kitchen has a recipe for Vegan Enchiladasin a slow cooker. I’m wildly intrigued. Sports for both boys will be in full swing next week, and a recent Twitter post joked that sports parents can have dinner at 3:30PM or 9PM – there is no in between – and I feel this DEEPLY. Slow cooker to the rescue. Wish us luck.

I wonder…is there an easy way (or place) to share meal plan ideas? Would that even be helpful? Hmmm.

Hope you have a snuggle-filled weekend, Gang.



  1. Yes to meal plan ideas! We’ve almost just accepted that dinner is either just my husband and I throwing (ahem, defrosting) something in the microwave or waiting until 7pm if we’re lucky and our own Pax comes home from football. Would love some help/inspo

  2. If anyone is curious, the Gap sweater is navy and cream in both styles – I also thought the cream was black stripe but it’s navy. Still keeping though 🙂

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