Weekend 10.8


We went to Terror Behind the Walls the other day. Well…it used to be called that, but they recently rebranded to Halloween Nights. What was formerly known as Terror Behind the Walls is a haunted house experience at the old Eastern State Penitentiary, widely regarded as one of the scariest haunted houses in the country. Which, is not my thing.

Like at all.

But Pax’s friends were going with some of our friends, and while Pax definitely did NOT want to go, he DID want to hang with his friends. Oh, the dilemma. The poor kid was so torn. We did some googling to figure out how scary it actually was (read: not quite as bad, but still…very), and then developed some sort of strategy where he could get through it by walking backwards, his face buried in his Dad’s chest, while Mike had his arms around him. We even practiced walking around the living room like this a few times.

It was doable. Not great, but doable.

I also bought myself a ticket. The theory was that I’d wait outside the haunted houses (there’s five different experiences to choose from), in the centrally located festival area, having some hot cider and a lovely night, and then if any of the kiddos got too scared, they could hang with me until the group was done with all five scary experiences. A solid plan, right?


We walked up to the entrance — literally not even in yet — when a giant man, covered in blood, chased us down the block with a machete. And while one could argue that he’d only chase us if we ran, you’d be 100% correct, but also: Have you ever been chased by a machete-wielding zombie?

Thought so.

It turns out that the problem with Halloween Nights is that the scary zombie creatures weren’t always around…but they weren’t never around, either. And the combination of suspense and pure terror is a potent one. The thought of waiting around — by myself — didn’t look nearly as comfortable as I had envisioned, so when my friend D started dragging me into the first haunted house and laughing manically, it was probably for the best. Mike has this hysterical video of us — me leaning way back, attempting to get away from her death grip and chanting, “I do not like this, I do not like this, I DO NOT LIKE THIS” while D, all terrified, high-pitched giggling, frog-marches me forward.

Of course Mike just casually strode in behind us, completely unaffected and annoying.

But Pax and the kids ended up being fine. As terrified as we all were, these things — as I now know — tend to get easier, and the whole night was shockingly fun. As as someone who refuses to watch horror movies of any kind (and gets legit angry if anyone tries to jump out and scare me), I can’t believe I’m saying this…but I loved it. And definitely want to go back next year.

I did feel gratified, however, that in the last haunted house (by far the scariest one), our buddy, who brazenly opted-in to wearing a glow necklace (handed out to anyone willing to be grabbed by the actors, and/or separated from their group), ripped his necklace off halfway through. Ha! He’ll never live that one down. 🙂

Raines is going for the first time tonight, with a few of his buddies. He’s low-key dreading it and excited, which…sounds about right.

Ugh. We’re turning into those “fun to be scared” people. Weirdos.

Ahhhhhh….THESE JEANS. Swoon. (Oh hey – Julieta agrees – she did a reel, here.)

Yowie’s at Nordstrom!!!!! Philly cool-girl Shannon Maldonado, the founder and creative director of one of Philadelphia’s coolest boutiques, Yowie, has a pop-in shop at Nordstrom! I couldn’t be more thrilled. Find all of Shannon’s Nordstrom gift picks here, and her Yowie merch here. (I just ordered the hat.)

Everyone likes gray New Balance now. As it turns out, I’m no exception. But those 550v9s are really expensive and…I’m not totally sold. But I did order these platform New Balance (in gray) and am wild about them. SO GOOD.

Oh hey UO…I could only find those platform New Balance at Urban Outfitters (above), so while you’re there, be sure to also check out this cool knit clutch from Binge Knitting (upcycled, female artisans, based in Mexico) and this North Face backpack in taupe. Looks great with the gray sneaks.

Like Chanel. I do love a fancy jacket, as a way of making jeans-and-a-cute-top more interesting, and this Ramy Brook jacket (on sale), reminds me of a Chanel jacket, but a little more badass. Another night-out move? Try a satin jacket (seriously so sexy and unexpected) or even a leather blazer. This one is perfection.

I only wear white t-shirts. I’m trying to branch out, but…I’m having trouble finding a cute, everyday shirt to replace my ubiquitous white tee. (Or, frankly, a black tank. I’m always in one or the other.) Anyone have any ideas? When I google ‘fancy tee’ I find stuff like this one (haha yes but absolutely not) or this one (electrocuted?) and then, finally, this one. Which is actually pretty cool, but pricey. So instead I ordered this J.Crew rugby shirt in green because I don’t even know anymore.

If anyone cares…this is my favorite white tee, my fave black cami, and my fave black silk tank (or this more affordable version – but warning: it’s only 90% silk). All fit TTS.

I mean, I do wear sweaters, tho. And this 100% cotton one is one of the best I’ve found: drapey, luxe, and under $50. I have the ivory and it fits like the model’s. (Also, it’s less pure white and more true ivory in person.)

Teenagers are the worst, part 238: I came downstairs in a matching Adidas set (hoodie, sweatpants), and Raines was all, “Wow, Mom, I usually hate all your matching sweatpants, but that one is actually cool.” Uhhhhhh…what? Anyway, it looks better in person than on the model, so I’ll try to throw something up on our IG (@themomedit) soon.

Thank you!!! We’re kiiiiinda blown away by the response to our new downloadable style guides! They’re a ton of work, so we love that you guys are enjoying them. We’re currently working on coats, and, I think, a reader suggestion or two — they’re MUCH appreciated. 🙂

Hiiiiiigh. Biden pardoned the possession of marijuana, but what does that mean, exactly? Well…my go-to source, The Luncheon Lawyer, breaks it down perfectly.

What many divorced moms have learned: According to this op-ed in the NYT, the 50/50 custody split (and associated parenting tasks) make many divorced women’s lives…easier. And while the author certainly isn’t encouraging all overworked mothers to run out and get divorced…it is a pretty interesting perspective.

Iran. I’ve been feeling so helpless, watching from half a world away, as brave Iranian women take to the streets to protest the brutal murder of Mahsa Amini at the hands of the so-called, “morality police”. I’ve appreciate the breakdown and simple steps on how we can help by @elicalebon (watch her latest reels), sign this petition, and donate here.

Happy weekend, everyone.




  1. I have been thinking about this post since I read it several days ago. I get the “fun to be scared” part of the story but I also find the description of being frog-marched while explicitly saying you did not want to do something counter to many of your posts about consent and raising sons (and daughters) to respect theirs and others decisions to be safe and not pushed/bullied/coerced. I know this is not the “oh my this sounds fun” supportive comment but one of the reasons I continue to read the Mom Edit is because of your honest and thoughtful approach (at least as shared on the blog) to raising pre-teen/teenage boys.

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