Happy New Year! 12.31


Things have been going missing in our home.

(As in Amy’s home — Hi! It’s my first time stepping in for this beloved weekend post, and I could not be more honored to do so). 

The first things to disappear were a handful of my most-used makeup products.


Then the head of a rubber chicken that is equal parts a toy for my toddler and my husband, and a staple to my kid’s evening bathtime routine.

Bummer for everyone.

And then, something actually quite important: a CF card for my professional camera that was holding two photoshoots for upcoming blog posts of mine. Posts I had due the very next day after I realized it was missing.

Trying not to panic (which, let’s be real, I totally failed at) my husband worked his charm and positive attitude and lifted my spirits enough to get us organized and outside to re-shoot. Ugh. But we made it happen.

A week or so went by and I couldn’t help but wonder where these items had gone. I flipped our home nearly upside down looking for them, which wasn’t hard to do as we’re in a cute, but very tiny, two-bedroom rental. Nothing, nada. No chicken head in sight — just his gangly body sitting all alone in the bath toy bin.

It wasn’t until I was cleaning and restocking the bathrooms two days ago when I made the discovery. 

In the hallway storage closet…

…Inside of the new pack of toilet paper still in plastic wrap…

Pushed down deep into the middle of a toilet paper roll that was in the middle of the 8-pack stack…

A toy chicken head, and my CF card. 

Part gasping, part laughing, I carried the items over to my two-year-old. When I asked if he hid these in the toilet paper, the most gleeful, melodic “YESSSSS!” resounded from him, accompanied by leaps on his tip toes. It was as if I had finally just won the game (that I didn’t know we were playing).

As for the makeup? Well, that was found in the very bottom of my shoe bin where our cats like to sleep. I’m finding this new toddler stage incredibly entertaining.

From all of us here at TME, Happy New Year! Whether you’ve been a loyal reader from day one or have been hanging with us only recently, we couldn’t be more thankful for you, your kindness, your feedback, your support, and everything in between. Cheers to you, and 2023!

In case you’re wondering… this is the silly chicken toy my guys both find hysterical. It squeaks. Loudly.

Deep cleaning is my specialty. If you, like me, find true joy in cleaning — or just want good products that work in the new year (does anyone else associate the new year with cleaning?!), I swear by this spot cleaner for carpets, furniture, even clothes; this powder or these soap sheets for laundry, and this sponge for all scrubbing needs.

The best basic tee (according to me). I worked hard on finding wardrobe staples, or classics if you will, for the better part of 2022. The pieces I never find exciting to buy, but am always looking for when putting together an outfit. As for tees, my favorite are these that can be scooped up at Nordstrom. They are the stretchiest, softest tees I have found, with a collar perfectly sized to peek out of sweaters. My true size (medium) is naturally loose, and I wear them multiple times a week (they wash up beautifully, too).

Game-changing leggings? We’re at the beach at least 3x a week, but it’s too chilly for swimsuits at the moment. I’m usually in these leggings from Free People, as I discovered the looser-than-average bottom hem makes it shockingly easy to roll each pant leg up, like way up, so I can wade in the ocean.

Multi award-winning. Been trying to incorporate more clean beauty in my routine (not always easy, I haven’t found a blush as good as this one yet), and recently discovered this SPF skin tint by Saie that I ADORE (can buy directly from their website, too).

For the guy who appreciates cozy. My man’s favorite Christmas gift was a pair of these slippers I grabbed last minute after he briefly mentioned wanting “a cozy house shoe” (more sizes here). I half expected them to be returned, but he was thrilled. And because of the rubber bottom, he even wore them to grab juice this morning, ha! I read reviews and ordered one size up — highly recommend doing the same.

Zzzz. We haven’t loved our bedding in…a super-long time. But this Parachute quilt is finally making us excited to go to bed again. Completely worth it to sign up for the restocks!

New year, same me. My fave clothing pieces from 2022 that I am happily wearing on repeat into the new year are my prized possession stretchy flares from Athleta (I get asked about them nearly every time I wear them), the jacket I’m sure you’ve all seen me in a thousand times (someone needs to stop me from grabbing that new Peaches color), my fave straight-leg jeans, and this bra that skyrocketed to the top of my list (even though it’s technically…a lululemon sports bra).

Except… I’m actually that person who is obsessed with ‘New Year’s resolutions’ (they’re essentially just goals for me, and that’s what my brain craves). I want to step out of my comfort zone more often with fashion, as that recently helped me find these jeans I’m now in love with. Can I make comfort dresses a thing?

RUN. The wildly in demand Birkenstock Boston clogs are *slowly* showing up in stock in various places/styles. Zappos has the shearling version stocked in what is arguably the most popular color and the big buckle version that sold out immediately last year is back in a few sizes.


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