Weekend 7.29


My boys were really proud of me yesterday. It really wasn’t a big deal, but we – just for fun – crossed a river to get back to the car instead of walking all the way down, over the bridge.

They were so impressed it was…embarrassing.

I’ve always thought of myself as a fairly adventurous, fun-loving kind of Mom. Good grief, I even went paragliding in Turkey last summer! But I swear my boys were shocked – shocked!! – when I suggested crossing the river instead of walking around.

Like most of my “good” ideas, it was a little more than we bargained for (I didn’t know it would be almost up to my neck until I was in it, holding my fanny pack aloft), but we did find out that the dog could swim (yay!), that Raines is our fearless leader (Pax issued directives and made noise from the rear), and that there’s nothing quite so bonding as plans gone awry.

I’m making mental notes to shake things up a little more.

PSA: UGGs are back in stock. I wore a really old (like, ancient) pair of UGGs all winter because I waited too long to grab myself a new pair, and they’ve been basically sold out since November. (Unless, of course, you were willing to wear either hot pink or purple. I am not.) Anyway, I promised to let you guys know when they were back and YES. Here we go: UGG Classic minis (the old pair I have), and UGG Ultra Minis are both back in stock (in chestnut) at Nordstrom. If you were hoping for the ‘burnt cedar’ color, I actually like the NSale UGG minis that combines burnt cedar & black, otherwise Anthro has the ultra mini version. Lastly, Anthro has both the platform UGG ultra minis, AND the platform classic UGG minis in stock (I just ordered the gray).

And now, the latest NSale news…gahhh I hate that this little gem is coming so late to the party, but these Vince pants, gang. They’re work trousers, but have an elastic waist. The fabric is a linen blend which ends up being thick enough to drape properly but light enough to be seriously comfortable – zero itchiness, too. Not only are they perfect work pants, but if you’ve been looking to jump on the trousers-and-sneakers trend, they’re perfect. There are currently two glowing reviews, so I know I’m not alone here. Lastly, this Free People top. It looks super fancy (I have it in black), but it’s a freaking thermal waffle-knit tee. Good grief I love it so much. Up on IG, if you’d like to see.

Outfit Inspo for the week: This seriously cool patched denim + strappy sandals ‘fit. To re-create, I’d add Jenni Kayne’s strappy sandals, and this rag&bone tee in ‘melon’ (on sale, too).

Same thing, but make it more affordable: these jeans (I have and love them), these sandals, and this tank (in ‘crisp pink’).

Plus size pick: Farm Rio did a collaboration with Adidas…and this matching hoodie & track pants are jaw-droppingly cute. Gahhh.

It’s $15, guys. Am I crazy, or is this woven bag seriously cute? I don’t know how I came across it (Amazon, so), but it’s my very favorite bag shape (small, cute, holds a ton), and is made from a knit that reminds me of summer bags…yet would likely still work in the fall. I love the khaki stripe.

If Lulu has pissed you off, too, try these. I had bought some of Lululemon’s align leggings during their after-Christmas sale last year, and just donated all of them. I don’t know what happened, but they didn’t fit properly (even though I ordered my usual size), and, even worse, the waistband would roll down with literally any movement. It could be me, but I swear something has changed. Anyway, on a hot tip from a friend, I tried Nobull’s leggings and they’re REALLY good. They actually remind me of Lulu’s align leggings, but back in the good old days. Nobull’s are not *quite* as high, but they completely stayed up, so I didn’t mind. (They also come in a 28″ length, too.)

If you had wanted that rag&bone denim skirt….try GAP’s. It’s suuuuuper similar.

Calling all Fjallraven fans: Did you know that you can buy a water bottle holder/pouch that slips in to that (basically useless) pocket on the side of the backpacks? I love this idea – makes that side pocket much more functional, and a contrasting color would be really cute, too.

Shop small. I just picked up a belt bag made from recycled ski gear and LOVE it. Sustainably made in Vermont by Birdie Blue. It’s the perfect size and – the best part – has multiple pockets both inside & out.

For Pax. While my youngest has a wild imagination, he has often gotten really frustrated with art – specifically when the things he draws look nothing like real life. And yes, we’ve read the book “Ish,” and yes we focus on the process of creation (rather than a finished product) but Pax likes what he likes and he wants his labors to result in something that looks real. So the next time he’s bored, I’m going to offer up one of these seriously cool paint-by-numbers (on canvas!!) kits from Black-owned Pink Picasso. I think he’d really be into either ‘West Coast Best Coast’ or ‘Keep Growing’.

Like pickleball, but easier. We do love playing pickleball, but it’s sometimes hard to find court space, and even our portable pickleball set is heavy. We’ve tried Spikeball (hate it), but now I’m eyeing up Paddlesmash. It has the portability of Spikeball, but sounds like it’s actually fun to play. This review sold me: “love Spike Ball, but that’s too insane for us. Paddle Smash was a great alternative to both of those games. This game can be played in a tight space, (no need to find a court, which is impossible to do in Sarasota) so set up in any backyard or park is really convenient. Gotta love the portability. The game draws a crowd because it’s easy to “get.” Having said that, it’s not easy to play at first! The target is small so there’s a learning curve, but once you get it, you get it. Great fun for all ages and not a ton of running!” [emphasis mine] Sounds great.

Enjoy your weekend…



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