Weekend 4.2


We made it to Colorado! The boys have been training for the national championships all week (you can actually see them in USASA’s IG. Raines is in the orange helmet and Pax is the snowboarder in the orange jacket/blue pants right after him), and we’re all kind of just…delighting in Colorado. While it seems like we lived here a lifetime ago (both boys were actually born in Denver), everything is still shockingly familiar.

I’m back to my old Colorado tricks, too. I’m leaving out fully opened boxes of cereal, crackers and cookies with wild abandon, knowing they won’t go stale — woohoo! We don’t leave the house without sunglasses — ever. We station water and super-thick lip balm by the bed every night, and humidifiers are strategically placed around our Airbnb. I’ve stocked our little pantry with all sorts of green chile everything (gahhh sooo goooood), and we stuffed ourselves with Mexican food in Denver before heading up to the mountains.

We stayed one night at The Crawford Hotel in Denver’s Union Station and loved it. Truly a special place to stay. I had forgotten how freaking fun Denver is, and would love to come back for an actual vacation sometime.

As fun as this week has been, it certainly has not felt like vacation. Mike and I are both working, the kids are training and trying to keep up with school. But we are taking off all of next week for Pax’s snowboarding competition. He has one final training day Saturday, and then competes Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I am a total bundle of nerves about this whole situation, a constant, sweaty, mess. I mean, there’s zero expectation of performance (the other kids here are suuuuuuuper serious, as are many of the parents), but (and this is likely my inexperience talking) the courses themselves look next-level scary. To my horror, everything is bigger, steeper, faster.

Pax, however, is, in pure Pax-form, a Super Pax. He loves this stuff. He loves the competition and the coaching and the strategy and the training and (fingers crossed) he’s matured past the point where he’ll sob when he doesn’t win (thank god).

Both boys have come home every night alllll pumped up. They’re training, yes, but they’re just so filled with…joy. And awe! They’re chattering with excitement about how freaking good the other competitors are, and yet both are glowing with pride about their own accomplishments. The fact that they can hold space for both of these things to be true….well. I’m in awe.

This, I think, is what good coaching looks like. When the coaches understand that they’re developing lifelong athletes, when they understand that their job is about more than just the technicalities of sport, when they are committed to supporting these little people as they grow into whole people — confident, happy and healthy competitors…well. I couldn’t be happier (even as I sweat through my own nerves).

Green Mountain Academy, you guys are doing something right.

I heart Halfdays. I’ve been wearing the heck out of my cute Halfdays ski gear. It’s perfect for Colorado, both on the slopes and après. I know it’s the end of the season, but if you want to snap up a piece or two on sale…we have a special discount code, coming out soon for Mom Edit newsletter subscribers. If you’d like to join the fun (and we’re trying really hard to make the newsletter worth your while), sign up here.

Vuori’s new swimwear has POCKETS. And this pocket is big enough for my phone. Yes, in a bikini. Yes, in a swimsuit. I can’t decide between the bikini top & bottom in that pretty orange ‘grapefruit’ color…or the one-piece in black. Hmmm.

Thanks to Archery Close in Stowe …I’ve found the best spring top I’ve ever worn. According to Taice (the owner), Rachel Comey’s sweatshirts fly off the shelves and I can totally see why. It’s a sweatshirt, yes, but has the coolest, swingy drape, looks amazing untucked or tucked, and has that effortless, cool-kid vibe (thanks, in part, to the sleeves). If you’re a Vermont local, go see Taice (everything is great). If you’re dying for the sweatshirt, Saks is also carrying my exact Rachel Comey sweatshirt (more colors here), or Taice has another style still stocked.

My ever-so-slightly ridiculous rag & bone sherpa baseball hat (yes, you read that right) is finally on sale. I’ll throw a pic up on social. I love it so. Makes my workout-based, school drop-off outfits actually look…intentional.

So supple. These soft leather Vince Camuto mules look very similar to the PAIGE heels I wore in Italy a few years ago, but are a fraction of the cost (especially on sale!). Reviewers describe the leather as “buttery”.

To make summer sandals more comfy. I swear by these Foot Petals to keep my feet from sliding around in all sandals (especially post-pedicure).

Neutrals, but soooo pretty. The colorway of khaki + coral on this Fjallraven backpack is unexpected and fresh…yet practical for spring/summer. Also in a smaller crossbody that might be just the thing for overseas travel.

Hate shorts? Scotti covered her three favorite pants for summer on our YouTube channel and it’s really good. Also, her green FP pants (that we all went nuts for) just got restocked, here.

I can’t stop thinking about this dress. In orange. It’s flirty, yet easy to wear. There are a few sizes left at Nordstrom, too.

Gahhh…why so pricey, S? I KNOW. But I’m also eyeing up this fun, rainbow cuff-sleeve sweater, a cool, slouchy, v-neck t-shirt dress in navy (my fav) and this gauzy maxi dress that would look perfect on a Greek Island — all under $100. (Supports a small business, too.)

Enjoy your weekend!




  1. I tried that Frame orange dress on and it’s stunning on… but it is not lined and it does show, um, the soft stomach I have. But the cut is so good and I loved it… even though I’m not quite bold enough to wear that shade. But go try it on, people!

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