Weekend 4.9


Wow, Gang – this week has been quite the experience. Briefly, if you’re new here (hi and welcome), my youngest son, Pax, qualified for USASA’s snowboarding nationals, and has been competing at Copper Mountain all week. It has been a pretty epic week, as far as life experience goes, but a totally exhausting one as well.

Pax was, overall, pretty happy with his performance. There were some tough moments, too (he fell during the slalom competition), but overall he’s definitely caught the bug. It’s easy to do – the USASA snowboarding community is bananas supportive of each other, and watching Pax watch the older, really good athletes was easily my favorite part of the trip. (If you care about the details, I have a few pics and vids up on my IG.)

Pax is 11, which means that he’s capable of seriously amazing things…yet still is, fundamentally, my baby. So he’ll snowboard like a boss, then collapse in my arms in tears on the lift, when no one is watching. Or he’ll watch the rail jam open class competition (which basically looks like the Olympics, FYI), making big-boy remarks like, “he landed that switch????” and then shyly hold out his fist to fist-bump the athletes as they pass…only to BEAM when they acknowledge him.

Except for a school setting (where Pax has always maintained careful control – almost robotic), he typically wears his heart on his sleeve, his big emotions pour off of him. So I wasn’t surprised to see, after watching a particularly thrilling round of competition in the terrain park, Pax’s little orange-helmeted self launching himself HUGE off of a jump.

He seriously can’t help it. That feeling of inspiration is simply too big to contain in such a little body. Even if (when?) he crash lands.

Pax competed three days in a row, Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday, so we had to maintain a really meticulous, rigid schedule – something I’m not naturally good at. So it was a bit of relief when it was all over. Raines’ ski team showed up on Wednesday and he went to train with them, Mike had hurt his back racing Raines on the “family skicross” course (gahhhh), so Pax and I had a couple of days all to ourselves.

It. Was. Glorious.

It turns out that my happy place is following my kids around the terrain park, oohing & ahhing at all of their jumps and rails and whatever else they’re doing. It reminded me of when they were small, and I’d be content to wander around behind them at the park, pushing the swing or catching them at the bottom of the slide. We all had our own different parenting superpowers, and mine was the ability to slowly walk anywhere behind them, never hurrying or getting impatient.

This is basically the same. But…ya know…faster. And terrifying.

Speaking of terrifying: While I was perfectly content to just follow Pax around, at some point he remembered that he is, in fact, my ski coach. It’s been a while since this kid skiied, but he does remain my most-effective ski coach…ever. So my blissful existence took a turn as he started to badger me about doing “boxes” and going off jumps.


And since this nut didn’t fall far from this particular tree, he is persistent as f*ck. Eventually I crumbled and tried a few of the realllllly low, wide boxes (spoiler: still difficult), and two of the tinier jumps. The jumps were actually pretty fun, and Pax was SO FREAKING PROUD of me, it was hysterical. He was cheering so hard that people (like other, cool-kid snowboarders) would stop, look…and sometimes – to my complete and total embarrassment – clap.

I mean…I’m here at Copper, surrounded by the best snowboarders in the freaking country, and am getting lauded for what has to be – inches – of “air”.

Eventually, all of this success went to my head – the feeling of inspiration was too much to contain in my body – and on my last attempt, I went HUGE.

As Pax boarded over – to hand me back my ski and check that my prone form was ok – he was all, “Mom, you’ve got the speed part down, but you overshot and landed on the flat! Next time, try a bigger jump!”


My ski jacket is, yup, Halfdays. Color? Spritz (named in honor of an Aperol Spritz). If you’d like a code for 20% off, subscribe to our newsletter.

The prettiest workout set…ever? The lines on this Free People cami and matching leggings are just so pretty. And in my favorite color: navy.

’bout that time of year…where I start to wear my 100% cotton La Ligne sweater on repeat (see it styled up with jeans & Vans, here). If interested, Nordstrom has the tan color on sale. For similar vibes (but a lower cost), also check out this sweater from Banana Republic, this Old Navy sweater, or this swingy sweater from J.Crew.

New swimsuit. We spent a couple of days at Glenwood Hot Springs…and I wore this Solid & Striped swimsuit. It’s a bit flashier than my usual, but I got a ton of complements, and felt pretty cute. I like this brand so much I’m now eying up this suit, too.

After months of searching, Laura found THE most gorgeous, walkable, taupe boots from IRO. They are an investment for sure, but so good (and also in black). If the suede makes you nervous, I’m still eyeing up this pair.

My next purchase: Vuori’s oversized hoodie and matching sweat shorts. The shorts were recently restocked, so they *currently* match the hoodies. But Vuori has a way of selling fast, so I tend to jump when the matching sets are both in stock. Now…which color? Cinnamon is pretty, but I think I’m going with the charcoal.

I love linen. Abby found this amazing Etsy seller, Love & Confuse, who makes seriously chic designs out of linen. Now I can’t decide between this jumpsuit and this dress.

Shopbop’s plus-size options are GOOD. Kat is recently obsessed with Shopbop’s foray into extended sizing, and she has us all swooning over this vibrant dress that is stunning on its own, or could be easily dressed down with knotted tees and sneakers. Stay tuned for a full post of her top picks, soon. 

For space nerds. I’m dying over this salt & pepper shaker. Might be a cute (and silly) little Father’s Day gift for Mike.

Printfresh makes sheets????? Yup. And wallpaper, and comforters, and shower curtains. Right now, it looks like the Printfresh home collection is exclusive to Anthropologie. Gimme.

Calling all online shoppers…Gwen has been using this box strap for years. It’s a game-changer for anyone who has to run boxes back to UPS.

Our latest on YouTube: Linzi reviews her favorite Birkenstock styles, going into such gory detail that one commenter called her a “real Birkenstock connoisseur,” and I think that just about sums it up.

Easy & delicious. I made this healthy, chocoloate-chip banana bread from Calla’s Clean Eats at our Airbnb this week, and it was a HUGE hit. I grind the oats pretty coarse, and the texture is amazing. Will prob make it into muffins next time, instead of a loaf shape. Can be used as on-the-go breakfast, in a pinch.

From Meredith: A few years ago, my dear friend, Maria, received the devastating news during a routine 20-week anatomy scan that her son, Connor, had anencephaly. At that time, Texas still had services available for her to safely deliver and begin the process of grieving. She’s been an impassioned advocate ever since for any person who finds themselves in the position of needing to terminate a pregnancy. If you’d like to help people like Maria, consider donating in Connor’s memory to the TEA fund or AVOW (or just send her some good juju). 

Have a good weekend, everyone. Hope you get to squeeze someone you love.