Weekend 4.8


Well…we have had quite a week. This past week was the – long awaited – USASA Snowboarding Nationals competition, the one Pax has been training for all winter. He competed last year, too, but stuck to snowboard racing: GS, slalom, and bordercross.

This year, however, in a move that was completely insensitive to his mother’s needs, Pax decided he wanted to compete in the All-Around category, which meant that he’d have to qualify not only in the racing events, but in slopestyle (think: flinging oneself off jumps) and half-pipe.

Honestly, I’ve barely slept in months

And here’s the thing: these are some of the best kids in the country, competing at a level I can barely even fathom. And despite his hard work (and the kid has worked so freaking hard), and despite his talent, getting a medal seemed like an out-of-reach goal. Especially when the races are often determined by tenths (if not hundredths) of a second. Add in the fact that only last year he was terrified of the jumps (rightly so, IMO), and has only attempted Copper Mountain’s ‘super pipe’ a couple of times – much less competed in one – well. Mike and I were both trying to appropriately set his expectations. Gently.

But Pax, man…the kid wanted to podium. He wanted a medal so badly it was breaking my heart. So as I bustled around the morning of his first day at Nationals, making breakfast, packing him snacks, Pax was completely game-faced. Up in his own head. Of course, he barely ate. God, the kid would hardly even look at me. On the drive to the mountain, we played his racing pump-up music in the car (it was a GS race he was facing, and his race music has always been the Spiderman soundtrack), and once we parked, Pax informed me, very matter-of-factly, that he was probably going to throw up.

Not the first time. Not the last. It’s just what he does. 

But it’s such a strange feeling, watching your child walk away from you like they’re heading off to war. Which, in a way, they are. “Manage his expectations!!” I hissed at Pax’s beloved Coach Mike (from Green Mountain Academy) as they started towards the lift. Coach Mike, who is an absolute gem and a total pro (at both snowboarding and managing Pax) threw me a reassuring grin and a wave. Once Pax was safely out of sight, I dissolved into tears and called Linzi. “There are FIVE more days of this,” I told her. “I think I’m going to DIE.” I was hoping for Linz’s usual stop being dramatic response, but instead, she whispered, horrified, “ME TOO.”

Thanks, Linz.

Once the competition actually started, I had put my Reassuring Mom face back on. GS is wildly fun to watch, and these kids are freaking amazing. Once Pax started down the course for his first run, all I could do was chant to myself, “don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall” and then, in a minute, it was over. I ran over to wave him off as he headed back to the lift for his second (and final) run, and eventually hooked back up with Mike and Raines. Both of them were grinning at me. “Babe,” Mike said. “Did you see the results?” 


It turns out that Pax, my tiny little monster, my little Peter Pan, had the freaking fastest time on that first run. He had literally beat out all of the kids who had been consistently winning all season. What was even happening??

His second run happened in almost slow motion. Pax didn’t fall, he put down another really strong run – and, predictably, so did the other kids – and when it was all said and done, Pax ended up in second place.

Mike and I were…dumbfounded. Just completely blown away. Pax, of course, was elated, and his beloved Coach Mike was…smug?? “Did you know this would happen????” I demanded. “I didn’t know,” Coach Mike confessed. “But…I had a feeling.”

Good grief. Pax proceeded to get 3rd in slalom the next day, and 8th place in bordercross the day after that. He had a heartbreaking photo-finish in the semi-final round – just couldn’t *quite* get past the 2nd place kid – but was able to detail out exactly when/where/why/what his mistakes were. It’s bananas. 

He didn’t make it to the final round in either slopestyle or half-pipe, but put down solid runs in both. And once his half-pipe competition was over (it was on the last day), I almost collapsed in relief. “Why are YOU tired, Mom???” he asked. 

Clearly, Pax doesn’t understand that the sheer force of my obsessive thoughts were keeping him safe. (Haha, little anxiety joke, haha.)

In any case, it was a pretty epic week. And then, just when we thought it was over…Pax was announced as the 3rd place winner in the All Around category, which, frankly, was what propelled him into every event in the first place. I mean…I have no words. 

There are plenty of times (most of the time??) that hard work doesn’t result in these kinds of outcomes. And it always feels like luck plays a role in competitions like this – you’ve gotta be on, you’ve gotta just have a really good day, on top of all of that training – and I honestly have no idea what next year will bring (he moves up into an older bracket). But I’m just really grateful that the end of his Peter Pan phase looks like this. Wow.

ps. We’re getting a dog. Tomorrow. 😉

Who knew? Oddly enough, these white, straight-leg Adidas sweatpants have been clutch on this trip. I’ve been wearing them almost nonstop – on the road trip from Denver, running around Frisco, opening ceremonies (where I even got complemented on my outfit by a teen snowboard girl – so clearly that’s a win). And after seeing reader Abby rock the heck out of her white Adidas track pants (this pair, specifically, with this sweatshirt)…maybe white is the key? Seriously, go check out Abby’s outfit. I think she’s onto something.

Jeans for traveling. The only other pair of pants I’ve been wearing these last two weeks are my patch pocket Mother Denim jeans because they are, in fact, as soft as sweatpants. And they still looked (and felt) really good after a long flight. These jeans have been re-stocked recently, but sizes seem to be going fast (color me not surprised). Anyway check them out at Saks and Nordstrom.

The cutest sweatshirt dress I’ve ever seen is this one. Surprisingly chic, and so easy on the body. (I’d probably have to hem – or cut – it a bit, though.)

All love. My wool Nobull running shoes are still my favorites, and while I was perusing for new colors (spoiler: ‘dark fallen rock‘ is still my top pick) I came across this tank that cracked me up: No Bull, All Love. Ha! It’s perfect.

Hey, Mermaid. Black-Owned business, The Tiny Closet just released the most gorgeous, comfy jumpsuit for spring. It’s available in black OR…a very mermaid-y sea green.

Levi’s for date night: These ’70s inspired, flare Levi’s are calling my name. They have the sexy distressing of my much-beloved, ‘baggy bootcut Levi’s’, but with a higher rise and longer leg. They’re the kind of jean I’d wear with pretty tops and heels.

Which brings me to my outfit inspo for the week: Pretty white tops + jeans are basically all I want to wear right now. I’d wear this combo with my tan cowboy boots while it’s cold outside, my studded ballet flats if it’s not, or my Beeks when it’s hot. It’s literally the perfect combo. Abby recently did a roundup of pretty white tops and nailed it.

The other pair of jeans that caught my eye are Citizen’s Paloma Baggy Wide-Leg Jeans. The fit is decidedly modern, the wash is dark but interesting, and they come in an inseam of 32″ (shorter than Citizen’s usual 34″). I think the shape looks amazing with flats (and the dark wash would be so chic with black ballet flats). That said, Shopbop has them in a light wash, too, which would be cute with flip-flops for summer.

HOLD THE PHONE: Madewell’s Superwide Jeans look pretty. darn. similar to the Citizen Palomas above…but are half the cost, and come in petite, tall, and plus sizing. I’m intrigued.

If I worked in an office…I’d get myself a pink blazer. Either J.Crew’s or Boden’s are currently on my radar. This piece would make for an epic casual Friday with jeans (I’d go the lightwash, not-distressed route, like the Madewell jeans linked above), or could easily be dressed up with gray trousers. Even classic (boring?) gray trousers (like these) would feel fresh with one of these pink blazers. Shoes could be taupe, light tan, black, or even something colorful. And I’d layer it over a simple white tee (this rag&bone one is still my fav).

Speaking of rag&bone tees…they re-issued my favorite white one with a little embroidery over the heart: “hello, sunshine“. Ordered.

Hear me out: I picked up a USASA hoodie in houndstooth (looks kinda like Balmain, haha) and it’s…great. Suddenly, houndstooth feels like a good transition print for spring. Anine Bing must agree because this cute, boxy jacket is houndstooth (gahhh I want), and so is this seriously cool cardigan. But for something not bananas expensive (Anine Bing, oof)….I’d consider: this colorful houndstooth jacket (short and boxy, and comes in petite, reg, and plus sizes), or this Adidas bomber jacket. OMG Adidas also has houndstooth track pants and whoa – I’d wear them with a plain white tee and flat, tan sandals.

For the guys. Vuori just released their new women’s swimwear for the season, which reminds me: Vuori’s Cruise boardshort is both Mike and Raines’ favorite swimsuit right now (they definitely do NOT have matching ones, haha).

No bad kids. One of my absolute favorite parenting coaches, Destini Ann, gave a TedTalk on No Bad Kids. She’s a freaking rockstar, and should be required reading (watching?) for all parents — or, heck, anyone who deals with kids on a daily basis.

Pax’s competition morning breakfast: Em’s Mango Smoothie bowls she created for Nosh & Nourish. We just top with yogurt, chocolate chips, berries & chia seeds. It’s actually both boys’ favorite breakfast, and literally the ONLY thing Pax will eat when competing.

Yup, it’s racism. In another one of those, ‘I shouldn’t be surprised but I am’ situations…we have the #tenneseethree. @sharonsaysso has a highlight reel on IG with a synopsis of the proceedings (she watched the whole thing). And if anyone is in the ‘might not be racism!’ camp…well. Give it an actual watch. It’s so blatant, even Sharon — who famously refuses to share her political leanings — comes out swinging.



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  1. Ok, what is going on with Adidas lately? They have some seriously chic stuff right now. I want all of, especially the houndstooth. I’d love to see a roundup of their elevated pieces. Elevated athleisure is all I want to wear right now.

    I can’t imagine the fear of watching your child hurl themselves down a mountain at competition speeds. I want to say “way to go, Pax” but really it should be, “way to go, Shana” for keeping him safe with your shear force of mama bear will. 😏

  2. I honestly don’t know who could say what is going on in Tennessee isn’t racist. They had a legislator who was an admitted sex offender and let him stay. Someone was allegedly pee ing on other rep’s chair and they let him stay (gee, why is it always a ‘he’?)

    They could have censured the reps, could have removed them from committees… instead they kicked them out. And I’ve read that even if they are reelected/reappointed, the Speaker will not let them return.

    I wasn’t planning travel to Tennessee, but I wonder what would happen if the Bachelorette Industrial Complex decided to shift to another warm weather state?

  3. Congratulations to your son..and to you for making it through and supporting him. My daughter is a competitive cheerleader and I thought two days of competition (8-10 times a season) was stressful, I cannot imagine FIVE days of stressing over your kid competing. Especially watching them hurl down a mountain. The kids get the medals but the moms are the ribbon from which they hang…supporting the prize (our children).

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