Weekend 10.16


I’m reasonably comfortable in front of a camera. I’ve been, uh, posing for photos for more than 10 years now, and have done my fair share of video, too. But my at-home setup is nothing like the professional studio I found myself in.

And it’s not Syd on the other side of the camera — with her easy way and dry wit — but…a teleprompter.

It turns out I’m filming a commercial. For vaccines. 

Truth be told, I was happy to do it. Independence Blue Cross had reached out, asking if I’d be willing to film a little something to encourage folks to get vaccinated. And of course I would. I was honored.

But this teleprompter situation. Man. It is…strange. 

They had made the words big, for my nearsighted situation.But as the words scrolled by, I would suddenly forget how to read. Or I’d read the words, but forget how to talk.  

Happens to everyone, they said. Take some deep breaths, they said.

Did you know (as but one example) how many different ways one can say, “it’s in your hands, Philadelphia?”

Allow me to enumerate a few:

It’s in your HANDS, Philadelphia!

It’s in YOUR hands, Philadelphia!

It’s in your hands, PhilaDELphia!

It’s in your hands, PhiladelPHIA!! (Arguably my worst)

It’s IN your HANDS….philadelphia?

And then once, embarrassingly….


Like a battle cry. Good grief.  

You will not be surprised to hear that this was NOT the line they chose for me in the resulting video.

The other part of the program was much more comfortable, just talking about my experiences with the vaccines, a format that I found much easier. 

But seriously…hats off to anyone who has to do this on a regular basis.  

And a huge thank you to Blue Cross for not including the footage of me with finger guns.

*pew, pew*

Been waiting almost a yearfor the LED light masks (that Scotti and I swear by) to come back in stock! They both sold out before the holidays last year, and haven’t stayed in stock longer than a day or two since then. We’ve both seen pretty dramatic improvements in wrinkles since using these masks. We really need to do a full review, but the quick synopsis is this: I have The Light Salon’s BOOST LED Light Mask. It lays flat for travel, is decently comfortable on, and should be used (on bare, clean skin) four times a week, ten minutes each time. To start, I recommend using every day for two weeks. You’ll be shocked. Scotti has Dr. Dennis Gross’s LED Light Mask. It’s a tiny bit cheaper, but more cumbersome. It’s recommended use is every night, but only for 2-3 minutes. Both masks yield seriously amazing results; I think choosing based on how you want to use your mask is the way to go.

Let’s keep talking beauty…because Colleen Rothschild is 25% off. With all of the port backups, I’m terrified that they’ll run out of the life-changing cleansing balm, so I’m stocking up now. I’m also planning to grab more complete eye cream and the retinol eye cream (I use both) as well as a few of the Tahitian monoi body scrubs to give as gifts. It’s seriously the most transportive, spa-like scent I’ve ever used.

Back in stock?? OMG Gang: I found my favorite, best-ever army parka back in stock at Saks OFF! I still wear this darn thing, but had to stop featuring it because it generated too much out-of-stock rage. I first featured it here, in 2016. It’s a good one.

Oh, Jenni. If anyone has been debating the purchase of a Jenni Kayne cashmere fisherman sweater, I have two things to say: One, it might be my favorite cashmere sweater of all time, and, two, if you spend $400 this weekend, Ms. Kayne is throwing in a gift with purchase: cashmere socks and her Sonoma throw (a $200+ value). To get yourself over the $400 hump, add in The Laundress’ cashmere wash to machine wash your sweater (lay flat to dry). Sweater runs TTS (I wear a small).

Calling all soccer moms: Rumpl makes a surprisingly cute down poncho. Would also work great for cold football games, too. Take 15% off with code THEMOMEDIT.

For the guys: They’re out of Mike’s size (boo) but these lightning bolt sneakers in a dark wine color are so freaking good. (I’d wear them, too.)

For the kids: If anyone is looking for a seriously inventive (and beautiful) gender-neutral dollhouse…check out the modern dollhouse section of ManzanitaKids, on Etsy. My favorite might be the architect set.

Unique advent calendars? I’m obsessed with Food52’s foodie-based advent calendars. They even have a Hanukkah-themed one…but I think this one is my fav.

The healthiest bread? Read about it, here. Happily, I won’t be giving up sourdough anytime soon.

Next level chicken soup. We’ve had a pretty rough week over here, so I’m craving some comfort food. The NYT’s latest chicken soup recipe includes farro and chard and looks delicious.

Holidays, already. I’m going to be on Amazon live next Friday, talking about my holiday entertaining essentials. If your entertaining style is on more Martha, less, uh, haphazard, this is probably not the live for you. We’re calling it “Holiday Entertaining Essentials for the Casual Host”. The video will be available once we’re done, but if you do want to join in the live feed (you can ask questions, etc.,), mark your calendar for 1PM EST on 10/22.

Hope you guys are having a relaxing weekend!




  1. Oh you are funny today, thank you for making me spit my coffee out twice this morning. First with your description of filming (plz let us see the finger guns) and then for coining “out-of-stock rage” (yes! when you reviewed the taco dress and it was already sold out rage is definitely what I was feeling). You are a bright spot on the daily, thank you!!

  2. Because I am Old, my mind immediately went back to Thirtysomething, when Michael and Elliott shot a commercial for Philadelphia with a basketball star, and the immortal lines “Philadelphia, where it all began. Philadelphia, where it can begin again”. repeated numerous times (the reason why I still remember it, decades later) with different emphasis, different shots, etc, as the shoot went south (not that yours did, Shana). But lol anyway.

  3. I bought that parka back when Shana first featured it. I LOVE it. I found it true to size, but I cannot wear heavier sweaters under it. My cashmere sweaters fit under it beautifully. It has been a closet staple for me.

  4. Shana, I love that you did this PSA. So important and so appreciated. Loved hearing you talk about Raines getting the vaccine. My teens felt the same. I don’t follow many blogs. However I have been with yours since ANMJ days…and posts like these, along all the great fashion ones and your entire team of contributors, have me sticking around. Thanks for all that you are up to in the world.

  5. Someone try that Rumpl poncho. Please! Watching my kids sporting events once it turns colder is brutal. I’m 5’1” and convinced I’ll swim in it, but maybe I don’t care if it turns out to be super comfortable and warm. 😁

  6. With a build up like that I was expecting much more awkwardness, but you looked great! When on camera, it is very common to not know what to do with your hands, but “finger guns” has got to be my all time favorite awkward-hands-move. Please tell me they let you keep the unedited footage?! 😂 You could raise money for charity by making us pay to see it!

  7. I’d love a full review of the LED light masks! I’m so tempted to try injectables but wonder how people feel the results from LED light therapy compares.

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