Weekend 7.23


We just returned from a few glorious weeks in Vermont. Mike and I had to work, of course, but we were able to escape for some hiking, and, on really hot days, do the Vermonter thing and go jump in a swimming hole.

The kids love Vermont SO MUCH.

Mostly, we just hung around together, playing games and sloooowing down. Northern Vermont is so similar to how I grew up (Upper Peninsula of Michigan), that it blows me away to see my kids exploring woods and jumping in rivers just like I did.

And while I clearly can take the boys out of the city…I did have to have a chat with Raines. About his face. Specifically when passing other people.

“Good morning!” they’d chirp, big smiles on their faces. I’d beam right back — Michigan girl, this is totally my comfort zone — but Raines? Would completely ignore them.

“Beautiful day, isn’t it?” Nothing.

“Supposed to be a scorcher later!” At this point, Raines actually looked pained.

“Oopsie! Daisy — get back over here!!” Here Raines just shrugs, still completely nonverbal, and keeps walking, ignoring the dog. I stop, bend down to pet Daisy, and because I am Midwest and therefore know this script, go, “Ohmygosh NO!! She’s FINE! Daisy’s FINE! Aren’t you Daisy? Aren’t you? Daisy’s such a good girl!! SUUUUCH A GOOOOOD GIRL!!” Which gives THEM time to apologize for Daisy, followed by my apologizing for being in Daisy’s way and then once we’re both done apologizing for our respective existences, we can part ways.

As I try to explain this all to Raines, however, he is giving me side-eye. “I just don’t know why everyone wants to talk to each other all the time,” he says. “Seems exhausting.”

IDK, dude. But rules are rules so…just…fix ya face, Philly boy. Kthanks.


This top is…wow. I can’t believe how much better in person this super-soft, cloud-like cotton top is. The red is a coral-ish sort of red, and the whole thing is very French-girl-in-St-Tropez. I’m packing it for our summer vacation, but will try to get a pic for social. Runs big (I have the xs).

Found: my summer necklace. I always love a delicate little something to wear in the summer, and I’m always on the hunt for a delicate necklace (or stack) that has a little bit of color. Jenny Bird’s Sunny Day Layer necklace is perfection. I’m wearing it now.

The sexiest swimsuit. Mara Hoffman swimsuits are expensive, but I always keep coming back. They’re literally just cut perfectly, and are one of the few brands whose styles are just as flattering on my aging body as they were postpartum. Her suits last forever, and she’s been sustainably making them since before sustainability was cool. Anyway, I picked up this suit for our upcoming trip, and it’s stunning on — stays put shockingly well, doesn’t squeeze anywhere, and evokes a sort of ’70s glamor. That colorway is almost sold out (Neiman’s has it, but marked it up even further for some reason), but Net-a-Porter has the black one marked down a whopping 70% off! SUCH a steal.

We need a new name for this. We were talking about silky cargo pants at our team meeting the other day, when I mentioned wearing them back in the aughts with…and here I stumbled. Remember those white, ribbed, man-style tank tops? Remember what we called them? Starts with a ‘w’, rhymes with life-meater? Anyway, THAT’s what I wore, and, thanks to the Y2K trend, they’re back. I realized that I’ve been using Vuori’s Sunrise tank as my 2022 version (I can wear it with a regular bra), and YES: I 100% need to wear it with something fancy on the bottom (ooo…like this skirt).

Really good jeans. I’ve been trying on tons of denim lately (prepping for fall), and I can’t get over how much I like J.Crew’s Trouser Jeans in Pearl St. wash. They’re currently on sale for $109, come in regular, petite and tall sizes, and easily hold their own with designer brands. Wild.

Social Threads. Maureen texted that Social Threads is having a huge sale: 50% off their final sale section. It includes these Vintage Havana joggers in the prettiest print. I’d wear with my white, ribbed tank for an almost-monochromatic look. So good.

We should talk about perimenopause more. I have had the dubious honor of going through this shit twice (once was faux-menopause, chemo-induced — this one is the real thing), and it…sucks. I liked some of the advice in this GOOP article about balancing hormones — much of it (eating more plant-based, avoiding sugar, exercising) features things that have, anecdotally, helped me. The two things I’d add to that list are, one, acupuncture (it’s literally been a menopause-symptom game-changer for me) and, two, the exercise, in order to make a difference, has to be REALLY hard exercise, for longer than 30 minutes. If I’m not absolutely dripping with sweat, I don’t see any change in my symptoms. But if I really get sweaty several times per week (and lift super-heavy weights, too), my symptoms are dramatically induced. This ‘go on walks’ nonsense does literally nothing for me. Has anyone else had that experience? Anyway, I might pick up the book from the article, Hormone Intelligence.

Hope you are having a good weekend…