Weekend 4.16


Well, we’re finally packing up Vermont and heading back to Philly. We’re both excited to be home and sad to leave Vermont. Our winters here have become so special – such dedicated family time. And the skiing is great (and frankly, why we’re here), but there’s something to be said for the whole slowing down we experience up north. You year-round folks are lucky.

That said, I’ve gotta go. Pax currently thinks I can’t see him sneaking screentime (instead of packing), Raines is wandering aimlessly around the house with a glazed look on his face, and Mike is whipping things (a coffee mug? random shoe?) into unmarked boxes at a dizzying speed.


Spring restocks! After months of snow (followed by weeks of mud), I’m always excited to get back into my Spring uniform: slouchy ripped Levis + ballet flats (see it here). Oddly enough, my exact pair of Levis (size up), and Everlane flats (in tan), were both recently restocked. Highly recommend both of these pieces (and the Levis happen to be on sale for $44 at Nordstrom).

Bye, Saltwaters? I’ve been wearing – and loving – Saltwater sandals for years. They’re indestructible, cute, flexible, and walkable (since they’re more than just a slide). So much so that I’ve literally worn them all over the world (Greece, Cuba, France, Spain, Italy…the Jersey Shore haha). But after almost three years of working-from-home barefoot (and, uh, age, probably)…my feet hurt. I’m now one of those supportive house shoes people. Gahhhh. So now I’m looking for a cushier replacement for my beloved Saltwaters. Born’s Carla sandal has a similar vintage look, but with a heavily cushioned sole. Of course I’m attracted to the super sleek lines of this sandal, too, but I’m not sure their definition of “cushioned footbed” will be enough. Sigh.

Those supportive house shoes, tho. If you care, the “supportive house shoes” I’m wearing these days are either my soft Birkenstocks (I like the rose gold, sandcastle nubuck or fluffy rose), or these Oofos recovery slides I stole from Pax. Originally bought for his Sever’s Disease (not serious, just painful at times), those slides are…amazing. For both of us.

Juuuust right. Maureen from Social Threads sent over a pair of Free People’s Makai Denim Shorts with the note, “just try them,” and after doing so…I get it. They’re nothing like my usual shorty-short cut-offs, but neither are they bermuda shorts, either. They manage to walk that fine line of longer denim shorts…but with the vibe of shorter shorts. Size up one size.

You’ll die in this thing. I finally tried Free People’s Nantucket Fleece and it is seriously cute on. HOWEVER: The damn thing won’t zip. Or, conversely, if it *does* zip, it won’t unzip. And it’s a very warm fleece, so if you find yourself getting too hot after you’ve zipped yourself into it, it’s too late for you. Say your goodbyes. Needless to say, the FP fleece went back. But I did love the bright pop of color, so am now eyeing up this bright red fleece from Billabong. It’s on sale for $40 and probably won’t kill me.

Remember K-Way? Anyone else remember when these simple French rain jackets were such a thing? I remember loving mine – so cute with skirts and dresses, and I’d layer it under jackets to add a windproof layer and OH MY GOD in 2014 I wrote about post about this!! At the time, I was only 4 months post-chemo and had one hell of a pixie cut. Dang. Ok so anyway, back to the real question: olive or “green lime”?

Seafolly nails it. I’ve been staring at this one-piece swimsuit (now on sale!!) for a couple of weeks and can’t stop thinking about it. It’s such a pretty shade of blue, and the belt…is it the white piping that makes it special? Anyway, it’s gorgeous.

A solid starting point. I always get overwhelmed when trying to plan a trip, and I’m really loving the format of Lonely Planet’s Trip Builder book. Not only is it a gorgeous coffee table book, but each trip idea includes a general overview – including the vibe – so you can see if that appeals. They also include the surrounding areas and days needed to explore, and a few fun little gems I hadn’t necessarily thought to look up. I love that they’re ditching the whole hotel-and-restaurant recommendations (which are easy to look up online) in lieu of the trickier part of trip planning.

I think it’s working? A month ago, I started taking Goli’s Ashwagandha Gummies for – hopefully – better sleep. I’m a terrible sleeper (always have been) but the last few months have been particularly bad. Anyway, in the last week or so, despite travel and high altitudes, my sleep has…been…better? Fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc. but it’s enough of a difference that I’m ordering another bottle.

Need a good read? Me too. I asked the team for some recommendations, and Laura & Meredith both loved Crying in H Mart, Laura also said that Nothing to See Here is a great vacation read, and Jess is loving The Immortal Life of Henriette Lacks, which, fun fact, is the #1 bestseller in the “Cell Biology NonFiction” Category (thanks guys).




  1. Just a friendly fyi, anytime I tap on a link to backcountry, it never loads and I have to close the tab and then also re-load your website. I’d rather not have this posted, please 😉

  2. Hi Shana, Have you shared what your boys do for school when you’re in VT for the winter and when you go back to Philly? I’m asking because I’m interested in figuring that whole thing out for my family.

  3. Have you read Circe by Madeline Miller? It was my second favorite book last year. It’s technically fantasy but appeals to lots of non-fantasy readers, as it’s a myth retelling. The writing is gorgeous, and the narrator is sly and bold. Just read the first chapter and I dare you to not keep going! I also loved House in the Cerulean Sea. I saw someone describe it as “being wrapped up in a big gay blanket” lol. It’s just wonderful wonderful wonderful, tackling hard issues but with hope and humor.

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