Weekend 7.22


Hello from rainy Vermont! I’m currently cuddled up at the kitchen table, and Mike is feeding me sunny-side up (local) eggs, and chewy, toasted bread from Elmore Mountain Bread and I’m just so content at the moment. The rain is supposed to let up in a bit, and we’re hoping to take the dog down to the river for a little walk and some romping around (boys, too).

Tonight we’re all debating between The Barbie movie (which involves leaving the house) or watching the next installment of Foundation inside the house and this is honestly the only kinds of decisions I want to face right now.

Popcorn and Twizzlers are very definitely in my future.

I’m also harboring a hope that tomorrow (or maybe even the next day) we’ll have enough sun where I’ll put on a bikini, spray myself with sunscreen, and go and read my kindle on a towel outside somewhere. Laying out like I’m in high school.

Yay, summer.

That bikini, tho. 20 years later…I’m still wearing J.Crew (top, bottom). They do it the best.

These jeans. I’ve been waiting for these wide-leg, dropped yoke jeans to come back in stock, and it must’ve happened a while ago because now they’re on sale. They’re wildly flattering and so cool.

Anine Bing is also on sale. Oh gosh – if you’ve been eyeing up Anine’s epic Madeline Blazer as long as I have, this plaid is perfect and on sale. It has that oversized blazer look that’s trending (even though this style has been around for years). I’ve also been coveting her cropped tweed jacket which is also on sale. If you’re not a jacket person, this hoodie is the exact thing I want to wear this fall with wide-leg jeans and chunky boots, and this little black slip dress is timeless, but just different enough to be interesting (100% silk, too).

Going moto? My sartorial spidey sense is tingling…I think moto boots are going to be a big deal this fall (along with Western boots, don’t worry). I think the moto trend is going to start with big, bold biker boots like these Jimmy Choos, but I’d personally go for Reformation’s moto boots instead. However, I’m realizing that most of my go-to jeans won’t accommodate this new silhouette (at least not gracefully). Free People shows us how to pair big moto boots with jeans, but the jeans are either just shoved into the boots or they’re skinny jeans. I’m intrigued by this style of moto boot because it could work with wider jeans, but the reviews are terrible. HOWEVER: I keep coming back to these Blondo moto boots. They’re waterproof, and on sale for $129. They have a 3″ heel, but with a big platform and rugged sole, so I found them very walkable. They also have a really high shaft, so would slip under straight-leg jeans, cropped mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, etc. They don’t have the full-on moto vibe of those Jimmy Choos, but look easier to style with outfits I already wear. Hmmm.

Do we like these shoes? Bloomies has these p448s on sale and they are wildly unexpected – almost more shoe than sneaker? But I think…I think I like them? Like…really, really like them?

Wait – these are mens?? Huh. I’ve been wearing these sunglasses every day since I bought them. They’re great.

Just restocked: My Clare V. Pot de Miel honeypot bag is – finally – back in stock. It’s easily my most-worn bag of all time (I wrote a ‘worth it’ post on this bag showing the numbers of outfits I’ve worn it with), and it was out of stock for so long I was worried that Clare V wasn’t bringing it back. Whew. Also, Linzi bought it, loves it as much as I do, but now we have to pre-coordinate bags before we go out so we don’t end up looking like twins. ANNOYING.

HAHAHAHA…no. Too much, even for me.

Early Fall outfit inspo: GAP just dropped new pieces, and their stylist is, once again, on fire. Be sure to select the ‘deep green’ color to see the outfit I’m coveting, here. I’d wear it exactly as pictured, with that deep green sweater tank, these loose fitting cargos, and cool sneaks. My beloved Sambas would work, or, if I’m keeping the pants long enough to wear with heels, either my platform Gazelles or these p448’s Thea Platforms which read beige when worn. (FYI: The p448 Theas happen to have the squishiest, most comfortable sole ever – thanks to a memory foam insert).

Plus size pick. Sooo…I’m kinda over moto jackets. I mean, I still love mine, it’s a classic, but I’ve just been…needing a break. That said, this Ralph Lauren leather moto (in the NSale) looks so freaking cool on the plus-size model. Why??!! Is it because it’s not tight? It almost looks like a fresh, boxier cut. Or is it because she’s wearing it closed? If that’s the case…it’s an interesting thought on how to make our old moto jackets feel fresh again. In any case, she’s killing it. Looks way been than on the straight size model.

Three NSale purchases that pissed me off: In case anyone is still shopping, I’d stay away from….these earrings – they have an oddly wide post and they hurt like crazy going in (obviously sending them back), these cool, sculptural sandalskilled my heels, they’re bizarrely stiff, and these moto boots – suuuper narrow and the taupe is actually almost a purplish-gray (ugh – I clearly lost my mind ordering these, but am trying to figure out that moto boot thing so we’ll chalk that one up to research.)

Random cozy things. I’ve been wearing the heck out of these cute Adidas sweat shorts (I sized up one size to a M) and matching sweatshirt. I have the green (see it on me, here) but the pink would be seriously cute, too. The sweatshirt is one of those oversized-ish pieces where you could go with your real size, or size up a size (or two) – they’ll all work.

Like taco night, but no tacos. Don’t get me wrong, we love taco night – grab a tortilla, fill it with whatever you want – so much so that I’m always looking for a similar dinner. A baked potato bar would do the trick, but strikes me as too hot for summer. HOWEVER: this recipe for baked potatoes on the grill would totally work. I’d also grill a ton of other veggies to add on top (zucchini, broccoli, peppers), and put out various sauces (home made pesto, harissa, chimmichurri), along with chopped herbs and vegan (or sheep’s milk) cheese to finish. DONE.

Happy weekend!




  1. Moto jacket – that’s fascinating! I went back and forth 5+ times. It’s totally the closed styling. I think the turtleneck isn’t helping the other one either. (And I love a turtleneck.)

  2. Love that classic JCrew bikini. I’ve seen a bunch of women in wearing the top . . . upside down? The gathered part on the V and a flat part under the breast. It looks really cute on small chests and I’m wondering if it’s just a normal string bikini tied differently!

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