Weekend 3.18


Mike was working in Philly all week, so I was holding down the fort here in Vermont on my own. True to form, we got, like, 18 inches of snow – as a surprise – which meant I had to completely unbury and dig out the car thrice in one day. I also had to tromp out to retrieve a package delivery, because it turns out that a completely unshoveled walkway means that the UPS guy delivers your package – nicely wrapped in a plastic bag – into the closest snowbank.

Guys, I say this without a trace of sarcasm – I am completely charmed by Vermont.

Oh and I did a reel with that package delivery (including the tromp through the snow), if interested.

In any case, I’ve gotta run. I’m typing this on St. Patrick’s Day, and we have friends arriving tonight. I have visions of homemade soda bread and cabbage soup…but we miiiight end up with beer & pizza instead. Same same.

Basic tan sandals WTF. I’ve been fielding a bunch of questions about the best sandals for summer travels, so I started looking for a pair of classic tan. Think: minimalist, flat, but with a comfy sole and enough straps for easy walking. This style is my go-to every summer, and I wear them everywhere (beach, sightseeing, out to dinner). I’ve been searching my usual brands (UGG, Kork-Ease, Sorel), and instead of simple and tan, I am presented with sandals like these. What in the actual – and I say this with all of the emphasis I can muster – fuck is going on?

Ok, but if I had to pick a pair now…SIGH. Since many of you have Spring Break plans, here’s where I’m starting my next round of research: 1) these complicated-yet-minimal Larroude sandals, 2) these Audrey-Hepburn-inspired sandals from Margaux, 3) these uber-comfy Fitflops that are actually pretty sleek, 4) last year’s UGGs at DSW, and 5) Sorel’s classic Ella sandal (they bring it back year-after-year, thankfully).

That toe thing, though. I’m also deeply curious about Jenni Kayne’s Oiled Leather Strappy Sandal. Just for show, or could it really be a hardworking, wear-all-day sandal? The reviews look promising (but not perfect).

Coming full circle. If anyone is looking for jeans that won’t squeeze a soft stomach (oh hey post-partum or perimenopause), Levi’s Baggy Bootcut Jeans are freaking amazing. If you prefer jeans that cinch in and show off a waist you’ll hate them, but for the rest of us rectangles?squares? apples? (whatever)…I’m in love. They’re loose(ish) on the waist, but strangely fitted and lift-y on the bum. More sizes, washes, and inseam lengths available at Levi.com.

If anyone needs a new belt…J.Crew’s woven leather belt is freaking fantastic. I have it in ‘raw cashew’ and black. Both sizes worked, but I kept the XS/S – it’s large enough for the lower-rise, loose jeans.

Crowberry? The reviews of this Hermes lip oil are off the charts, as are the color descriptions. I swear they’re just making up fruits. “Pourpre Camarine is a sparkling and fruity purple which borrows its hue from crowberries” or “Beige Sapotille is a soft beige with a bright orange note reminiscent of sapodilla, a tropical fruit with a creamy caramel flavor.” Nordstrom only has the purple in stock (which is the one I want, anyway), but Saks has them all.

Obviously, frost. I’ve been eyeing up this sleeveless Nobull hoodie as a perfect Spring transition layer for my workout gear…and it just went on sale. I’m going with ‘frost’ because I’m boring, but the colors are pretty, too.

HOW DID I MISS THIS. Laurel created a Bachata partnering how-to video a few weeks ago with a fun & sexy little combo that Mike and I can’t wait to try. Her classes are absolutely bananas fun – she is literally the best dance teacher I’ve ever seen – and I was cracking up watching her video. So if you need a something fun to do with your partner this weekend, give it a try. 🙂

My top plus-size pick? While I normally avoid things like “tankinis” or – shudder – “swim skirts”…Eloquii shows us how it’s done. Dang. (Technically speaking it’s not a ‘swim skirt’, rather it’s a ‘bikini miniskirt‘ but either way…stunning.)

If I worked in an office…I’d pick up a pair of Athleta’s cargo trousers in ‘rustic beige’. It’s a gorgeous neutral that would look especially chic with an ivory or tan sweater – like this one in ‘latte’. Despite the lighter palette, the rustic beige pants still pair nicely with black pumps, so that’s easy.

On the plane…one of my friends swears by this oversized vest for travel (surprisingly warm without being too hot, fits over everything), with these pajama-like Mother jeans, and this quilted tote. The tote is huge – it holds her laptop, sweater, scarf, etc – but isn’t uncomfortable on her shoulder (a pet peeve of mine, too).

Sexy sunblock. If anyone is heading out somewhere sunny for Spring Break, this glowy SPF might be juuuuust the thing to make winter skin look beach-ready.

Two pretty spring dresses, on sale. There’s something so wildly feminine and romantic about this Shoshanna dress (would be amazing for graduations or baptisms or any celebration that could use something a bit more modest), and something sneaky-cool about this Michael Kors cotton poplin one, too. Both are on sale for under $150.

Salad dressing, to go. Pax recently stopped eating carrot sticks, chopped peppers, or, really, any vegetable easy to pack in a lunch (thanks, kid). Instead, he’ll eat *salad*. But the dressing was getting all over his lunch, yet if I mix it in the morning the lettuce wilts – gahhhh. I tried a zillion little salad dressing containers and these actually work. They’re basically the same concept as my favorite leak-proof travel bottles, just…smaller.

Plans for the week? OBVIOUSLY Sci-Fi geeks like us are watching the new season of Shadow & Bone! Ahhhhhh so excited!!

Can’t stay quiet. I was horrified to learn that a bill that would prevent teachers from hitting disabled kids failed in Oklahoma. While more voted in favor of the bill, it didn’t get the required 51 votes to pass. Republicans who voted against the bill were – of course – quoting scripture. Frankly, I was so shocked to learn that corporal punishment is even a thing in schools (in 2023!!!) that I ended up doing a deep dive and Gang: 15 states currently allow the use of corporal punishment on ALL students. Another 4 (including Oklahoma) allow the use of corporal punishment on *some* students. The data against this form of discipline in schools is pretty fucking clear (American Academy of Pediatrics – against it, American Medical Association – against it, American Academy of Child & Adolescent Physiology – against it, National Education Association – against it, etc.) If you’d like to know more – which states, rates of occurrence (an estimated 69,000 kids were hit in school during the 2017-2018 school year, FYI), the Hechinger Report goes pretty in-depth.

Be more like Tim. Meanwhile, in Minnesota, Governor Tim Walz signed a bill into law that will provide free breakfasts and lunches to all public school kids in Minnesota. Philadelphia does the same, and I love that there’s no shame or stress around qualifying for reduced or free lunch programs – it’s just ‘hey kid, if you’re hungry…eat’. As any mom can tell you: hungry, stressed kids can’t listen or learn.

We either need more folks like Tim Walz in politics…or maybe just more moms. 😉

Happy weekend, Gang.




    • Suuuuuch a good question! I’ve been eyeing up Beeks, but hesitating because some style seem to have just a stiff leather bottom – not what I want. But I just bought these Beek slides at a local boutique in Stowe (Archery Close) because they’re freaking MEMORY FOAM and butter soft leather and wildly comfortable. https://shopstyle.it/l/bT4G4

  1. So helpful! I have been getting Beeks ads recently and am eyeing up that exact pair, maybe in black, maybe in nude, for summer.

  2. Thank you for calling out the amazingness of Tim Walz! I have the luck of being a Minnesotan and am so proud of the moves he continues to make to protect all the rights and health of all kids and people. 🙂

  3. As a Minnesotan, I am so proud of our Gov and the important work he (and the democratically held legislature) is doing for our state. Making school lunch (and breakfast!) free for all kids, making our state a sanctuary for kids seeking gender affirming care, and of course enshrining reproductive freedom into law. I think he also makes the case for politicians that are not all lawyers. As a former teacher, I feel he uniquely understands the difficulties modern children face and is working very very hard to use his power to help. Thank you Gov. Walz! <3

  4. I am looking for a platform nude sandal for summer. Any luck with those? Everything I have seen isn’t quite right.

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