Weekend 1.14


We’ve been in Vermont for a little less than two weeks, and we’re – finally – settling into our usual winter routine. The boys are going to school and training at the mountain while Mike and I work remotely (I’m typing this from the kitchen because Mike is loudly on a work call upstairs). At some point one of us will leave to pick up the boys, and then we’ll eat, and either cuddle on the couch (or maybe play some pool or a board game or something) and then it’s off to bed.


There’s something about this winter Vermont life that feels like living nostalgia. I’m reminded of the mom I was when the boys were little, and I think…I think it’s because here, the boys need me. They need me in a way they don’t need me in Philly. 

In Philly, Raines can just walk out of the house to meet up with friends. Both boys can easily walk themselves to school, and to all of their activities. They can grab pizza on the corner, hoagies at the deli, or head to the nearest Wawa for treats. And I can send either one of them to the grocery store to grab whatever I’m missing for dinner – it’s all within walking distance.

City kids have a certain independence because everything is literally right there.

Here in Vermont, my boys need rides to school, rides to the mountain, rides to see their friends. They are totally and completely dependent on Mike and I, and I am almost drunk with the power. Pax doesn’t always want to play Scrabble with Mommy, but we’re in Vermont, so that’s the rule, Pax!

But whatever – he’s fine. And I spend an oddly large portion of my day making sure these kids get enough sleep and have enough to eat.  Not only are they training so freaking hard, but they’re now 12 and 15 and GOOD GRIEF THE FOOD.

I need tips for Feeding Teenagers, Gang. We are entering a whole new level of food prep, made more stark by the absence of all of the takeout options Philly has. I am cooking more than I’ve ever cooked in my life. I am living in this kitchen. This is who I am now. 

Of course, I could make thing easier and just buy more prepared food, but HAHAHAHAHA. That’s not how I roll!! This woman who patiently followed the very exacting instructions in Super Baby Food cookbook for two straight years while her son refused everything and would only nurse is *gasps for breath* NOT giving up that easily!

No but seriously: help.

I do love a sweater dress with a little surprise. Like this. Perfect for a January birthday girl, like me.

Warm enough for Vermont. One of my friends rolled up wearing this Quince puffer jacket in the ‘stone’ color. It’s really chic and beautiful in person, and, apparently, warm (even in Northern Vermont!).

Ahhh restocked!!! That not-quite-cropped, slightly boxy, Naked Cashmere turtleneck I have in two colors has just been restocked! And yup: that gorgeous moss green is back (along with the black, of course). You can see it on me here and here.

One more: Halfdays, maker of my favorite ski gear, just restocked most of their colors! And yup: my emerald green (‘alpine green’) and bright orange (‘spritz’) are included in the restock. Their stuff sells out pretty quickly, tho. (And for those of you asking about the improved waterproofing…so far so good? I’ve been wearing it for the last several weeks and it’s been holding up really nicely, despite the wet.)

Sweaters for Apres ski. I had ordered this fair isle sweater from Faherty’s sale last week (in ‘apres haze’), and it’s GREAT. Super soft, and more shaped (??) than it looks on the model. It’s really flattering on – highly recommend. (Watch the little video once you click through – that’s really how it fits). I also picked up this cardigan, too – it’s a total outfit-maker. Both sweaters are still on sale, and there’s an extra 20% off sale items this weekend.

Are gauchos back?? This was the subject of hot debate on the TME team’s slack channel. Free People says yes. Oddly enough, none of us are mad about it. (But I’m waiting until I can get the comfy, stretchy ones in that brown/taupe color – remember that??)

Better late than never, I guess. I picked up this pair of Nobull merino wool running shoes and WHOA: I LOVE THEM. They look seriously chic on, feel great (even without socks), and are easily cool enough to wear with jeans. So to the person who asked, in 2019, which running shoes I would recommend packing for Europe if I wanted to both run AND sightsee and only bring one pair? These.

Laura is famous!! If you live in the Portland area, you mayyyy have seen Laura talking fashion on TV! We were all deeply impressed – she did great.

Family game night? We started playing The Initiative and it’s SO FUN. It’s a cooperative game with a whole storyline that develops – you read a bit of it, then set the game up and play (puzzle solving is involved), and then it tells you which part to read next. It was a recommendation from Taiga Comics & Games in Marquette, and those guys have literally never steered us wrong.

The best white bean soup EVER. The entire fam has been blown away by RainbowPlantLife’s Creamy White Bean & Kale Soup. It’s good on its own, but then she has you whip up some gremolata as a topping and WOW. I’ve been making this one almost weekly – it’s THAT good. (And we’ll use the rest of the gremolata on basically everything all week.)

Come hang with me on IG: I’m doing an IG Live with @bewellphilly at noon on Monday to talk breast cancer. If there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to know about that, um, *special* time of my life, let me know and I’ll try to address it. (Also, if you do happen to be around at noon on Monday, pop in and say hi. I get oddly nervous for these things and would love to see some friendly faces.)

Enjoy your weekend, Gang.




  1. I have three sons that play hockey. My ninja air fryer 8 in one has changed my life. They can all heat up salmon fillets, chicken breast, and hamburgers FROM FROZEN. And have a healthy solid option. And it shuts off automatically so the house doesn’t burn down when they totally forget they are cooking something….

  2. Try this posole with sour cream for extra calories, or shredded cabbage for fiber. Can keep most ingredients on the shelf and it is an after-ski fave for our New Mexico skiing family!

  3. I may have missed it, but I’m interested in how your children attend schools in both Stowe and Philly! That seems challenging (but how lucky for them that you were able to figure it out!)

  4. Question about the Nobull runners. We’re going to Italy in late August/early September (yay!) and plan to do a ton of walking. It will still be pretty warm, I think. The wool runners would still be good for warm weather? Thanks! And TTS?

  5. OK, so I am a bit slow on this. Do you live half of the year in Philly and half in Vermont? Do the kids go to two different schools? Enquiring minds and all that!

  6. I back you up on the white bean soup recipe and anything from Rainbow Plant Life! Her recipes are accessible, she is lovely, and the results are always fantastic.

  7. I turn to food prep to save me from having to be in the kitchen all day during the work week. When I have the chance I’ll make any of their favorites, not for dinner but to keep in the fridge or freezer that they can easily heat up and enjoy. Lasagna is a bit hit with them and it reheats so nicely, especially if you’ve reserved some of the sauce to add as they reheat it. I also love having any soups made and on hand—lentil, chili, broth based soups—I’ll make a pot and keep it in the fridge all week for them to reheat. I also love making pork dumplings or vegetarian wontons and make enough to freeze or keep in the fridge to just heat up when they are hungry. If I make a pie (savory or sweet) I make a double crust. I store the scraps and make mini savory pies that I keep in the freezer and they can just reheat in the oven. Our local deli makes an amazing chicken salad that I buy in a quart size container and keep in the fridge for them to turn into sandwiches. Same with our local BBQ joints. I’ll buy a quart of chopped beef and they can heat that up and make sandwiches. I also will make a recipe of salad dressing ready that can turn any greens into a meal. If you can make tortillas, the dough keeps for a week in the fridge and then can be easily made to order for breakfast tacos, burritos or anything, it helps if you already have a pound of bacon cooked and in the fridge to add to scrambled eggs. Another thing that has saved me is making a batch of noodles and keeping them in the fridge ready to go. If you have a from scratch Mac n cheese recipe you like, that béchamel sauce can be stored up to a week and you can just make minis all week long. Also great if you have a jar of pesto and your kids can pick between pasta with pesto or Mac n cheese. Or just keep your fridge stocked with cheese and crackers they like plus any other things for quick cheese and fruit boards. Good luck!

  8. Do you have recommendations for a ski boot + helmet bag that isn’t hideous? (Also, please tell me that my thighs, knees, and calves will eventually stop aching after only half a day of skiing. I’m an advanced beginner skier and this sport is SO hard on my body even though I’m only 30, omg.)

  9. I am dying to know how this school thing works. Do the boys go to Philly schools in the fall and spring, and Vermont schools in the winter?

  10. I have a 16 year old boy. Nacho fixings at the ready will change your life. Big batch shredded chicken, chorizo or beef on the weekend then keep toping like black beans, cheese, avocados stocked. Easy to assemble and microwave.

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