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Mike and I have been married 22 years today. We have actually spent several recent years “celebrating” our anniversary on the wrong day (oops), until my Mom corrected us.

And by “celebrating” I mean doing one of those horribly depressing adult things, the “oh hey, Babe! It’s our anniversary today!”  sudden-realization thing.

If we’re lucky, one of us is able to run out for a bottle of champagne.  

Truth be told, we’re so deep into adulting that frankly, that type of “celebration” (or lack thereof) no longer strikes me as horribly depressing.

My newlywed self would be v. concerned.

We did do a major celebration for our 20th, however. The picture at the top was taken that day. I’ve been meaning to pull the rest of the pics together — they’re kiiiind of amazing. It was one of our last hurrahs before COVID hit, and our friends have been referring to that event since as our ‘fake wedding’. 

As I type this, Mike wandered into the kitchen and asked what I was writing about. “Our marriage” I replied, with a smirk. He froze, dead in his tracks, and dropped his head back, heaving a sigh.

Related: we got into an argument this morning. There are soooo many things I could be writing about….sooooo manyyyy things…..

I am taking no small amount of pleasure in his nerves. I stare him down as he silently backs out of the room. 

I should write an article about marriage!!” Mike yells from the relative safety of other room, like a coward.

You do that, Mike. I’m sure it would be…fascinating.

Raines did ask me, the other day, if I thought his Dad and I would ever get divorced. I laughed for a solid minute and then informed him: no.  

“There are many things I might do,” I reassured our son, kissing his cheek. “Smash Dad’s Peloton, drive the car over his laptop, take a hammer to his Apple watch, smother him while he sleeps….but no, Raines, I will never divorce your father.”

I heard Mike chuckle from the next room. “SHE’S STUCK WITH ME” he calls. “I HAVE THE PAPERS TO PROVE IT.”

Raines gives us a look. “You guys are weird,” he says. But I see his grin before he turns away, shaking his head.

That kid really is too good to be ours.  

In any case, here is an ode to my beloved husband, 22+ years in. 

Dear Mike: 

I love you even though you have never — not once — put anything inside of a laundry hamper. (Draping socks on the lip does not count.)

I love you even though you think “pistachios and a little water” are the only things you need to pack for the entire family on a strenuous, 5-mile hike. 

I love you even though you describe tracking my weight via an app on your phone for the last seven years as “helpful”.

I love you even though you once told me that the Christmas tree was “taken care of” until I found it hidden on our 2nd floor balcony…in July.

I love you even though you described planning a recent vacation as, “EASY!” when you spent approximately 3 minutes looking up one restaurant and I spent 938 hours on everything else.

I love you even though you routinely volunteer to return my packages, only to forget about them in the trunk of your car, leaving me to find them months later.

I love you even though the one (single) time you took one of our children (single) to the doctor…you let them skip the shot.

I love you even though you like to randomly stick things in the tiny space between the kitchen faucet and the wall.

I love you even though you’ll leave them there for months.

I love you even though you will routinely walk away without closing our front door or turning off the stove, run the Nespresso machine without a mug underneath, and take off in the car with your coffee cup still on the roof.

I love you, Mike, because 22 years later, you are still the first person I want to see when I wake up in the morning. The one guy I find endlessly fascinating, the one whose opinion — on any topic — matters the most, the one guy who makes everything more fun just by his presence. You’re the one guy who sees me, exactly as I am, who can weather my worst and has the strength to look for my best.

You’re my guy, Mike. Every day we have is worth celebrating.


mwah ha ha….

Oooo…so pretty. I am having trouble breaking my obsession with this stupidly expensive lounge set. It is — yes — ‘just’ a grey sweatsuit…but that’s like saying a bottle of Dom is just a carbonated beverage.

I mean, since luxe-looking loungewear is my thing…check out this set at Anthro. Another stunner, but a little more affordable.

HOLD UP: What is this tracksuit gorgeousness? Anorak here and matching wide-leg pants here. Whoa. (More sizes/colors available at Good American, here.)

Waterproof knit sneakers? Has anyone tried Vessi sneakers? I just ordered this special edition pair. They have a waterproof membrane knit right in, which prevents larger water molecules from getting through, yet still allows heat and moisture to escape, making them waterproof without harmful chemicals. Intrigued.

Green, but make it neutral. I just bought these Timberland boots and was pleasantly surprised. They’re lightweight, comfy and read very neutral. The shaft is also higher than I expected, making them easy to style with skinny jeans and straight-leg jeans.

Most earrings bug me. They often make my ears itch, and I since I so rarely wear earrings, when I do, it sometimes feels like re-piercing my ears. To remedy this, I’ve been trying to find an everyday pair that are comfortable enough to sleep in. These teeny-tiny little hoops are on major sale at Nordstrom, and they’re 14K gold, which doesn’t irritate my ears. I’ve been happily sleeping in them for a week now.

Something I’ve been loving: Supergoop’s bright-eye SPF serum has been a total gamechanger. I slather it around my entire eye area (above AND below), and it brightens, protects, AND never makes my eyes water or sting. Love it.

Do you know @brownpeoplecamping? She came out with a really cute kids’ book about camping. It is, of course, refreshingly not white-washed.

All I want are picnics right now. And Love & Lemons and/or Bon Appetit have a list of picnic recipes that are super fun to browse. If anyone knows of some sort of inspirational cookbook with picnic menu ideas, let me know. I want to lounge on a blanket outside and read one.

Happy weekend!



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  1. I ordered some Vessi sneakers thinking they would be comfy and practical to garden in but I found the toe box really shallow and it felt like it was pushing down on my big toe (which turns up a bit so if you have flat big toes you may be fine). I returned them since I am too old to fall for thinking I can “break in” shoes.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! I literally live for your weekend posts, and ones when you and Mike “fight” are some of the funniest! Last years post about the 6 year database of your weight was one of the funniest things I’ve ever read!!

  3. Ooo, I ordered those Timberland boots, too and am waiting for them to arrive. (All the NSale posts gave me green boot envy.) The burgundy ones were also tempting, but since I already own, um, five? other pair of burgundy boots, I decided maybe it was time for a change.

  4. Love this and I feel exactly the same about my husband of 32+ years. I would’ve added how much I love that he leaves random bolts/cables/receipts on every flat service in our house then asks me if ‘I’ve seen them” and I always know exactly where they are. I usually have the good good sense to lie about it which forces him to ‘look everywhere’ for up to two minutes before asking me again which is when I’ve reached my limit and tell him that it’s on the half wall behind the stove next to the wifi extender. He yells back “Thanks. I was smart when I picked you.”

  5. I love this honest take on marriage and I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who goes crazy living with a partner who can’t find the hamper. Living with another person is a real struggle even when both of them love each other but it’s worth it because that’s what a marriage is. Takes a lot of humor to get through the days and pictures to remember the good times.

  6. I tried some Vessi shoes with the idea that they’d be good for gardening but I found the toe box too shallow for me. I have ended up returning to my Sloggers clogs. If any of your editors are into gardening, I’d love a roundup of cute clothes/accessories with that activity in mind.

  7. I love this Shana. I love your writing. I love your style of writing. Your writing is a gift. It takes us right into the middle of who you are. I’m truly amazed almost every time I read one. This one made me laugh out loud several times as I could really relate. My husband also leaves clothes hanging on the lip of the hamper and you’re right, it doesn’t count! But after almost 35 years of marriage, you described it perfectly, commitment is a big part of marriage. Thank you for you sharing your life with us!

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