Weekend 2.25


I ended up having a lovely time in Mont Tremblant last weekend. Mike had taken Pax to a bordercross competition in Maine, so I drove up to Quebec to be near Raines, who was training at this scary (my words) freestyle ski park.

No, I didn’t technically *need* to be there. But the boys would be launching themselves off of 40 ft jumps, and I know I feel better when I’m close by. So I drove up, helped make dinner while the kiddos tromped around the Airbnb, and then drove back to my hotel.

This is only notable because I am not typically a By Myself kind of girl. I’m someone who almost always prefers to have a buddy, so a night alone in a hotel, followed by a morning…just…for…me? 

Well. It’s a completely foreign concept.

That said…I stayed at The Westin in Mont Tremblant, was asleep by 9:30PM, and didn’t wake up once until 7:30.

Now, I have done the math on this one, and I have not had ten freaking hours of uninterrupted sleep since 2006. TWO THOUSAND AND SIX.

I barely even knew what to do with myself. 

But in the morning, I got up, grabbed coffee, and then curled up in bed with my kindle. I also had the fireplace going and the drapes open so I could watch the snow fall.

Later, I took myself out to breakfast at O’Cafe, a bike/coffee shop, then met up with the other ski mom (attending for similar reasons as myself) at The Scandinavian Spa

It was an hour plus of relaxing in outdoor heated salt pools, plunges in cold pools, and then, finally, curling up in a nest of blankets in some sort of lounge swing overlooking the river.

It was not real life. 

10 out of 10, highly recommend.

Firmly back in the category of real life (or more accurately called, WTF is this)…is the Day of Hate? I keep oscillating between not wanting to give this horrific notion any press time and yet, we know what happens when hate – whether it manifests as antisemitism, racism, or discrimination – is met with silence.

Hate, when met with silence, assumes acceptance. And so it grows.

I think it’s really important to acknowledge that in 2023, there are groups attempting to hold a day of hate targeting Jewish people. This is not some historical note in an old textbook. This is something that is actually happening, on a national scale, today.

It’s moments like these that make me feel helpless. But I found Southern Poverty Law Center’s 10 Ways To Fight Hate especially helpful. It includes reminders that simple things – including cleaning off hate-fueled graffiti – does help to send a message. Please also consider joining us in fighting back against this day of hate by donating to the Anti-Defamation League.

And now, fun distractions. What did I buy at the Saks sale? Well…I picked up two pairs of Jennifer Fisher hoops, to see which I like better: this pair vs this pair. I also snagged this rag&bone tank top, these parachute pants, and this K-way windbreaker in beige.

And don’t forget about the swim sales. My favorite one-piece suit is on sale at Saks (see photos on IG, here), as are two really stellar options at J.Crew (floral, stripes). Well, *I* think they’re both stellar options, but the comments on my comparison reel were decidedly one-sided. Alrightythen.

Unfussy. Is this the perfect striped tee? Love that it’s unapologetically just black & white stripes. Feels fresh.

Seriously chic…Tevas? I love these platform Tevas in ‘balance black’. The graphic b/w is so freaking cool. If you have trouble walking in platforms (S raises hand), these Teva midforms in ‘bounce black/lion’ are a similar print (and just as good). Or go with classic Tevas – I found some in that ‘balance black’ at Amazon and Nordstrom Rack.

Bolds, in black. I set out to find some Samba lookalikes (my full report here), and I decided on the Gazelle bold. They’re technically a platform sneaker, but still Samba-like enough to look cool with full-length jeans…yet gives me a little height. Super cushy on the inside, too.

For the plane? I keep eyeing these 100% cotton, ribbed cargo sweatpants from House of CB. I think they’d be a perfect travel outfit with my boxy turtleneck sweater and layered over my fav bra-friendly tank (with the sneaks I just mentioned). House of CB, BTW, is designed and manufactured in England and is known for hitting that sweet spot of affordable luxury.

It’s the reviews for me. Have you heard of Hue’s Toe Topper socks?? Apparently, they slide over toes only, and are genius for wearing mules. The commenters are…passionate.

If I worked in an office…I’d layer this dark-wash denim shell over a button-down shirt (or turtleneck) and finish with a pair of trousers and heeled mary janes.

I’ll take the whole outfit, thanks. Denim-on-denim at GAP is on fire. Check out this look aaaand this look. How is GAP’s styling so on. freaking. point??

Looks like Chloe. There’s something about the denim colorway of these Dolce Vita wedges that reminds me of See by Chloe. Not complaining.

A really chic plus-size swimsuit: Frankly, this Summersalt swimsuit comes in straight sizes as well, but looks especially good on the plus-size model. It’s such a flirty combo of rich-girl chic + girl next door.

Would you wear a pickleball dress??? Asking for a friend.

Abalone gray. My down, apres-ski joggers are on sale at Athleta, and when I bought them (full price), Athleta had zero matching tops. Now, however, there’s this sweatshirt and this sweatshirt in that really pretty ‘abalone gray,’ as well as this cool, oversized puffer vest (also on sale) that I must’ve over-looked.

And the award for the craziest shit on Nordstrom goes to…these jeans. Which are obviously designed to confuse because the more I look at them the more I…might like them? On date night? Halp.

A little something for Pax. Pax has been working so freaking hard this winter – he’s literally training four full days a week. He’s exhausted and sore, and is annoying all of us by asking for massages constantly. He’s been going on and on about some foot soak thing he saw at Laurel’s house, so I might surprise him with this footbath and this jelly pedicure pack (omgggg) from Black-owned business Crafts & The City.

50 years. Black skiiers are celebrating 50 years of The National Brotherhood of Skiing in Vail this weekend. They got a really cool feature in this year’s Warren Miller movie, Daymaker, and here’s another short film about this group. Love it.




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