Weekend 2.18


Mike and I have reached that stage of life where our entire weekend is now devoted to kids’ activities. We’ve put it off this long by avoiding organized sports – we’re t-ball dropouts, and some of you may recall that soccer caused Pax to rage – but, at long last, here we are.

Which means that Mike and Pax drove to Maine for a bordercross competition this weekend, and I’m driving up to Quebec for Raines’ ski jump training.

See how I just nonchalantly mentioned that “I’m driving up to Quebec…” like I’m Someone Who Drives? I know the second this gets published I’m going to get texts from concerned family & friends and GUYS, I’M FINE. Really. In fact, by the time this is published I will have already done the drive. I will have driven to Quebec. Driven. Like The Driver That I Am.

I am trying to recall the longest I’ve ever driven anywhere. On all of our big trips, Mike is the driver. In the past I’ve “helped” by taking a shift, but then lasted roughly 40 minutes and insisted Mike talk to me the whole time, which I now understand is “not helpful”. My job, if you will, when we’re driving, is to feed the kids snacks and to keep myself entertained so Mike can listen to his podcasts in peace.

It’s haaaaaaaaaaard. Miiiiiiiiike.

But I am confident! This drive – roughly 3 hours – will be fine. It’ll be great. I have a playlist, and I might queue up some podcasts, Mike-style (although I need recommendations for really entertaining and/or funny ones), and I will likely call everyone I know to keep myself entertained. Oooo….I could do French lessons! C’est parfait.

But please do wish me bonne chance on the drive home, however. The novelty will definitely have worn off.


This might be my best work…ever. We just dropped new downloadable guides and…they’re packing lists! We’re trying something new with these things, and so I pulled together four different ski weekend packing lists – one for Aspen (it’s a little more glam than the others) Park City (playful and fun), Whistler (looks that feel both nostalgic and cool) and Stowe (classic New England ski, but with some OG retro vibes). Packing lists are bananas time-consuming (but sooooo necessary), and I really wanted to pull together pieces & outfits I’d genuinely pack myself. Anyway, I keep staring at them – I’m ridiculously pleased with how they turned out. We’re going to keep going with the packing list concept for next month, too, so the question is…where to? Any requests?

Who is this…Luar? The big news out of NWFW last week was that Raul Lopez (the designer behind new-to-me brand Luar), closed the Fall 2023 fashion week. That’s a huge honor, and everyone is raving. The show looked freaking amazing, but the really interesting piece to me is that Luar is surprisingly…accessible?? This little top-handle bag, for example, is a killer combination of sleek sophistication with a hit of retro quirk, and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Love, love, LOVE. And that bag retails at Nordstrom for $265. Considering the company Luar keeps, that’s a solid example of affordable luxury.

PSA. The most annoying thing about Vuori is that their sweatshirts – the good ones, anyway – sell out in a hot second. And their new oversized Halo hoodie is really good. It’s kind of a long overdue update of their classic hoodie, and looks especially delicious with matching joggers. (ps. Have you tried their boyfriend joggers? They’re basically classic Vuori joggers, but with a higher rise. I’m a fan.)

I’d 100% wear leggings for these. Farm Rio has been getting into the shoe game, yes, but how the heck did I miss these boots???? They’re both more feminine AND more rugged than Moonboots (confusing, but I stand by that description) and are just jaw-droppingly GORGEOUS. Oh geez – they’re also on sale at Farmrio.com, and have more sizes stocked, too. (I suspect Nordstrom will price match, if you call.)

Or try a shorter pair. If you’d rather stick with your straight-leg or boyfriend jeans, this celestial-print Farm Rio boot is the same style, just shorter. Also on sale at Farmrio.com.

Wardrobe staples. Sak’s is having a gift card event, and I like them because they involve products that rarely go on sale. Case in point? This North Face cropped puffer in ivory sherpa I’ve been drooling over all season, and Laura’s beloved rag&bone Slade blazer…but done in a comfortable, stretchy ponte. (I’m partial to the navy.)

Shopbop wins. The President’s Day Sale at Shopbop is so good I’m…confused. They’re rocking every category. Observe: These jeans, this baseball hat, these asymmetric earrings, this top, these boots, this coat. Whew!

Teen boys? Raines has been wanting a pair of cargo pants, and this pair from Topman (on sale) just got the nod.

That contrast trim, tho. These tan boots from Camper are a perfect, wear-with-everything Spring bootie.

I could use some fresh sunnies. I’m debating between this pair of Ray-bans (flirty, playful) and this cool, rectangular pair. Whoa.

If I worked in an office…I’d snap up this dress to get me through the rest of the winter and early spring. Add tall boots & a trench, done.

Looks French. I picked up this Adidas sweatshirt (in black) and it has a surprisingly chic fit. Check out the cool seam detail across the chest, and the fit is like my old Sezane sweatshirt. On major sale, too.

Two words: Sling. Bag. So that sale at Adidas? It’s actually up to 65% off *most* pieces, including the only Samba lookalikes that aren’t sold out, a pair of classic sweats I can personally vouch for, and this sling bag I’ve been using the heck out of. I’m oddly attached to the whole ‘sling bag’ concept – it’s like a sportier, more functional version of those crossbody bags worn high on the chest.

Plus-size swim? Kat mentioned that some of J.Crew’s swim is available in plus sizes…and FWIW, I have and love this one-piece (available in plus) and gahhhh this striped t-shirt swimsuit is soooo cute and available in sizes up to 24 and has a long torso option.

I promise this is good. Last year I picked up this OOF jacket from Archery Close in Stowe, and I get a ton of complements on it. It’s water resistant and cocoon shaped, so it fits over EVERYTHING and is one of the most useful pieces I’ve ever purchased. It looks MUCH better on than it does in those pics, and I love that Yoox is carrying a bunch of colors.

Oh, my heart. Hunter rainboots for toddlers & kids are currently on sale at Nordstrom, including – yup – bright red. Remember when Pax went through that red rainboot phase? The one that lasted for years? Gahhhhh I miss those chubby little feet. (ps. There’s also a glitter stripe on sale, which is pretty dang amazing, too.)

Mirror, mirror. That ridiculously huge, gorgeous mirror (in my bedroom) is on sale at Anthro, 30% off. I also like the look of this ‘dressing mirror’.

What’s for dinner? I’ve been making a version of this West African Peanut Stew for years – it’s delicious. I swap out the can of tomatoes for a jar of salsa (courtesy of Linzi) and voila! It’s GOOD.

Enjoy your weekend, Gang.




  1. More travel packing guides – yes please! You did one years ago for (I think) NYC, or maybe large cities in general. I loved that one and would love to see an updated version of that.

    Ditto one Laura did years ago for London. Updated version of that would be great.

    UK in summer is another personal request – specifically what to pack when part of trip is major cities and part rural/light hiking.

  2. Packing list for 2 weeks in Europe in June, please! Berlin, Prague, Salzburg, Munich, Frankfurt and day trips to small towns in between. I’d love to have small capsule wardrobes for myself and my two teen daughters. Thinking about packing for this trip makes my head spin! Thank you!!!!!

    • ME TOO. I’ll add this to the list (we did a Berlin trip a few years ago, so I some ideas), but in general, I find that going with a” One Outfit For THIS activity” approach often works the best. Are you guys just exploring or are you planning to do any hiking?

  3. Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend is a super funny podcast. Maintenance Phase is entertaining but also informative about the ridiculousness of diet culture.

  4. Packing guide request: Iceland (in summer). I know you’ve done this before, but not all of the links work anymore, and I would especially love the help figuring what I need to get for my tween daughter!

  5. Long time listener (ANMJ), first time caller. I had to comment though as I literally read this post after driving to Quebec from the Burlington airport to watch my son play hockey. (Packed my Athleta apres ski joggers and new multi-colored Mou boots of course!) I hope you didn’t get stuck in the freezing rain/wintery mix on Friday–it was the pits. So many podcasts but long time favorite is Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and one I’ve been enjoying recently is ologies with Alie Ward.

    • Thank you!! And yeah – I left on Saturday, thank goodness. Would’ve loved to run into you – we may have been in matching outfits, haha.

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