Weekend 9.25


While visiting my family a few months ago, we stopped by Snowbound Books (such a great name for an Upper Michigan bookstore, no?). The kids each got to choose a book or two and Pax, reliably, made a beeline for the graphic novels. As I was heading up to the checkout, I glanced at the book he had chosen.


“Pax,” I started, stifling a giggle. “You may not want this one, this book is abou–”

And then I stopped myself. The graphic novel in question was called, “Go With The Flow” and it’s basically about a bunch of girls, their lives, friendships and…periods. The write-up on the back mentioned a “menstruation revolution” and I can 100% guarantee that Pax originally misunderstood what this book was about.

But why not let him read it?

A few days later, the book bought and cracked open, Pax came and sat next to me, book in hand. “Mom,” he said. “I don’t think I’m allowed to read this book.” When I asked him why, he squirmed around in his seat. “It just seems…like it’s about…girl stuff…that I’m not supposed to know about.”

I thought back to my husband, and the first time he ran out to buy me tampons. I remember thinking how far he’d come!! What a good, supportive, secure guy he was!! Being seen in public buying a blue cardboard box!!

“It’s about life stuff, Pax,” I said. “Not girl stuff. If you are enjoying the book, you are welcome to keep reading. There’s nothing wrong with you reading this particular book.”

It’s funny, though, that my initial reaction was exactly that — that I should put the book back, because it wasn’t about him.Happily, Pax did keep reading the book. The story must’ve left an impact, too, because a couple of days ago, Pax saw me stuffing this cosmetics case (ha!) with tampons. “So Mom,” he started. “Tampons. How do those things work, anyway?”

So we sat down, pulled one out, and had ourselves a little discussion. He listened, nodded his head, and then popped back up on his feet, completely unruffled. “Thanks Mom!” he said. “Good to know!”

On a related note…I’m super excited to announce that The Mom Edit is partnering with Period.org, an organization whose mission is to end period poverty for good. Not only are they working to get rid of that bizarre tampon tax (fun fact: many states tax tampons as “luxury goods” – here’s a rundown, state-by-state), but they also work with local organizations to distribute menstrual products to those who cannot afford them.

Can you imagine having to choose between paying for food, utilities or…tampons? That’s period poverty. And people who experience period poverty can miss work, school, job interviews, etc. because of it.

Here’s how you can help:

Donate!!! We’re asking you to join us in a fundraiser for Period.org.

Even as little as $5 helps and (as a point of reference, $60 can keep someone out of period poverty for a year.) With your help, we’re hoping to raise at least $2,500 by October 1. For every dollar you donate (up to $2,500), we’ll donate a dollar to Philadelphia’s The Spot Period Hub, started by Lynette Medley of No More Secrets. Her organization (who works closely with Period.org) distributed more than 4 million menstrual products in the last 14 months. They’re amazing.

Advocacy: Working to eliminate the tampon tax, and ensuring all have easy, accessible access to period products (frankly, I think menstrual products should be free in all public restrooms, like toilet paper) is going to take some legwork. Writing to your state reps is a good start. Period.org has some really good info about how to get more involved in this youth-led movement.

Normalize the period. Period.org has a whole education page, but I do think we need to work on making the whole topic of Having a Period less taboo. That graphic novel Pax found, Go With The Flow, is not a bad place to start.

Thanks for the support, Gang.

Fresh. Everlane recently came out with new sneaker colorways (in recycled leather) and the sneaks in the white/smoke color are haunting my dreams. Think basic white sneaker, but with a gray sole (and pop of black) that is shockingly impactful. Love.

Seaweed Snack. I wore Athleta’s ribbed crop tank in that dark green color (‘seaweed snack’) with high-rise black leggings to school drop-off the other day…and got a ton of compliments. Not only is the green deep enough to pair perfectly with black, but it’s seriously gorgeous, too.

Oh, HALP. I think I found the most perfect Clare V bag ever. It’s crossbody, fully adjustable, and can even be worn around the waist, fanny-pack style, or high on the chest. Can’t decide between the black or tan.

Soooo….I bought a pink coat. This J.Crew one, specifically. I also bought the black, just as a safety net, but they’re 40% off right now, and that pink was calling my name. The J.Crew sale is so freaking good that I actually ordered a bunch of stuff to try (article coming soon). If you’d like a sneak peek, I just added the contents of my entire order to our Weekly Sales Report, if interested. (Scroll down, I’m at the bottom.)

I don’t *think* I like these? But then, I keep coming back. The boot in question? These platform UGGs with a zipper. They’re not dissimilar to this Chloe pair, so. There’s that.

And this week’s midnight shopping episode brings you….fancy trousers & furry stuff from Saks OFF 5th. I was suckered in with an additional 20% off code (GET20), and I’m talking gorgeous black wool suit pants from Balenciaga, beautiful Chloe trousers, and some of my favorite faux-fur from Vince. Case in point? I have this oversized moto jacket (TTS and actually warm), and a very similar hooded faux-fur jacket. See that last one on me, in this old article where I pick pumpkins in faux fur, like one does. Snort.

It’s Latinx Heritage Month! I’ve been meaning to pull together a list of our fav Latinx designers, so if you’d like to share some recommendations, I’m all ears. Almost all of mine are Colombian (and most were recommended by Julieta – xo!). My current obsession (as one example) is this sweater set from Johanna Ortiz. Jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Learn more. Julieta recommended reading through @raisingremixes’ IG feed to gain a better understanding of the Latinx culture. This series also has some great book recommendations for kids, as well as a few thought-provoking questions to consider. (Our favorite kids book is Island Born…gorgeous illustrations and SUCH a good story.)

OH! Before I forget!! Lynette (No More Secrets founder) is actually up for a local award. If you guys get a second, would you please vote for her to become a Philadelphia Health Heroes? Voting closes on Sept 30, and the award comes with a $15K grant.

Thank you!!




  1. Oooo ordered the book! I always love your book recommendations and love your thinking on this one in particular. On the graphic novel front, have you read Stig and Tilde?

  2. Just voted for Lynette and donated! I would love for someone, anyone to explain to me how tampons are a luxury item. I really just can’t even anymore.

  3. I am with Elizabeth, how are tampons a luxury item. It’s absurd. Thanks for using your platform to bring awareness to this Shana, Appreciate it.

    Question, the Roxie seamed boot at J Crew…they look gorgeous. Ordered both colors. However, I am trying to figure out what jeans I can pair with them. Thoughts?

  4. So excellent! Go With the Flow made the rounds of my daughter’s 5th grade class last year, well the girls anyway. I love that Pax read it and think it would be awesome if more people who don’t menstruate did. Thanks for providing the donation link!

  5. Would you consider making a plug for this organisation to donate/promote reusable period products? While not for everyone, a menstural cup costing approximately $30 can last 10 years. I switched over for environmental reasons initially, but honestly, it is so so much more convenient to never have to think about buying tampons/pads every month. I would love to be able to gift that convenience and security to someone who needs it but I find most period organisation only are looking at disposables. And the cup lasts me a whole day (convenient when working in the OR). I wish I’d used one ten years ago. Thank you so much for partnering with this organisation – no one should suffer from period poverty! Donating now.

  6. In response to your Latinx heritage request:

    – fresh customizable jewelry, including my favorite chunky ring: https://www.afrolunatika.com/products

    – GORGEOUS vibrant tee designed by my Peruvian friend Favianna Rodríguez for Old Navy. Must have, seriously. Kid & adult sizes: https://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=776873022&vid=1&tid=onpl000000&kwid=1&ap=7&gclid=Cj0KCQjw18WKBhCUARIsAFiW7JxmRoNDOsT0BlKHcWgzAFBKe5sWTyA9u6Z-qsqFE5CJEsMTVGGiMx8aAl-5EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds#pdp-page-content

    – while we’re talking Favi, scoop some of her beautiful artwork for your home or early Xmas gifts: https://favianna.com/

    – this shop always has cute tees, swag, home goods, gifts: https://mitushop.com/

    Can’t wait to see what else your readers share! Love Farm Rio and would like to expand my fandom to other Latinx designers and creatives.

  7. a little late catching up on posts but thank you for sharing about Go With the Flow! I have 2 daughters (13 and 8) and a middle son who is 11. I was recently inspired by a social media post to encourage boys to understand periods so they can help out their sisters and female friends without being freaked out (i.e., if he sees a girl with a stain, he can discreetly say something or loan a sweatshirt to tie around her waist). So I’ve had this conversation with him but I think I will pick up the graphic novel as well, for him and his sisters to read.

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