Weekend 11.5


Hey Gang, Happy Weekend! We’re gearing up for both the Phillies game tonight AND the latest Warren Miller movie (tix bought over a month ago). If you haven’t heard of Warren Miller, it’s a yearly ski/snowboard movie that kicks off the season, and we LOVE it. Normally, it’s basically just our fam and a few others in a mostly empty theater (Philly’s not much of a ski town haha), but this year, a ton of our friends are coming, too. Our kids are thrilled. It’s fun to share something you’re really passionate about, and Raines has big plans to get all of his friends hooked. “This is how it starts,” I overheard him muttering. “First Warren Miller and then they’ll want lessons and THEN we’ll take ski trips…”

Big plans, that kid.

But it’s a weird weekend: Daylight Savings (November already), a ski movie that literally ends with “and winter starts….now,” and a high of — gahhhhhh — 77 F degrees today, followed by a World Series baseball game.

Not to make it all about me (of course it is all about me) but what am I supposed to wear tonight? Normally I’d dress on theme for the ski movie — some sort of cozy, Fair Isle sweater and jaunty pom-pom beanie — but it’s so freaking hot AND no one should reasonably walk the streets tonight unless they’re in some sort of Phillies gear.

Soooo….maybe a Phillies hat and this dress?

I love the internet. You type in “ski-themed dress with red in it” and BAM.


P.S. That photo was taken…five years ago. Whoa.

The most perfect straight-leg jeans are AG’s Alex jeans and they’re ridiculously soft, super long (I’ve hacked mine off) and are currently 25% off at Nordstrom. Highly recommend.

Ugh, why is Cami NYC so good? I bought this one-shoulder, 100% silk bodysuit on sale (size small, for reference) and it’s freaking GORGEOUS. I wore it out to dinner last night with these jeans, and it layers beautifully under a sweater, too.

Sephora sale! Sephora’s holiday sale is happening now, so if you’ve been waiting to pick up a Dyson hairdryer, now’s the time. I’ve been playing around with the best/easiest way to get beachy waves, and noticed that Shannon (my incredibly talented hair stylist) always uses a curling iron. So I’m going to pick up this one at the sale (ghd heats up & down in seconds, and can handle different voltages for travel) although given my skill level…this ridiculous triple-barrel waver thing might be better. I may get both and see.

Affordable ski sweaters don’t exis- While I’ll (partially) defend Perfect Moment’s high ski sweater prices because, technically, they *can* be used as baselayers. But if you just want the cute après ski look for under $100…LOFT.

No, but seriously I love this. Perfect Moment’s après ski beanie is exactly what I should be wearing tonight. BOOO.

How to wear leggings as pants right now? Hear me out: I just got in a big order from Athleta (try-on coming eventually), and it’s important to note that this “sherpa jacket” is, in fact, a fancy sweatshirt. And it is glorious. I ordered it in both regular and petite sizes, and now that I’ve tried on both sizes…this sweatshirt would be genius with black leggings. The front hem is short (but not cropped) and the back hem is slightly longer. Add a pair of lug sole boots (this short pair or this tall pair or oh hey this sale pair) and you’ve got yourself a really current leggings outfit for 2023.

Speaking of fancy sweatshirts….this Adidas sweatshirt would also work in the leggings outfit above. Those lines are great (and it’s on sale for well under $100).

WAIT, THAT SALE. It turns out that the above sweatshirt is actually part of a HUGE sale at Adidas right now. I’ve literally never seen their sale section so full of gems. In addition to my beloved Superstars (yup, still wearing ’em), the sale section includes these wide-leg sweats (that match the fancy sweatshirt), another seriously cool cropped sweatshirt (with matching ribbed pants), and the prettiest ski kit: we’re talking GORE-TEX bibs and a jacket made from post-consumer nylon. It’s the color for me. Lastly, if any of you are fashion-fancy, this freaking top is amazing.

Never not costumed. While I was looking through old photos trying to find one for this article, I came across a photo of Pax nonchalantly having dinner while dressed as a ninja. Another photo showed Ironman Pax reading a book. There were also a few photos of Stormtrooper Pax battling the mirror with a lightsaber, and several years’ worth of photos of Pax the Astronaut. I had almost forgotten that Pax was that kid, the one who was always in costume. His birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and I’m tempted to get him this Boba Fett costume. He’s deeply into the Star Wars spin-offs right now. Oh — OR GEEZ — this Star Wars Saber Trainer Tunic looks more cosplay than costume. HE’D LOVE IT.

“Vegan-ified but not weird.” If anyone else has a serious weakness for green bean casserole — the kind with cream of mushroom soup (canned, obvi) and topped with fried onions (also from a can) — but can’t do dairy…Kitchen Treaty has a vegan version that looks seriously delicious. All I want for Thanksgiving is that, some stuffing, and a giant pool of gravy. YUM.

Gahhhhh can’t it snow yet???

Which reminds me: don’t forget to VOTE. Our ski seasons (as well as ohidontknow our bodily autonomy, access to birth control, protection for vulnerable people and democracy itself) are on the ballot right now. We’re in this dire situation only because so many people…don’t. freaking. vote. Get it done.


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  1. I always love these weekend posts. I, too, have been a long-time wearer of Adidas Superstars; however, in light of Adidas’s too-long deafening silence (re: Kanye), I can’t wear those three stripes anymore. Is it time for another everyday sneaker round up with options that are NOT Adidas?

    • Well…I was worried for a hot second, but I suspect that there was some behind the scenes lawyering/understanding that had to happen before they publicly announced that they were dropping him. The fact that he’s gone is good. And Adidas still remains the company who has made the most strides in actual sustainability (not just greenwashing), and we’ve been happy with the diversity we’ve seen on their website for years now. So yeah – I’m still wearing my Superstars. 🙂 Totally understand where you are coming from tho.

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