Weekend 8.5


We’re driving back from Vermont today. Raines and Pax have been plotting their road trip snacks all week, and both boys have been chattering excitedly about “Yonks”. I have no idea if this is a Vermont thing – I’ve never heard of Yonks. All I know is that when I returned home from CVS a few days ago, both boys were devastated to find that I had returned home with…no Yonks. Keep in mind no promises were made – why the heck did they assume a CVS run meant Yonks??

“I have no idea what Yonks are!!” I protested. “And I certainly didn’t see any at CVS!”

Well. This was the verbal equivalent of throwing a bomb. There was, “OMG MOMs!!!” and “We get Yonks there ALL THE TIME” thrown out and whatever – we had packing to do. So we left this morning, sans Yonks.

Raines just walked out of a gas station, holding something triumphantly above his head. “PAX!!” he bellows. “I’VE GOT THE YONKS!!” Pax leaps up, “Let’s GO RAINES,” and runs over to get a…share? A piece? A single Yonk? No clue.

Until they get closer…and OMG.


“Yonks” are York Peppermint Patties.

My children cannot read cursive.

[bangs head on dash]

Last weekend of the NSale. If you’ve put off NSale shopping (or just want one final hurrah), we just published a post on The Best of What’s Left. For me, this means the underwear I like to wear under short skirts/dresses (ooo…there’s a matching bralette in the ‘bold blooms’ print), and RivitaBrow (Sidenote – if you somehow fumble it in such a way that you hold the open tube upside down in shock…yes: The product will dump out. Which is why there’s two.) I’m also picking up another one of these Zella workout tops because they’re awesome (the reviews crack me up).

Quiet luxury, but make it workout gear. Varley, whenever I see it in the wild (and I just had a run-in this week), is still the most elegant activewear I’ve found. The soft tones, lux fabrics, and chic, sophisticated shapes – literally pieces I could wear all day. Saks’ latest promotion includes a bunch of Varley, and I’m likely going to go for their big-collar sweatshirt, in black. (If I didn’t have a dog who was constantly muddy, I’d go for one of their pretty, lighter sets, like this sweatshirt and these shorts. Ah, well.)

Everyday outfit inspo AND if I worked in an office…office or not, I’m picking up Favorite Daughter’s striped button-up shirt. I’ve seriously been staring at this thing for months, and I think…I think it’s the curved seam cutting across the middle – along with the perfect collar & punchy color – that makes it really, really special. More sizes available as Saks. Button-up shirts are having a huge moment, and I need to play around with some fresh styling. This one is so good (slouchy, irreverent, almost quirky) that I suspect it’ll be a joy to wear, even if it’s just with jeans & heels (my old button-up outfit standby).

Packing list. We’re heading to Biarritz, France later this month, and I know I’m bringing my Staud crochet dress, these Frame shorts, this bag, and my J.Crew bikini. That’s, uh…as far as I’ve got. I’ll likely wear my Frank & Eileen on the plane, per usual.

Mais bien sur! I love Black-owned business AAKS, and was thrilled to find the entire line at Madewell. Gahhhh this clutch needs to come to France with me, oui?

I do love a shapeless dress. And this one has such a happy print, too (pick the floral, ‘sedgwick’). It’s 100% cotton, has pockets, and the blooms are just intense enough to go with my black Adidas gazelle bolds later this fall (I’d probably add a baseball hat, too.)

Plus size pick: These seriously cute, lightweight overalls. They nail that sexy, girl-next-door vibe.

Transition piece. There’s something about the shape/construction of this cashmere t-shirt dress that feels really current. I think it’s the loose, easy design, the length & the well-placed slit. It’s currently on sale, and comes in plus sizes, too.

Patched, please. Levi’s just came out with another pair of patched 501’s (the 90’s style), and they look like they’d be perfect with my tan sandals, ballet flats, and/or Adidas Sambas.

Natural deodorant. I’ve been using Native deodorant successfully for years…but every once in a while I find it a tiiiny bit irritating. (Usually because I’ve been overzealous shaving, but still.) I just tried Corpus’ natural deodorant in the scent, ‘California’ and it’s great. So much more moisturizing on, and the scent is subtle but good (and perfect for summer). Highly recommend.

We’re talking GIANT bubbles. Pax has perfected how to use this giant bubble-making set – there’s something about the snapping it closed that makes it work better than others. It’s totally addicting (and the dog LOVED it, too). I’d also pick up the refill.

Chick Lit…but dark. I just read The Housemaid and couldn’t put it down (even though I called the “jaw-dropping plot twist” early on – still didn’t ruin it). Tons of fun.

Easy, hot weather lunch. I made this cold lentil salad the other day (without the maple syrup), and it’s delicious. Even better, it keeps nicely in the fridge for a few days and was the perfect thing to pull out when busy. Highly recommend. (I think I squeezed extra lemon on top, and probably added more salt, too.)

Don’t miss: Abby & I cracked the code on wearing bright Hokas in real life. Sooooo fun.

Happy weekend, Gang!




  1. 1) I will never again see peppermint patties and not think of this story😂
    2) The Housemaid has a sequel, I just started it!

  2. OMG. I read this story aloud to my two kids, one is a sophomore in college and one is a senior in high school. I could barely get the words out I was laughing so hard. They both cracked up. The older one can read and write cursive. The younger one, who is only 2 years behind in school, cannot. One of my top ten favorite posts of all time (and I have been here since ANMJ days). Love it.

    Please do a post on that super cool button down shirt. It is beautiful and I would love some ideas for work. And thanks for the salad recipe- made it today and it is delicious!

  3. I knew where this story was going😂–my kids misread them, too, and now the whole family calls them Yonks! They sell them at the counter of a local restaurant chain and we can’t leave without Yonks for all

  4. My daughter thought they were called Yonks when she was about six… we still laugh about it and call them that. They’re Yonks on our house too!

  5. Love the Yonks story! My son wanted a Bang at the movie theater the other day. The energy drink? No, the root beer. He meant Barq’s.

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