Weekend 11.6


I’ve been sick all week. I have, what is likely, a mild cold, but I haven’t been sick in so long – since well before the pandemic – that I’ve forgotten what it feels like.

I called Linzi, to whine.  “I’m SICK,” I tell her.  “With a DOLD.”  The girl gets me, and immediately responds, “Shall I call you an ambulance?”

“It’s too late,” I tell her. “Say your goodbyes.” 

I did take a COVID test, just in case.  It was negative, as were the other two I took, each one day apart.  I can’t figure out if there’s a doozy of a cold virus going around…or if I’m just being a huge baby, after 2 years without any colds or flu. 

I’m probably just being a huge baby – something I can now say, since I’m feeling better.  I tend to be less dramatic when snot isn’t running out of my nose.  But just in case, I’m going get that flu shot I’ve been putting off for weeks now, and probably schedule my COVID booster, too.

So if anyone else has been too busy for a flu shot…consider this your sign from the universe. Oof. 

The best cardigan for dresses this winter…is 525 America’s rib knit shrug. It’s ever-so-slightly cropped, nips in at the waist, and has extra-long, cozy arms. Too many cardigans ruin a good dress, but this particular shape is a total win for all dress types – slip dresses, fit-n-flare dresses, trapeze dresses, shift dresses – everything.

Just ordered: J.Crew’s plaid heels. I love a good plaid shoe for the holidays – quirky prep at its best – but when done well, these styles tend to sell out quickly. As it stands, these shoes are on pre-order, shipping at the end of November. Worth the wait.

Gift idea: sustainable luggage. I’ve been waiting for sustainably-made Paravel luggage to restock their black-and-white Carry On Plus suitcase. The vintage vibes are SO good, and that size is my favorite for travel. Full review coming soon, but if you’ve been looking to gift luggage, I’ve been waiting for that specific one to restock for MONTHS.

Would you wear this? Ref’s Darien Dress is basically a gorgeous bodysuit with a sheer skirt, but the look is….amazing. I keep coming back to it. Very daring, though.

Now, let’s talk crockpots. An abrupt transition (ha!), but this little cutie is the sexiest of crockpots, and would be perfect for entertaining.

Scotti was right about that blush. She’s coming out with a ‘Best Beauty of 2021’ post soon (get excited), and one of the products she raves about is Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk blush. I bought it a few weeks ago, and it’s…unbelievable. Just an absolutely perfect natural flush. The Pillow Talk lipstick has become the only lipstick I use anymore, but now I’m thinking of adding this super moisturizing lipstick balm in the same color for winter.

Best of Nordstrom’s Black Friday? We did a whole post featuring all of our editor picks, but my personal favorites are the APL sneakers. I love mine – super comfy and impossibly chic. I’d go with either the gray or the ‘orange sunshine’.

Undies. The whole team seems to be joining EBY these days (on a recommendation from you guys, actually), and this rich blue jewel tone (‘blue opal’) might be the reason I join. Whoa.

Speaking of rich blue….this velvet jumpsuit was our most-clicked product last week. I thought you guys hated jumpsuits? (Apparently, the lure is strong.)

What I’m currently wearing: I sent back those Prada boots. Partly because I realized – too late – that I had bought a 36.5 instead of a 37 [bangs head on desk] but also because…they were so beautiful it was making me nervous. So I ended up keeping the Loeffler Randall boots. Which I am currently wearing. I’m wearing ’em over the comfiest skinnies in the world, my Zella tee (tucked-in), and Naadam’s boyish sweater (in gray).

Vegan recipe I’m trying this week: Smokey black-eyed peas & greens from Minimalist Baker. I also love their idea for repurposing it either later in the week, or with frozen leftovers.

We’re off to get Pax his first COVID shot!! We’re all excited.

Have a happy weekend, Gang, and the happiest Diwali (or Deepavali) to those of you who celebrate!! I recently read that this festival of light is actually a celebration of our inner light, and I can’t think of a more beautiful reason to come together.




  1. How does the team feel the sizing is with EBY? According to the sizing chart, I would size up from my usual…do you all find this to be the case?

    • Oh geez – YES. I should’ve mentioned it. I found that EBY does run pretty small – at least the underwear. I haven’t yet tried the bras.

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