Weekend 12.11


“Zoom in, Dad!!” Raines cried.  “ZOOM IN ZOOM IN ZOOM IN!!!”  Pax, sitting on the other side of Mike, was stuck in siren mode, a constant wail of “AUUUUGHHH,” coming out of his mouth.

Mike, nonplussed, battled it out, doggedly pressing buttons on his X-box controller. But within moments, it was over. Master Chief had been eliminated and was now respawing.  Mike sighed, and passed the controller to Pax.  There was a moment of stunned silence.

“That,” Pax said, uncovering his eyes, “was really hard to watch.”

He and Raines exchanged pitying glances. Mike looked pissed for a hot second, then schooled his features into an affected nonchalance.  “I haven’t played in years,” he reminded them, shrugging his shoulders.  “Give me a week and I’ll wipe the floor with both of you.”

This statement proved to be too much for the boys, and they both fell over, laughing.  “OMG DAD!!” Raines couldn’t even begin to control his glee. “Where were you even aiming? The guy was RIGHT THERE!”

Pax mimes shooting wildly in all directions. “Who am I??? BLAM BLAM BLAM!! I’m DAD! BLAM BLAM BLAM!”

I’m laughing too, and peek over at Mike.  He’s chuckling, a resigned sort of look on his face. I realize, belatedly, that I’ve seen Mike’s Dad make this exact face – not quite happy, but not exactly mad, either – and realize this is likely the beginning of the end of Mike’s reign as Dad, The All Powerful. 

Our boys – just like Mike and his brother – continued to roast their Dad for the rest of the night.

While this does feel like a passing of the torch in some ways…I know better than to underestimate my husband.  Despite his easygoing manner, he’s a fierce competitor, and doesn’t give up easily.  

“Babe,” he says this morning, over coffee.  “Now that Halo 6 is out, I’ve gotta find some time to practice.”  He takes a sip of coffee and sighs, contentedly.  “I can’t wait to make them cry.”

Um. OK.  

We’re fully into the Christmas spirit over here.

To be continued….

Got some stuff from Free People….and I’m really happy with this oversized Paris sweatshirt and black puffy poncho scarf. Not only does the poncho + sweatshirt combo look seriously cool, but the poncho is surprisingly warm and USEFUL. It looks great over any sort of oversized sweater (or sweatshirt) that doesn’t fit nicely inside of a winter coat. I’ll throw a few pics up on our IG (@themomedit).

What I’m wearing Christmas morning: I had an old pair of Sol Angelis sweats from my pre-kid days and LOVED them. I’ve been meaning to get a whole matching kit for years now, but the pieces are expensive. Happily, I found their red sweatpants and matching sweatshirt for 50% off at Saks, so finally snapped up the set.

MWAH HA HA…speaking of Christmas morning, I bought these Hanna Andersson pajamas (in the ‘XO’ print) for Pax. I don’t know how long my boys will actually wear real pajamas, but Hanna Andersson has the exact same print in adult sizes, too. MERRY CHRISTMAS TEENAGE RAINES.

The coolest winter sneakers for teens? I’ve been looking for winter shoes that aren’t snow boots for Raines. After much searching, we settled on these Vans. So freaking cool, insulated, and with an all-weather grip. (He wanted the black/white.)

Makes me want a dog. I’m dying over this Pendelton National Park Dog Jacket. Obviously, when walking my imaginary dog, I’d be wearing this cute matching hat. (Laurel, do you and Ella need this?)

The softest ever button-down. Nordstrom is now carrying Faherty Brand’s Legend Sweater Shirt. I covered this bizarrely soft shirt in an IG video last year, and while it looks like my exact colorway wasn’t restocked this year, I like the ‘burchfield plaid’ even better…or maybe the ‘navy plaid‘ (only available on Faherty.com).

Hydration goals. This giant water bottle is super cute, and holds a whopping 64 oz of water. If I can finish it all in a day, I’m good. Would make a great gift for anyone trying to drink more water (aka literally all of my girlfriends).

Fun holiday pieces, on sale. Small biz Social Threads has a 30% off site-wide sale going on now. We just published this article on how to style this plaid shacket soon, and I’m also eyeing up this easy velvet dress in stunning teal, or this faux-leather dress, a perfect combo of edgy + feminine. The faux-leather would layer nicely over a black turtleneck for a textured, monochromatic look.

Hope you guys are all hanging in there. It’s been a week (school shootings, Peng Shuai, etc) and I…yeah. I don’t know about you, but it’s been top of mind…I just need a little headspace to think about what actions (if any) we can take. If any of you have done something worthwhile this week, let me know. I could use some ideas.




  1. I am forwarding this to my husband so he can prepare himself for this day. But, he will probably interpret “prepare” as “practice for hours, waaay to late into the night.”

  2. Hey Shana, LONGtime reader here (since your solo days! and early Nordstrom try-ons with booties and sweater dresses;), think I’ve only commented once, but thought I’d share how I jumped in this week after 2 (!) copycat (?) threats were made at schools in my community this week (HALF the students didn’t attend one day this week at a local high school due to a threat/concerns raised on social media)…

    I could share more about the best ways to support gun violence prevention efforts (state GVP orgs are incredibly important for real progress — I started one here in Charleston after the shooting at Mother Emanuel, among other things we partner with gun owners, many of whom are members, to push for reform), but here’s the one thing I chose to do this week: I reached out to friends who work at the two schools who saw threats, and offered to spearhead implementing the Sandy Hook Promise SAY SOMETHING program. It offers a way for kids to recognize the warning signs themselves, PLUS they offer an anonymous tip app/system that includes a way for kids to ANONYMOUSLY report a concern, speak to someone if they want to assess the threat level and to get guidance as to what to do about it. Here’s a link, it’s a great system that a bunch of school systems have adopted (including NC schools). And you can tailor it for your school.

    I’m going to try and get buy-in from school/community leaders, get a few schools to try it, and then try to get our county school board to adopt the program (then maybe figure out how to implement it statewide if it works well?).

    It’s so challenging to field information about threats, to assess them correctly, and develop a system of response that’s systematic and fair. We’re going to get it wrong sometimes, but this is a great, proven system that enables students to anonymously share concerns, and (hopefully) encourages schools to adopt best practices in terms of responses. Parents and kids need to feel safer, and feel heard.

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