We’ve Changed Our Comment Policy.


Growth and change — two hallmarks of our last couple of years here at TME — are, ultimately, a good thing. But they both come with side effects. More readers also means that many people no longer know who we are, they don’t know our stories, our thoughts. We are strangers. And our changing world is making many of us feel…well…some kind of way. And that uncertainty can come out in the comments, often as anger.

There’s also a level of vulnerability associated with writing in a public forum like The Mom Edit. The contributors, the team — we are not anonymous authors, we are all real, actual people, writing about our lived experiences under our real names, sharing our journeys, our thoughts.

In the last few months, we have fielded comments by readers who were angry that we weren’t ‘staying in our lane’ (which, apparently, is supposed to be fashion without conscience or thought), AND by readers who thought we weren’t doing enough to combat racism or climate change. We’ve had readers upset because we are showing “so many moms with tattoos”, readers who were upset because they thought we were “hiding Kat’s posts” (Kat being both black and someone who wears plus-size clothing) and other readers who accused us of “making Kat’s posts front and center”. Not only have we fielded racist comments, but we’ve also had readers erroneously claim that we only started talking about racism since last June (a fact that can easily be disputed by doing a quick search on TME for the word ‘racism’), and readers who have told us that our ‘boobs look tired,’ or pointed out that it was time for a salon visit because — gasp — I had some gray hairs showing, and readers who called my chipped toenail polish “disgusting” during the pandemic. We’ve had readers declare that whatever we are wearing looks “terrible” or “cheap” or “ugly” or “hideous” and readers who think appropriate responses to articles about our most-loved, most-worn items include “hard pass,” or “sorry but that’s unflattering” or “not buying that you think this is stylish.” We’ve had readers upset that I put flax seeds in my kids’ Rice Krispie treats, and readers who were upset because Meredith, upon learning that she typically wears a size 10/12, doesn’t look “big enough.”

Part of this, I know, comes with the territory. This is the job we’ve chosen to do, and it’s always come with a certain element of public criticism. I get that. What’s changed, however, is the frequency, the amount of anger, and the growing expectation that not only do all comments deserve a response, but they also deserve an immediate one.

Personally, I have spent every weekend over the last three months (and many weekday nights) crafting responses to all kinds of comments. Some of the issues we’re talking about are emotion-filled, complex and nuanced, and any thoughtful response requires research and discussion. And yet, while we’re taking the time to do the research, have the necessary discussions (often with the entire team), the same commenters, unhappy with the speed at which we’re moving, comment again: “YOUR SILENCE SPEAKS VOLUMES!!” Or there’s a piling-on effect, as other commenters (who all get to be anonymous if they choose), add their voices to the fray.

I am very protective of my team, and, quite frankly, very protective of my family time. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been able to stay in this business for more than 13 years. And this issue of comments, the expectations of timely responses, and the mental load of processing everyone else’s anger is very quickly becoming a mental health issue for myself and this team.

I am not willing to sacrifice anyone’s mental health (including my own), to give strangers a platform to say anything they choose.

Starting today, blog comments will no longer be published in real-time. All blog comments must first be approved by someone on the team. And the speed at which they’ll actually be read and approved (or not approved) will depend, quite frankly, on how busy we are and how much research and discussion is required.

As I mentioned above, we’re making these changes to protect our mental health, to allow us to re-focus on our content, and to give ourselves some space to breathe and think before we respond (if we choose to respond at all).

Our social media accounts (FB and IG in particular), will be handled a little differently. Comments will still be allowed on our FB and IG posts, but, as always, any comments that are mean-spirited or disrespectful will be deleted. Furthermore, we are now implementing a one-strike policy: if you leave a mean-spirited or disrespectful comment on any of our FB or IG posts, we will not only delete your comment, but we will report you to FB/IG. Repeat offenders will be blocked from our social media accounts.

To those readers who have supported us, offered us the benefit of the doubt, who have found ways to respectfully hold us accountable, or make us laugh, or offered us love, insight, or shared your own experiences and wisdom — we cannot thank you enough. We do hope that you’ll continue to reach out. We do think that this passionate community is one of the best parts of TME, and we hope, going forward, these changes will help to create a welcoming space for everyone.




    • And THANK YOU for commenting so we can officially test this process out! (Which…in hindsight…we probably should’ve done. Ah, well. It works!). 🙂 xoxo

  1. Good for you. I don’t always agree with everything political you post but I can never understand why people can’t just be kind. ❤️

  2. I am so glad you have taken this stance. As a reader for many years I’ve noticed how the tone has been changing. I think your assessment is spot on and good for you for making these changes.

  3. I am a long time reader but never commented. I just wanted to say good for you all! I have been endlessly impressed, especially over the last year, at how your team is not afraid to talk about difficult issues in our country that have real impacts on all of us and have always found you to be incredibly respectful in both what you post and your engagement with readers who don’t always offer the same respect in return. I find it so sad and disappointing to see the negative comments and criticism some others post, and I don’t mean when they disagree but when they are straight up just mean. Please do what you have to to protect your mental health. I don’t believe people truly understand what it takes to put yourself out there like this. And I also want you to stick around as you are one of my favorite pages to visit!

  4. Great policy! The negative, hurtful and mean comments should not come with the territory, but unfortunately they do. Take care of yourselves! ❤️

  5. Good job, team. Your mental health, well-being and family time should indeed take precedent. Thanks for all your work. I’ve been reading and admiring since the Ain’t No Mom Jean’s days.

  6. Shana, I just wanted to say I 100% support this change. You and the entire TME team have every right to set those boundaries. As far as people complaining that you should stay in your lane? Last I checked, your lane is whatever you want it to be. I personally love ALL your content. Thank you for continuing to talk about the things that you care about. I’ll be here to support you in it.

  7. I’ve always thought you balance FASHUN with all the difficult issues of our time so well. I’m astonished at the meanness in our country and online these days. I really appreciate your hard work and the exceptional human beings you all are.

  8. I love this. Your time and your hearts are too valuable to waste. If I never see “hard pass” again it will be too soon! xoxo

  9. I’m so sad to hear that you and the TME team have experienced so much unnecessary grief. This sounds like the good step!

  10. Well said and good for you! Everyone deserves to be safe in this space, ESPECIALLY the contributors. I am sorry that you and your team have been experiencing this. Thank you for your thoughtful and respectful and very human explanation, as well. You didn’t owe us one and many blogs would moderate comments like this with no explanation. It speaks volumes about your commitment to and engagement with this community.

  11. Sitting here with my jaw on the ground – I typically don’t comment or read through the comments so this is a shock for me under my rock. Good grief. Thank you for continuing your content despite the unnecessary backlash and for taking care of your staff while doing so.

  12. Congratulations on making a completely appropriate choice! People have gotten really mean recently, especially online, and there’s no reason that you should have to expend tons of energy managing a comment forum that may be the result of people’s impulses and other issues in their lives. Cue Frozen: Let it go, let it go…. and concentrate on what you do best and enjoy!

  13. Hi. I’ve been a reader & fan of your site for several years but I’ve never commented until now (I have however bought a lot of you recommendations, like a whole lot, maybe too much).

    I am so sorry you had to go through all this. It breaks my heart. I love your site and the amazing, beautiful, carried and REAL women you feature. I’m in my 40s, I’ve had kids, my body (and boobs!) doesn’t look like it used too, I don’t have any tattoos, but it’s been a really long time since I had a pedicure and I find it so great to see all these different circumstances reflected in your posts.

    I hope this new system gives you some peace of mind. And I promise to post more about how amazing you ALL are.

  14. Sending you all a ton of love and support. Reading your words, Shana, felt like a punch in the gut. I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with the mental and emotional weight of this, and in real time, and on top of EVERYTHING ELSE that’s been going on in the States and the world and your lives.

    Brava for protecting the team’s health, and brava for your way with words too; this post was beautifully written, as is your wont.

    All good vibes for an increase in peace and rest for all of you with this new comment policy! Supporting you always.

  15. This is what almost killed me as a blogger amd put me into a depression. Protect yourselves. No one’s opinion is worth your mental health. ❤️

  16. I think the moms with tattoos are super rad (Amy’s adidas post in particular really caught my eye) and I love you guys.

  17. Yes! Thank you for modeling that it is healthy and appropriate to set boundaries, to say no, and to prioritize what helps us stay whole.

  18. Hell yes, Shana! I work in online communities and I’m saving this post as an A+ example of how to manage change and set boundaries. This is your house, you get to decide what flies vs. what will have you shown to the door.

  19. Thank you for your always thoughtful decisions rather than reactions to the changes that need to be made. I so enjoy this page and blog and I hate that it has been mentally draining for the wonderful women who created it FOR US. Better and kinder days ahead xo

  20. Didn’t even know you all WEREN’T doing this already. Thank you for this thoughtful approach, I was so worried that you’d just stop taking comments altogether, which is a troubling approach. This is really smart. Thank you.

  21. Wow, this just makes me so, so happy. The Mom Edit has been a huge gift in my life for years now and I almost never comment, but I just had to about this. You are setting such an important example for women everywhere. It’s not your job to take on everyone else’s ideas about you, because they have absolutely nothing to do with you, not really. Boundaries, baby, all day long. Keep leading the way, TME, show us how it’s done. 👏👏👏

  22. I’m sorry that you have to do this, but totally understand! I don’t leave comments here that often, but am a big fan and have been for a while. I know you all put a lot of time and personal energy into this work and I am grateful. XO 🙂

  23. I’m sad that people are so mean to people who are here offer fun and help. I’m also disappointed. Thank you for letting us know. No reason you guys should take it!! xo

  24. Wonderful! So glad you’re doing this. There’s no reason on Earth your mental health should suffer because of mean-spirited Internetters. I was sad to see that a blog I enjoyed fir many years – Already Pretty – shut down fir the same reasons you cited at the top of the post: “too much,” “too little,” “more [my pet issue],” “less [things I don’t care about].” Unfortunately that harsh critique drive a talented writer out of blogging. I’m glad you’re protecting yourself! As women, we have to wonder why we are so harsh and demanding of each other.

  25. Good for you all! The negativity on the internet is absolutely overwhelming these days. I don’t know how you all do it! I’m so happy to hear that some of it will be filtered out. You all deserve it! And I’m really glad that us readers will benefit from it, too!

  26. True words. Unfortunately, the anonymity of the internet paired with the misunderstanding that the so called “freedom of speech” gives us the right to insult or offend other persons without consequences leads to such measures. How can someone be offended by chipped nailpolish, or tattoos, or gray hair and feel the need to comment on that…? I don’t get it. We can have different opinions, but we can also voice them respectfully!
    Keep up the good work, I love visiting TME, loved it since years and hopefully will love it for a long time. Greetings from Germany!

  27. Well done. Great leadership and a very sensible response. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with this nonsense for so long and pleased you’ve chosen to draw a line.

  28. Good for you! Bravo! I’ll be over here telling y’all how much I love you!! This is, hands down, my Favorite blog and and you’re my Favorite group of ladies!!

  29. I applaud you and the team for taking a stand by keeping TME real and while we all may have opions there are ways to make them in a positive light
    Thank you for keeping TME the way it was intended

  30. I have never commented before but i want to say thank you for your time and content, and most importantly for reminding us how to create healthy boundaries and honor them.❤️👏🏻

  31. Went immediately to Load Comments after I haven’t done so in months. Good on you for making this change. Your minds and hearts are worth protecting!

  32. Good grief, I didn’t even know there were comments on this site. I’m just here for Vuori and Clare V 🙂 And I love your political commentary! Turn off the noise and keep up the amazing work!

  33. Frankly, I feel a little guilty taking your family time by commenting and I do NOT need a response but I do want to tell you that I have immense respect for you. So much so that when I spent a weekend with my sister in Philly years ago, I was constantly on the lookout seeing if maybe I could spot Shana, the celeb! Yours is really the only blog I follow, and I spent many hours scrolling your stories while breastfeeding, feeling like I had finally found a mom tribe I felt aligned with. I appreciate the way you have taken on sustainability and racism in a transparent way, recognizing that we are all learning. And your openness about the loss of your father, Scotti’s health issues, and Julieta’s history of abuse. You are brave, strong women doing good work. And I thank you.

  34. 100% support you and the team in this decision. We need meaningful dialogue to heal the hate, anger, fear, and frustration we all feel on many levels these days. But we haven’t yet learned how to use our tech platforms to do so AND the we’re forgetting how to engage and listen in person. Maybe one less outlet to vent will result in one more person sitting with their discomfort long enough to better understand their own emotions and figure out a more productive path for what to do with those feelings. Bravo!

  35. I am so incredibly saddened and confused as to how you all receive so many negative comments! I just want to say that TME is the only blog that I follow and I have been following for YEARS. I don’t typically write or read comments (probably why I had no idea) but I felt compelled to come here and say that I think you as a team do an INCREDIBLE job . You have tackled some heavy but important topics, are very inclusive, thoughtful and deliberate with you posts. I love how you show clothing on all shapes and sizes, styles, ages ect. Complaining because you had chipped nail polish during the pandemic??!! Give me a break lol! THIS is exactly why I follow and LOVE this group. You ladies are so relatable (you don’t want to see this mamas feet right now.) Please don’t stop being you! This reader loves you ladies so much! (Chipped nail polish and all).

  36. Good for you! No response needed, just wanted to voice my support for what you all are doing. You all seem like lovely women who provide content I look forward to reading and I thank you for sharing a little bit of your lives in doing that! I’m so sorry you’ve been treated this way.

  37. It’s truly so hard to understand why people would make such hateful, negative comments. The fact that TME showcases women of all shapes, sizes, colors and tattoos is what makes this so important and relevant. Keep doing what your doing, because seriously, all of us have chipped nail polish. 💙

  38. Been reading since 2010, couldn’t be more proud of you and your team. hope this brings more peace and creativity for you all.

  39. Proud of you for being proactive about this! It’s funny how people can leave these horrible comments but not be willing to attach their identity to them. Annnd if people don’t like this space then just move along!

  40. While I was mentally clapping along as I read this post, and wholeheartedly agree, I had to check myself at the end. I can say that I have not participated in the type of comments you mentioned on this site, but I have participated in the political “screamfests” that occur on fb and not just with strangers. This is a good reminder to hold ourselves accountable for meaningful and kind interactions. Great post!

  41. Yes yes and more yes! You are not responsible to be a dumping ground for everyone’s hostility and meanness…you are NOT the a$$hole whisperer!!! And i have learned this year that the only people who get upset with you for setting boundaries are those who took benefit from your not having them. Just a little older-reader observation 😉 Feel the love!

  42. Bravo! You ladies are wonderful and help engage a positive community! You should all be supported by your followers!

  43. Mental health is so important, & super proud for doing what you ladies need to do for you. Totally support you all & thanks for all you do!!! Xoxo

  44. Shana, Love that you are putting you, your family and work family above all! I also love that everyone on your team shows their “real” selves. So much appreciated and loved. Please don’t change 🥰

  45. Wow. I don’t know why I am always shocked at the hate people post, but I always gasp. Obviously, you all know this says everything about them and nothing about all of you…what is the point of sucking joy out of something that is generally light and fun? Too much time at home during the pandemic? I enjoy your posts and your content as an escape, and the stuff that doesn’t resonate or the styles that aren’t my style….well, I just move on. If people have such hatred or anger against…clothes? Others opinions? Then maybe social media isn’t the best place for them to be…and they definitely need to examine themselves. Thanks for always offering an escape.

  46. Good! I admire your decision to put these boundaries in place. Those comments you quoted are appalling! How could anyone feel it’s okay to speak to you, or anyone, like that? Personally, I love this blog. It’s the only one I follow with dedication, and I discovered it at a time when I was really struggling with how to retain part of my old self after having kids. You’ve really helped me make better style choices AND you’ve inspired me to read and think more about things like racism and social responsibility. The real people behind this blog have helped me feel more like a real person myself, especially this year.

  47. Thoughtful, introspective, honest…this post reflects all I’ve come to expect from TME. Thank you, Shana! Being a leader is hard, and you do a damn good job!

  48. Thank you for this.
    It’s a shame how many people forget their manners the minute their fingertips land on a keyboard or touchscreen. Personal attacks are never acceptable.
    Keep going. Y’all are doing good work out here.

  49. I am completely supportive of this decision. No need for you to have to plow through hateful comments that are not meant to uplift but are designed to sabotage. Keep up the good work and thank you for always being willing to be straight forward and authentic. I will continue to follow you with great interest and support.

  50. I don’t usually leave comments or reviews on any site, but this seems like the perfect opportunity to tell you ladies how much I love The Mom Edit. I have three kids who are now 12, 12 and 14 and I started reading this blog when they were early school age and you have given me a lot of inspiration over the years. Recently, I’ve started looking at TME almost every day as I’ve gone back to school to become a therapist and I’m excited about living into a new look that matches my new career pursuits. I appreciate the fashion inspiration and the clear heart and care you all show for what’s going on in the world. I’m glad you are all taking additional steps to protect your mental health! Thanks for your good work and thanks for keeping TME a positive space! Grateful for you!

  51. I hope it helps though I wonder if still having to read/moderate stuff will be emotionally draining. As a long time reader, I definitely appreciate all the nuance the more philosophical posts always have here.

  52. Aw, I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with this. It’s almost a guarantee, sadly, that anyone with a public presence will be scrutinized nowadays. Just wanted to thank you for what you are doing: for freely providing sales info to busy moms, for providing an escape from my mom life in the 5-minute intervals of free time I get throughout the day, and for sharing yourselves on this blog. Because I have been reading for about a year, and have read back through your health trials, Shana, I know you are real people behind the clothes try-ons. I just wanted you to know there are people you don’t know who really enjoy your work.

  53. I love this post, and I love that you are putting your collect feet down against what I call bullying!!! It is worse than bullying though, because we don’t really, really know you, and I feel that is even lower. I love your site and I love that you show real women and that there are all different types and sizes of real women. I will continue to support you, your team and your efforts!

  54. YES! Good for you all for protecting yourselves, each other, and your time from unnecessary Internet vitriol. Women’s self-care is revolutionary.

  55. Bravo Mom Edit team! I can’t imagine the challenges of your employ and managing a public that can be… well rotten. I love the diversity of all your contributors’ backgrounds and opinions and wouldn’t want you to have to rein things in because you have to pre-examine evey possible negative response it might engender. That would be the end of your authenticity and likely the end the passion you have for doing this. Hope this new policy works for you all.

  56. I’m a huge fan of y’all’s and hugely supportive of this approach. You frankly owe nobody anything. You created this, you make the rules. Wear whatever fucking chipped nail polish, old cozy pants you want to. This isnt Vogue and if that’s what people want they should def follow Vogue or make their own blog. I appreciate a place where I find relatable women with style similar to my own living their lives. Keep it up-keep on being honest, blasting racism and white supremacy, diversifying your contributors and showing your badassery unapologetically. I am here 👏for 👏it👏

  57. Good for you. Social media has become even worse since the pandemic. I think people take their fears and anger out there. It’s brutal. I look forward to your posts as a bit of escapism in my day. Clothes and dreamin ❤️

  58. So sorry to hear that the team is not being treated with the respect you all deserve. I always appreciate that you are all real and vulnerable and discussing the things I have been feeling. You give a voice and support to many. Please know that you are appreciated.

  59. Good for you guys! I say turn the comments off if people are being that mean. It does not come with the territory! You run a thoughtful blog and I love reading your posts. I am frequently here just to see what you guys are up to. But just because you share some things with me and other readers does not entitle me to judge or belittle you. And my God to demand a quick response? I would consider disabling comments altogether for a bit and then regrouping. The mean people will likely get bored and go back to making nasty comments on TMZ. Just because you say hi to someone from the window does not mean they get to come inside your house, eat all your food and be rude to your pets!

  60. Wonderful!!! I want to encourage each of you to continue with the great work! I have done a deep spring cleaning of the blogs I read and yours is at the top of my “keep” list. I LOVE the varied styles and also SO much appreciate you caring deeply about racism, current events, and sustainability. Keep up the great work and mental health should always and forever take a priority.

  61. I echo what Kristi said. LOVE this. I don’t love that you have to put this in place, but I LOVE that you are putting in boundaries and protections for yourself and all of the TME staff. Your mental health is precious and I am so glad to see you are protecting it. Sending you all huge hugs.

  62. Mean people need not apply!!! I just don’t get it, really I don’t. If you don’t like what you see/read just move on…or, I don’t know, don’t visit the blog maybe?!! Keep up the great work ladies. Your blog and posts are one of the highlights of my day!! Rock those grays, show those tats, keep on being you and being real!!!

  63. So appreciated the thoughtfulness that went into this post and into the policy and your daily practices. This is an example that we should all follow.

  64. Wow! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this pandemic is causing people to lose their minds, but I’m so sorry you all have to bear the brunt of it. I love that you called them out on their nastiness and set a firm boundary. I am definitely not your demographic, (62 years old) but I rely on your site to help me navigate staying hip and relevant while avoiding the mutton in lamb’s clothing effect. Rock on y’all!

  65. Good for you, Shana, and the whole TME team, for taking this stand. You create fantastic content and I’ve enjoyed it all since I found you in 2009 or 2010.

  66. Good for you, protecting your team and your own mental health. It always amazes me what people will say online or on Social Media. They would likely never say it in person, however the anonymity of our online world enable people to be cruel without consequence. .

  67. This is very wise, and I say — good for you! You are setting boundaries and taking care of yourselves, and that is worthy of applause. Very good move.

  68. Good for you. Many of the people filled with negativity or anger will not stop, unfortunately; we’ve seen this in all virtual spaces. Most adults know the difference between engaging in differences of opinion and a personal attack where one side can never be satisfied. This is meant to be a supportive space and mutual respect shouldn’t be ignored because someone is behind a screen.

    At the same time, I have always found TME to be responsive to constructive criticism and working to grow. The internet has quickly become a place for people to be rude, entitled, disrespectful, and to take out their emotions in ways they would not IRL (one hopes, and if they do, they surely have bigger problems than what is posted here).

  69. I’ve already commented here but I’m writing again because I am just so mad FOR you guys. I cannot believe that commenters would write about your boobs (to a breast cancer survivor, no less. My God I just don’t understand it) or your pedicure (when it’s a reflection of a wise health decision, public health and privately). Or speculate about your size or waste everyone’s energy on a mean thought. I am going to choose empathy and go with the story that those people are not writing from their high horse. They don’t look like Bella Hadid but instead look a lot like you and me. And they’ve internalized negative views about themselves to the painful point that they spit the same vitriol that is inside their heads out to wonderful, beautiful women who take risks and put themselves out there. But let me tell you what your blog has done for me by showing women in all sizes and shapes enjoying fashion. It has helped me through the self-loathing of body dysmorphia and post-partum anxiety. I saw women who weren’t perfect bloggers clutching the ubiquitous coffee cup and sporting barrel curls – and you guys were so stylish and fun. To see myself reflected in gorgeous, real women such as yourselves who chose to love their bodies whether they had a baby two weeks ago, twenty years ago or never. To see myself in your posts and to see the beauty of real women celebrating themselves through clothes. It has been nothing less than life-changing for me and has helped me go from kinda-sorta liking myself only when I’m at my goal weight and have a ton of makeup on…. to loving myself no matter what. I am so thankful to you all and I’m sorry that you are going through this. Your blog has meant so much to me and I’m so thankful for it.

  70. Love this, and you guys! I am so appreciative of everything you guys do, even the times I don’t feel like a particular item is my personal style aesthetic. We’re all entitled to have different tastes, but hurtful comments and harassment is never okay. Thank you for all that you do and consistently creating really quality content! (No response required, just sharing some love here).

  71. OH. MY. GOD. As a 50-something Mom, I find this utterly offensive and heartbreaking. I am so sorry you have to deal with this! I find your blog informative, relatable and uplifting!! I appreciate everything that EACH of you do, and the time you take to share your content with us. Thank you! … and keep on keepin’ on. The haters are not worth your time and energy!

  72. Everyone on earth should do this!My mental health IS affected by any comment section anywhere. Bravo. Hope this starts some type of trend.

  73. Now is the time to lift the each other up, you keep doing you and those who don’t like the party can RSVP elsewhere. Keep up the great diversity of thought!

  74. Shana, you ALWAYS do such a wonderful job showing various perspectives and portraying real women. I applaud you and what you and TME team are doing. There are some awful and miserable people out there who do not deserve any of your time and attention- I am glad you are taking a stand for you, your family and your team. Keep up the fabulous work!

  75. Good for you. I’m so tired of people resorting to being mean. God bless you! Whatever happened to the advice, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?”

    I just occasionally read your articles and really enjoy them, keep it up!

  76. Great idea. I love that you made this decision for yourself and your team. That’s shows real leadership. And I love what you all do. Thank you for entertaining and educating me on all things – from what to wear to what to read. I look forward to reading your posts every morning. Thank you, thank you!

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