Weekend 7.17


It’s been a week, Gang. Scotti — my sister — went into surgery on Wednesday (for her acoustic neuroma), and the first couple of days after were pretty tough. Pain levels were high (as one might imagine after brain surgery), but they’ve managed to find a pain management schedule that (mostly) works. Scotti’s up and moving around (her balance is actually pretty darn impressive, considering) and it was nice to see her laughing and joking yesterday. One half of her face has been affected by the surgery — it looks a little like she’s had a stroke — but the doctors predict that it will fully resolve in time. She’s 100% annoyed by her face, and a feisty Scotti, worried about her face, is 110% a good sign.

God, she’s such a badass. I can’t imagine going into a surgery not knowing what the outcome will be when you wake up. Thankfully, they were able to remove the tumor, and other than a few temporary (albeit annoying) side effects, they’re expecting a full recovery.  

I’m not a religious girl, but I know Scotti would appreciate some actual prayers, in addition to the whole HEY UNIVERSE, SCOTTI NEEDS YOU thing I tend to do when things look dire. As Glennon Doyle oft repeats the old military phrase, “there are no atheists in foxholes,” so.

In hindsight, the timing of Scotti’s surgery — during the NSale — served to be one heck of a good distraction. Doing dressing room selfies in between pre-op appointments, two days before brain surgery…is a pretty epic influencer move, and we were all cracking up about it.

Laugh or cry, right?

OK. Now let’s do distraction.

Saks OFF is having a sale…which means that my bucket bag is an additional 20% off. Not only does this bag garner compliments from a wide array of people (teens, 20-somethings, men) but it also holds allthethings. I currently have my wallet in there, along with glasses (plus case), sunscreen, bug spray, mask, blotting papers and some pretty rocks (long story). While there, also check out this Parker dress. I appreciate a truly beautiful day-to-night dress, and that one is stunning and 76% off.

One more…Saks OFF also has this 100% silk top that I wish FRAME put in the NSale instead of the polyester version I tried on. Ahem. FRAME.

Dang. These jeans.

I know it’s summer, but…I’m obsessing over these Abercrombie lounge leggings. I adore their loungewear in general (am literally wearing their sweatpants right now), and I suspect these soft, ribbed leggings would be the kind of thing I’d live in once the weather cools. (Oh baby — they come in SHORTS. Score.)

Oprah beat me to it. These Blondo boots in the NSALE look almost exactly like my Sorel Kinetic Conquest boots that Oprah sold out before I could feature them. Differences? Blondo boots run a little small, and don’t have the cool, contrasting laces — something that’s easily remedied (try these or these).

NSALE hidden gems? For a few more of my favs (and to see how I further distressed this pair of Levi’s — they’re much improved)…check out our latest IG Reel (links to everything here).

I love her. It’s how I have to get into a kayak, too.

I got nothing else, guys. I’m done. I’ll just leave you with this awesome bird video which is basically what I’m about to do: peck around for junk food so I can stress-eat for a while.

Happy weekend!




  1. you guys…your family are amazing…..what you have all been through…..should be our inspiration…..love you ….a LONG time reader…

  2. Sending love and prayers for Scotti and family. All of us in this wonderful Mom Edit community are rooting for you.

  3. By coincidence today I read an article about actor Mark Ruffalo that mentioned that he also had an acoustic neuroma. Like Scotti he experienced facial paralysis after surgery, but with time and treatments it resolved. Sending all best wishes her way.

  4. I’m so glad to hear Scotti is generally doing well. I hope her facial muscles and nerves come back to normal soon. Huge hugs and I did not know you were sisters. Best of luck, sending all the good vibes.

  5. I try to never comment that someone is in my prayers, because I don’t actually pray in the conventional sense (I grew up Catholic and I struggle mightily with the Catholic Church’s actions/teachings/beliefs these days). But Scotti, you, your mom, your whole family have all of my unconventional prayers. For whatever they’re worth! Scotti is a true badass. The picture of her walking in the hospital in her jumpsuit and kimono is awesome. Who looks stylish while rehabbing after brain surgery?!? Scotti. True badass. Thinking of you all this week. Have fun with your distractions! Can’t wait to see what’s up next!

  6. I read TME religiously but never post because I’m shy like that. But ever since Scotti posted about her neuroma a few months back, I’ve been thinking about her and what she’s going through. I know she must be so relieved to have this surgery behind her. Now onward and upward to recovery and healing! Sending all the positive thoughts, wishes, vibes, etc. for the next part of this journey. You’re gonna crush it Scotti!

  7. I’m so glad Scotti is doing well after her surgery, I’ve been thinking of her and wondering when it was. Wishing her all the best for her recovery, and wishing you ALL some peace after a rotten few years.

  8. So glad to hear that Scotti’s surgery went well and that she is now in recovery. I’ve been checking the blog these past few months wondering how she was doing. Wishing you a smooth recovery, Scotti. You and your family have had such a rough go of it these past few years!

  9. So glad Scotti’s recovery is going well. Love the Blondo boots. Nordstrom says true to size. Do you have them? Would you go up a half size or stick with your normal size?

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