How I Plan To Stay Healthy & Warm This Winter


Like…duh. Obviously we need to keep our health A-game up in the upcoming months. I mean – every winter brings sniffles, colds and flu, but this one is… extra special. (Wink.) So it’s more important than ever to stay safe and healthy as we dive into the first few months of 2021, so let’s hunker down and get serious.

Below I’ve put together a few lists of ways I’m planning to hibernate and stay well (as well as remaining socially distant) until it gets a little warmer (and safer) out there. I’ve found some warm clothes and accessories, vitamins and supplements that look kinda intriguing, and some wholesome books and activities to keep happy and well. We got this.

How am I tryin' to stay healthy? Warm accessories, vitamins + supplements, &  wholesome books + activities to keep happy + well. We got this.

All The Warm Stuff

I’m talking everything from blankets, robes and slippers for snuggling up at home, to hats, gloves and accessories for a brisk walk to the park. (Obviously there are some UGGs and a weighted blanket in there. Because, duh.) Gimme all of the warm, hibernation-esque things to wrap myself up in until April. Nothing beats extreme coziness (or hand-knit boot toppers) in the dead of winter.

Vitality Boosters

If you wanna give some fun vitamins a go (yes, I did just say fun vitamins), try some of these. Getting sufficient amounts of nutrients in every day can be a liiiitle bit easier if it comes in a candy (Vitamin C) gummy or (collagen) hot cocoa form. Uh, hell yes. I’ve also added in there some super easy tablets to throw in some water for your daily greens or even just a punch of hydration. Let’s just make it super-easy (and sort of delicious?) to be our healthiest.

Healthy Reads & Practices

Want to turn that me-time into a healthy, self-loving ritual or mood-boosting, zen headspace? Here’s a good lineup of things to help us get going & stay on track. Think: house organization inspo, digital detox reads, mindfulness boosters, and gratitude & bullet journals for some DIY creativity. (Oh and a lavender aroma acupressure pillow? Hello, headache & neck relief.)

You’re worth the extra bucks when it comes to your well-being. Treat yo-self and stay healthy, my friends. I’m rooting for you.

Xo, Abby

Hey, Pinners, this is for you…

How am I tryin' to stay healthy? Warm accessories, vitamins + supplements, &  wholesome books + activities to keep happy + well. We got this.
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