Practice Some Self-Love With This Sexy Hip-Hop Combo: Dance Class With Laurel


After seeing the Super Bowl Halftime Show (whoa, Rihanna is amazing!), my students and I were inspired and wanted to pay tribute. To not only Rihanna but also her badass choreographer, Parris Goebel. A woman artist and a woman choreographer β€” that’s right up my alley!

I chose one of Rihanna’s songs that I have always loved, “Work,” and started dancing. First of all, you cannot NOT dance sexy to this song. It is one of those hip-whining, body-rollin’, touching-on-yourself type of songs.

Are you ready for this?

Feelin’ Yourself: Learn A Sexy Hip-Hop Dance Routine To “Work” By Rihanna

The song is slow, and the movements are slow and sensual, but don’t let that fool you. These videos will give you a workout! When you have to move slow, it takes body control, core strength and balance. You’ll feel your muscles fatigue, and you’ll sweat.

I borrowed the beginning of this dance from Parris Goebel’s choreography because it was one of those moments from the Super Bowl performance that you remember. I modified it for you, if you’re uncomfortable dropping to the floor. Do what you can, what makes you feel comfortable and sexy.

Start off with Part 1 so you can familiarize yourself with the body movements, then learn the choreo and put it together with me in Part 2, the tutorial. Lastly, perform the full routine with me in Part 3. All the parts together will give you about a 45-minute class. You’ll feel worked and, at the same time, revitalized after awakening your feminine spirit. Too many of us shut her off as we get older, or maybe we never allowed her to come to the surface. This series will allow her to come forward, and it’ll feel awesome!

Grab some water and then start with Part 1. Drill Time.

Featured Outfit: sweatpants l bra l sneakers

Feel the burn and the confidence rise as we head into Part 2. Time to put it all together.

Self-love IS the most important thing! Part 3 is below. Let’s dance!

When you allow yourself to be sexy and free β€” especially through dance β€” it’s a form of self-love. You ARE loving yourself. This is for you and only you. Dancing with sensual movements will help to build your confidence and light you up inside especially if you aren’t feeling so great. It will shine through you as you continue your day.

Allow yourself to feel good, allow yourself to be sexy. LOVE ON YOURSELF!



We're all about self-love in this week's dance class w/ a sexy hip-hop routine to "Work" by Rihanna (inspired by her Halftime Show πŸ‘€). Ready for a confidence boost? Let's go!
We're all about self-love in this week's dance class w/ a sexy hip-hop routine to "Work" by Rihanna (inspired by her Halftime Show πŸ‘€). Ready for a confidence boost? Let's go!
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