Momma Santa’s 10 Secrets for Stuffing the Stockings


This post has been updated for 2019.

It’s 2019, and we’re right where we were at this time in 2018. So we’ve updated this post with a few fresh finds for stuffing all the stockings in the next, well…few days? Thank you Amazon Prime for those “arrives before Christmas notations.”

We’re all frantically tying up loose holiday ends here at TME. You too? I come by stuffing naturally. My MOM is the best stocking stuffer ever. We all always, through all the years, had the most fun on Christmas opening our stockings. We laughed, we played, we had old-fashioned fun, and took in life’s little pleasures.

And no, none of us ever realized, until right here and right now…that she put the same stuff in them every year. Pause…I have to text my brothers. OK, maybe they already knew that. Regardless, now we all do the same with these 10 magic items! This STUFF just never gets old (well, not with some modern updates it doesn’t!)

Momma Santa’s Guide To The Best Stocking Stuffers

The Art of Stuffing Stockings — there is one – & Momma Santa has a foolproof formula for the best unique stocking stuffers for kids of any age.1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10

Mom’s stockings are always the perfect mix of useful, fun, well-designed, and functional things we all need anyway, plus a few fun things to play with while we wait for dinner. These are the top ten most commonly found. But don’t put it past that woman to include a tire air pressure gauge at an age-appropriate year. For which we all end up thankful for later in life. Love you Mom. You and all your great stuff (insert daughterly eye roll coupled with big hug.) Always. xoxo, A

Stocking Stuffer Idea 1: Something to Power Up

 Stocking Stuffer Idea 2: Something to Hydrate

Stocking Stuffer Idea 3: Something to Fix It

Stocking Stuffer Idea 4: Something to Solve

Stocking Stuffer Idea 5: Something to Light Up

Stocking Stuffer Idea 6: Something to Play

Stocking Stuffer Idea 7: Something to Upgrade

Stocking Stuffer Idea 8: Lip Balm, Always

Stocking Stuffer Idea 9: Socks, Always

Stocking Stuffer Idea 10: One Fun Toy

We did you all a solid and most of this can be ordered up, with 2-day shipping from Amazon Prime. B/c Holiday Efficiency is Necessary Right Now.

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