Unexpected Dresses To Wear This Holiday (or any day!)


Have you ever gone back to visit a place you lived before and realized what an integral part it is of who you are? That is Nashville for me. This city is my heart. I adore my Portland, but I lived in Nashville for 10 years and it shaped me in more ways than even the town I grew up in.

The holidays seem to typically stir up nostalgia and reflection (if you can get a break from the craziness) and this pre-holiday trip (that you may have seen over @laurajansenstyle) to our former hometown was perfect. It was a reminder of how thankful I am for having been a part of a unique city with amazing friends and incredible opportunities.

There’s a lot of new in Nashville but thankfully still a lot of old, too. It was really wonderful to show my little gal around my other favorite city and to have her spend time with some of my favorite people. It’s a real treat to get away before the bustle of Thanksgiving and Christmas begin.

matching christmas dresses

matching holiday dresses christmas dresses mommy and meThis trip itself was a combination of old and new in so many ways. Old friends, new friends (from Canada visiting for the first time!) old stomping grounds, new buildings and growth everywhere. Combining the old feelings with new experiences with Sienna was probably my favorite part of the trip.

One of the tastiest experiences we had was definitely here at Five Daughters Bakery. OMG the donuts. I will now be craving them. They were delicious and gorgeous. Sienna had the most fun chowing on donuts and having a matching dress with mommy.

Speaking of matching dresses, I LOVE these dresses from UK brand Palava that ModCloth is carrying. The ones Sienna and I have on are in a gorgeous but understated pattern. I love them as great holiday dresses for pictures or family events but since they don’t scream Christmas colors/images they’ll work all year. They’re really well-made and flattering and there’s a vintage classic look about them that is timeless. Check out all the cute matching options they offer right now.

Mommy & Me Dresses

Modcloth also has some seriously gorgeous dresses just for the mamas this time of year. Check out my favorites below. I mean, that insanely good deep rust color. Dying!

Other Dress Options for Holiday & More

I didn’t necessarily think matching dresses were my thing until these adorable fabrics came my way and I realized Sienna is FOUR. And a half. And dude, this is our chance. She’s still at the age where it’s fun and cute and I love it. These pictures will make our holiday cards for sure. And now excuse me while I go sob about how fast she’s growing and my nostalgia for Nashville and how hard it is to keep up with great friends who live far away. Gah, holidays, just stop it! All the feels. It’s good for this always-in-my-head Aquarian though.

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Thank you to ModCloth for sponsoring this post and for having the most gorgeous and adorable dresses, always, for every occasion. Did you know they’re also doing a really rad thing by donating a ton of clothing to Dress for Success this Black Friday? SO lovely. Everyone deserves a chance to feel confident and prepared for job interviews. And thank you so much to our loyal readers for your continued support. We notice it and appreciate it always.

Gorgeous pictures by my favorite Canadian Nicole Shabada